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Have Americans forgotten the attacks of September 11, 2001?

(Sep. 21, 2014) — Fresh water, to start, for without fresh water, our crops and animals would die, and so would we. You see, if there was such a thing as a “Benevolent King,” for real, instead of total make-believe, then things might’ve turned out differently. But they didn’t, which is why we have crazed animals in the guise of psycho-pathetic humans running around in circles cutting people’s heads off. Let’s blame the preceding generations for dropping the ball on this one, but then again, the blame is really made up of hundreds of our forbears messing-up royally so that what we see today, the mess that we’re in, we blame our parents and grandparents and so on.

That said, the blame assigned and accounted for, where does that leave us, if not in the driver’s seat to, hopefully, once and for all, actually solve the Muslim problem? Do we administer the final result or do we procrastinate and let our kids and their kids figure it out? Oh, now wouldn’t that be nice, to be able to think that battle between reason and insanity would go on forever. Too bad that’s not the case. Either Western Civilization will flourish, or it will not and, if not, what of the future of our progeny? Figure dead and not even born and you’d be right. No future archeologists digging up long-dead family pets in long-ago abandoned backyards. No trips to Mars.

So let’s say that survival is what’s most important, and in order to survive one must have fresh water. That’ll work. So now that we’re alive and have plenty of water to drink, let’s move out of the cave into a house, or an apartment complex. Purple Martins probably relate to humans more than we think. Then let’s have a little help in raising our young and send them to school where, hopefully, they learn the “three R’s.” Boys and girls, mind you. And then let’s give every girl, when she graduates from high school, the means to protect herself from the psychos, a loaded lightweight .357 Magnum revolver. So now we’re housed, thirst quenched and smart. And we decided we like weapons to protect ourselves from, what? How about “unforeseen and unexpected contingencies.”

So we are armed because we’re protecting our turf, which starts with our personal space and then goes out to our families’ and friends’ personal space, and that may very well include where we and they live. If someone is breaking into my laundry room, I shoot them, because, even though I may not actually be doing the laundry today, I certainly will someday. Do you see where I’m going with this line of thought?

Muslims within the borders of the United States? Now what idiot came up with that idea? And those of you who think that Islam is a “religion”: don’t.

So the really important ingredient of our survival equation is to have the expectation to be able to plan ahead. Now we all know that the Grim Reaper can strike at any time, anywhere, but we, as rational animals, actually possess the advantage in subtracting at least one hazard of living: being throttled by a fellow human. At least we like to think so, and do, for if none of us could, nobody would ever get a good night’s sleep.

Yet we have tens of millions of what looks like people who have their own past generations to thank for their world view: murder. Now Islam has been around for 1,400 years, and that’s a lot of generations to have gone through and still Islam is a thorn in our side. Now it’s a sword, a claymore, in our face.

So, here’s the question: do we, as rational human beings, solve the Muslim problem, or are we to ignore it as it has been ignored in the past, as in yesterday? Do we parrot the words “peaceful,” “religion” and “misunderstood,” thereby propagating the myth put forward by the disinformation arm of the Army of Islam, or do we, the nonbelievers, use tried-and-trusted problem-solving techniques and come up with the solution to get a good night’s sleep?

Speaking for the rest of the human race, if the Muslims would erase the bit about killing Jews, Christians and all the other Infidels, murdering those who leave Islam, and refusing women an even break, then, sure, Western Civilization would welcome them, but until that happens, if ever, we must treat those who follow the teachings of Islam as rabid dogs.

When it’s all been said and done, there is no reasonable expectation that the followers of Islam will join the rest of the human race, so the only recourse we have, that we owe future generations, is to deal with the problem once and for all.

How many embassy bombings will it take; how many 9-11’s; how many Ft. Hoods; how many video decapitations, until we act, unilaterally, and solve the problem? It’s everyone who is not Muslim vs. those who are; it’s every country against Islam; it’s Western Civilization vs. Islam; it’s not about land, it’s about retaining the ability to think and speak your mind; it’s about equality between the sexes; it’s Freedom vs. Slavery; common sense vs. mindless hate; reason vs. Pavlovian reaction; and responsibility vs. shirking. It’s not a question of should we or can we do the right thing: no, the question is will we?

This I will say unto you: it’s not a question, it’s a choice: life or death; live or die?

Step ONE is to deport Muslims from our military, our government, and our country. Will we?

Semper Fi


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