Criminal Complaint Filed by Citizens Claims County Sheriff Usurped His Office


by Sharon Rondeau

Dennis Patterson reading a press release from a group of about a dozen citizens demanding redress of grievances under the First Amendment for an alleged failure on the part of 11 public officials to swear an oath of office to be filed in the public record

(Sep. 21, 2014) — On Thursday, a group of “the People” filed 12 criminal complaints with the Stevens County, WA prosecutor’s office for the sitting sheriff‘s alleged failure to swear an oath of office ten days before taking office and filing it in the public record as required by state law.

The sitting Stevens County Sheriff is Kendle Allen, who took office on January 1, 2011.

A spokesman for the group, Dennis Patterson, explains in a video taken on Thursday following the filing of the complaints why “the People” brought the charges under the First Amendment, as stated in the press release below.  They have asked Stevens County chief prosecutor Timothy Rasmussen to respond by this coming Friday, September 26, or explain why he requires more time to provide a response.

Rasmussen’s slogan is “The law must serve the people.”  Patterson reported that Rasmussen stated at a public meeting in February that he possesses the power of “a grand jury,” and the group of citizens is therefore asking him to take action on their criminal allegations.

Patterson told The Post & Email that Rasmussen and Allen are among 11 public officials who do not have oaths of office on file.

CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), who lived in Washington State for several years before moving to Tennessee, told The Post & Email several years ago that Washington State no longer uses grand juries.  Fitzpatrick is serving a three-year sentence for convictions on aggravated perjury and extortion after he approached the McMinn County, TN grand jury with evidence of corruption on the part of judges, court clerks, prosecutors, law enforcers, and the grand jury foreman.  Tennessee courts do not follow constitutional procedure and openly break laws, including hand-picking grand jury foremen who serve for decades at the pleasure of the judge, as do court reporters.  At Fitzpatrick’s sentencing hearing, Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood was heard to say, “Who cares if the grand jury foreman is serving illegally?  So what?”

Fitzpatrick’s attorney, Van Irion, stated that the jury criminalized the First Amendment, which would potentially have a “chilling effect” on Americans across the country.

In the video, Patterson invoked RCW 29A.60.280(3)(a), which states that oaths of office are to be administered no earlier than ten days prior to the person’s date to take office.  The People claim that Allen is guilty of “usurpation” of the sheriff’s office, that Rasmussen has known of it and should have brought charges against Allen some time ago.  Patterson cited RCW 29A.24.020, a statute which pertains to the assumption of office resulting from an unfinished term of the previous office-holder, which occurred in Allen’s case.

Also cited was RCW 42.20.030, which states:

Every person who shall falsely personate or represent any public officer, or who shall willfully intrude himself or herself into a public office to which he or she has not been duly elected or appointed, or who shall willfully exercise any of the functions or perform any of the duties of such officer, without having duly qualified therefor, as required by law, or who, having been an executive or administrative officer, shall willfully exercise any of the functions of his or her office after his or her right to do so has ceased, or wrongfully refuse to surrender the official seal or any books or papers appertaining to such office, upon the demand of his or her lawful successor, shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

“The People want and deserve an answer on your course of action delivered to them by close of business Friday, September 26, 2014.  If you need more time, you must explain why,” Patterson said.  He then provided an address to which Rasmussen could respond.

A PDF of the press release concerning the matter is here:  PRESS copy of Kendle Allen Complaint

The press release reads:

After receiving the press release, The Post & Email corresponded with Patterson through email, at which time he explained that there is a total of 11 county officials, including Rasmussen, who reportedly do not have oaths of office in the public record.  He added, “We have discovered it is not merely our own county officials who have failed to follow state law with respect to Oaths on record–it goes all the way to the Governor.  We are also discovering it is the same in other states.”

When we asked if the People filing the complaint were members of a formal organization, Patterson responded:

Over the past 3 or 4 years a small hand full of disconnected people became aware of the issue through legal cases they were caught up in over different issues. It was a matter of not being able to pick that particular battle at the time.  Meanwhile a group had formed as an assembly of the People to keep an eye on local government and actions affecting our quality of life.  A smaller group (NEAR) broke off from this group in 2013 out of a desire to actually do some thing rather than a continual rehash of necessary but redundant education.  This group was working on a local wildlife issue when they discovered the Director of Fish and Game did not have an Oath of Office.  Although he is not legally bound to have one the search for answers lead this group to discover that none of our elected county officials who are required by state law to have them on the public record did.   The group worked diligently to prepare a Notice to correct the deficiencies and proposed Oath of Office Ordinance.  These were presented to our 3 County Commissioners in  open session in April of this year.  Subsequently, all 11 elected officials were served notices of the deficiency in their Oaths.  These and 2 subsequent notices are also filed on the Public Record.  The general public is mostly unaware.  We only have two weekly papers in Stevens County and no Television station.  It makes getting word out very challenging.

The NEAR group is a body of concerned neighbors.  Everyone is welcome.  There is no membership or leader.  We just all get along well and work together.  Through this association of good People we posted public notice and held an open election June 5 to form the People’s Oversight Commission to create a public body with tribunal authority.  We determined that, absent a law that says we can’t…we can and we did.  I accepted the position of Communications.  We are holding for the Common Law Grand Jury to form in our area. It is imminent.   A Grand Jury Indictment will be state wide news and secure the credibility of the People’s Oversight Commission to act on behalf of the People.

It is fair to say that the complaint has been submitted by a well informed cadre of concerned neighbors.

The Post & Email contacted Rasmussen’s office via email on Sunday morning and will contact Kendle Allen’s office on Monday for comment.

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  1. w   Monday, July 3, 2017 at 11:05 PM

    Recently vice president Biden Stated, You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist. Zionism is cancer spread throughout the United States for America.Zionism has opened the Jewish Zionist private bank titled the Federal Reserve…the rest is history…

  2. gigclick   Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 1:21 PM

    If anyone checks, I’m sure most of these people are Democrats. As in Washington, DC, they are like petty thieves that think they are entitled to anything they want whether it breaks the law or not. Hillary and Bill, Bari Malik Shabazz (aka Obama), Eric Holder (a felon in Columbia College), Democrats in the American Communist Party, David Axelrod (radical Marxist/Alinsky follower), most of the DNC group are anti-American/anti-free enterprise operatives. California is a wonderful state and sadly it has fallen to entitlement grabbers, sexual deviates, exploiters in industry, saturation by illegals, ultra-left devotees that are filled in the movie industry, it is a sad combination that have ruined a great state in four decades after Vietnam. There are still so many brilliant and skilled people that that is all that may be keeping it going. When they are gone, it will be a sad altar to Sodom and Gomorrah (two cities destroyed for sin) from Biblical testament or the San Andreas Fault. I have a relative that lives in Sacramento.
    The weather is great but the same entitlement people that destroyed Old Detroit are operating in the same mode in California. I know a man who grew up in Old Detroit who is retired and he told me that unions and high taxes destroyed the old city. See it online in your search box as “abandoned cites in Detroit”. It is a sad omen to America as many of our cities have fallen to decay after decades of entitlement parasites, crime rings, corruption, ignorance and exploitation have gone unchecked for decades. Now the reality of what was left behind is here to haunt any responsible people. The operatives of the DNC in Washington currently are working very hard to bring us to the same fate as they are supported by people that are on the theft wagon with them or are adolescents with no life experience or are just too ignorant and assume that “big brother” is looking out for them. Soon, the Muslim flood into America assisted by Hillary along with the Latin flood from the south will convey entitlement long into the future for DNC trustees that have gamed the system for decades and are ready to “cash in” on their lottery of taxpayer funds for future votes from the immigrants legal and non-legal that have been classified by Hillary as “displaced minorities”. Why haven’t our Veterans been classified as “displaced minorities” to get all the benefits these people are illegally being allowed to grope for? There are hundreds of thousands of Vietnam Vets that never could get a college degree that had to work or raise families and be responsible. There are the same amount of NEW Middle East Vets that will begin living the same nightmare and treadmill as time unfolds. $72 Billion dollars are the current numbers for taxpayers to donate to “illegals” “immigrants,” all without permission or their votes on any of these subjects all granted by politicians and pork barrel morons serving themselves. Is a revolution around the corner? ALL of this is “UNSUSTAINABLE” by any means and when the income and poverty gap reaches a little higher level a massive reaction could be in store for America that may take us back to the Alamo. Could we quote Hillary and say “What difference does it make!”????????????

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