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by Sharon Rondeau

Is Obama a “fraudulent Muslim usurper?”

(Sep. 20, 2014) — In a WND editorial dated September 19, 2014, former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor Larry Klayman termed Barack Hussein Obama a “fraudulent Muslim usurper” and the United States his “‘adopted home.”

As explained by radio show host Carl Gallups on the Peter Boyles Show on Friday morning, doubts about Obama’s eligibility and U.S. citizenship surfaced in 2008 and intensified after the release from an unknown source of a “Certification of Live Birth” in June of that year which was questioned as a possible forgery by many.

In May 2009, then-White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs laughingly claimed responsibility for having posted the image, although it was never officially released on the White House website.

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires that the president and commander-in-chief be a “natural born Citizen.”  Many Americans understand the term of art to mean a birth on U.S. soil, while other scholars have determined that the citizenship of the parents is a factor as well.  Over our history, four U.S. Supreme Court cases invoke the parents’ citizenship when determining the status of the child.

During the 2008 campaign, Michelle Obama referred to Kenya as her husband’s “home country.”  He has also been reported to have been born in Indonesia by both MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews and former Hawaii Advertiser writer Will Hoover.

Obama claims that his biological father is Barack Hussein Obama Sr., who was born a citizen of Great Britain in what later became the independent nation of Kenya.  He never held nor applied for U.S. citizenship.  Historically, children have inherited the citizenship of their father, regardless of where they were physically born.

If Obama is not constitutionally eligible to serve, he is a usurper to the presidency, and arguably, everything he has signed and done could or should be dismantled if so proved.  Prior to the 2008 election, Dr. Edwin Vieira termed Obama’s bid for the presidency “potentially the gravest constitutional crisis in her history.”  He wrote that “Barack Obama must either stand up in a public forum and prove, with conclusive documentary evidence, that he is ‘a natural born Citizen’ of the United States who has not renounced his American citizenship—or he must step down as the Democratic Party’s candidate for President of the United States—preferably before the election is held, and in any event before the Electoral College meets. Because, pursuant to the Constitution, only ‘a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of th[e] Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President’ (Article II, Section 1, Clause 4). And Obama clearly was not ‘a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of th[e] Constitution.’”

In both January 2009 and again in January 2013, Congress failed to lodge objections to the Electoral vote count deeming Obama the winner of each respective presidential election.  Constitutionally, an objection filed by one member each of the House of Representatives and Senate would have sufficed to commence deliberations and a potential subpoena of Obama’s bona fides.

Following the 2012 election in which Obama was declared the victor by a slim margin, every member of Congress was formally served with an official notice from the North American Law Center (NALC) to “halt the congressional election certification process due to evidence of substantive fraud” which they refused to heed.

On April 27, 2011, after intense pressure from potential presidential candidate Donald Trump, the White House posted what it said was a scan of a certified copy of Obama’s long-form birth certificate, which contained more details than the short-form released nearly three years before.  However, experts quickly denounced the image as a forgery, and a criminal investigation has declared not only the long-form birth certificate image, but also Obama’s Selective Service registration form, to be “computer-generated forgeries.”

Significant new evidence is expected to be released resulting from a second criminal investigation related to the birth certificate probe in the relatively near future, but most likely not before the November 4 midterm elections.  In an exclusive interview with The Post & Email last week, Maricopa County AZ Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo stated that the information to be released stems from the investigation’s own internal research “independent of any other outside source.”  Zullo told Gallups during a September 5 radio show appearance that the knowledge the posse has amassed is “gut-wrenching.”

Since occupying the Oval Office, Obama has shown sympathy for Muslims around the world over Christianity and Judaism.  Obama professed to be a “devout Christian” in 2008 while campaigning but stated his “faith” to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos during an interview as “Muslim,” which Stephanopoulos quickly “corrected” to “my Christian faith.”

Thousands of Somalis and other Muslims have been relocated to the United States during Obama’s White House residency, changing both small and larger communities’ demographics and severely straining local budgets.  Middle Eastern refugees are granted housing, food, and medical assistance paid for by the U.S. taxpayer without their consent.  Under the Obama regime, individuals known to have collaborated with Middle Eastern terrorists but not carried out attacks themselves are eligible for entry into the United States.

As the barbaric Islamic terror group ISIS stormed across Iraq and Syria over the spring and summer, decimating Iraq’s minority populations, taking women captive and assaulting them, and slaughtering hundreds of Iraqi Army soldiers and civilians, Obama appeared untroubled, playing golf frequently on military bases and saying nothing about the genocide taking place.  After speaking briefly on the beheading of American GlobalPost journalist James Foley on August 20, Obama blithely returned to his golf game on Martha’s Vineyard, where he was taking his scheduled August vacation at taxpayer expense.

ISIS (ISIL) continues to overtake villages in northern Iraq as Obama claims that he has formulated a strategy to defeat them without using ground troops.  It is now reported that top military generals are finding themselves “increasingly at odds” over Obama’s purported plan to defeat ISIS.

Obama has employed close associates of The Muslim Brotherhood, whose goal is to extinguish governments worldwide and impose Sharia law.  A highly-ranked Muslim activist and Homeland Security Advisory Council member under Obama, Mohamed Elibiary, recently announced his departure from the position but plans to remain “supportive in other roles.”

Two members of the U.S. Senate have reported that as many as 100 potential Islamic jihadis supporting ISIS are in the United States now to the peril of all Americans.  On August 29, Judicial Watch reported that ISIS fighters were poised at Ciudad Juarez, which is just over the Mexican border with Texas, preparing for a likely attack against the U.S., about which Obama has said nothing.

Americans who have gone to train and possibly fight with ISIS have been allowed re-entry into the United States on their U.S. passports.

One congressman has publicly stated that Obama does not appear to have had “an American experience” during his upbringing.

In his editorial, Klayman took issue with Obama’s strategy to fight ISIS by employing “a coalition of primarily Arabs do the dirty work,” comparing it to the strategy employed by President George W. Bush in Afghanistan in which U.S. soldiers attempted to train Afghanis to fight the Taliban, which reportedly launched the 9/11 attacks on U.S. soil which killed nearly 3,000 people.  Klayman believes that had Bush’s strategy called for “wiping out” the Taliban in its entirety, the threat of ISIS would not have presented itself now in the form of Obama’s “Middle Eastern Muslim brothers.”

Klayman does not believe that Obama is serious about quelling Islamic terrorism in the Middle East.  Referring to Obama as “Hussein Obama,” Klayman wrote:

In the last six years since he took over as our so-called commander in chief, he has ordered our brave servicemen not to fire on Muslims unless they were essentially fired upon first. The result: More men and women in our armed forces have died and been maimed, percentage wise, during the Afghanistan war than in all other American wars.

And, all of this points out that We the People not only have a Muslim enemy in the Middle East to defeat, but also a Muslim sympathizer in the White House that is bent on destroying our Judeo-Christian heritage and way of life.

Klayman is not alone in his perception that Obama intends to destroy America’s traditions, values, and quality of living.

In a reference to the famous words of founding father Thomas Paine, Klayman wrote, “Yes, these are the times that try men’s souls. No more “sunshine patriots”! The time to fight back with overwhelming force is now before it is too late.” He then concluded his article by suggesting that Americans take action about Obama:  “…let us now also have the guts and wisdom to use all legal and constitutional means to remove this profoundly unworthy and dangerous man from office before all is lost.”

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  1. The fraud and usurper barack hussein obama is still in DC trying to bring down a LEGAL sitting US President in President Donald J. Trump . The fraud and usurper barack hussein obama must be brought to justice if our US Constitutional Republic is to be restored and make America Great Again !

  2. Might be a good time to re-run one of the first two articles I ever had published which was published here at thepostemail.com ‘Independence From Islam’ by me, Chris Farrell, where I postulated that Mr. Obama is an enemy agent of Islam practicing taqiyya. Hope that you’ll read it Mr. Klayman. I almost met you in the court in Tallahassee–took a miserable bus ride down there to see for myself what the judge would do. What a travesty of justice–a mockery of the Constitution–that was. Be well Larry Klayman and watch your back. Praying for your safety in Jesus’ name. Amen and amen. Chris Farrell…, don’t forget to read my article.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Any article published here is still available through a search using key words. You are welcome to send that article to Mr. Klayman through whatever method you wish, as you are its author.

  3. 12th Paragraph- I remember that interview. The Constitution says, Congress shall make no law respecting a religion. If “Faith” in this instance means “religious belief”, I’m not sure stating Obama switched from one faith to another faith is illegal?

    The synopsis of showcasing Obama’s wars for a particular faith or religious sect is all one needs to show an anti-American platform and to exposed it.

    Americans should know, America does not fight religious wars. It’s the one thing that has kept us from self ruin and exposing Obama’s wars as that serves a purpose.

    However, simply arguing for a different strategy in the religious wars of the middle east doesn’t exactly square with the U.S.C.

    I have always advocated for a separation of religion using the standard of our Criminal Code and President George Washington was wise when he declared America neutral in wars that would have sucked us in on one side of a particular religion against another.

    Religions wanting the use of America’s air force, and military to do battle will pull every trick in the book to get it. We should know this.

    Condemning Obama’s violence against a particular religion is far more effective than condemning his religion here in America.

    Calling him a Muslim invokes sympathy. Stating he has armed Muslims and using our military fighting for Sunni Muslims invokes constitutional considerations of an abuse of power contrary to our U.S.C

    1. Code4Pres, WHY would calling Obama a Muslim invoke sympathy? Do YOU sympathize with Muslims? Obama never “change[d]” his “Religion”. Obama has always been a Muslim,from birth. Obama is a Muslim supremacist who has usurped the Presidency by Fraud,during time of war.Obama is a spy. The “USC”? See: 18 U.S.C.,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381. Obama IS a Traitor.

  4. Yes. Dr. Klayman is right. Obama is a Muslim supremacist who has usurped the Presidency by fraud,during time of war. That alone makes Obama a spy and a traitor. Obama is America’s enemy.

  5. There is a growing number of voices publicly stating the same conclusion, which leads one to ask: WHO ORCHESTRATED HIS SEEKING of the PRESIDENCY and TO WHAT END?

    1. Follow the money. Mideast petrodollars buy a lot of influence. They paid for creating aka obama’s illegitimate university admissions and higher education degrees via massive donations. Aka obama is a willing tool of islam, the pseudo-religious tyrannical cult of conformance or death.

      Besides bowing to them in submissive gratitude every chance he gets, aka obama serves his islamic masters by working to bring the entire Mideast and all its oil under the caliphate of the islamic state. Notice how this aligns perfectly with his actions domestically where he is doing his best to kill off coal and oil production so we will not be energy independent and be at the mercy of islam (“mercy of islam” — now there’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one).

      I will stand with them [arab and pakistani American moslems] should the political winds shift in an ugly direction. — aka “barack hussein obama”

  6. It’s Bari Malik Shabazz in his Muslim Garb! Why hasn’t this picture, which has been around for years been plastered all over the media to show Americans what is running the White House? Soon, with 34 terrorist training camps operating in the U.S. which are being “monitored” by Federal Agencies, all the terrorists are building more cells and operational capability here in the U.S. that the Democrat Party is encouraging for entitlement votes and allowing by doing nothing to shut down the border. Bush didn’t do much for the border and he was from Texas but political calls were there then and are still there now. If Americans don’t have fire arms for self protection, there may be a time in the near future when they will need them to protect themselves from the Muslim Caliphate that is coming. Obama is the son of Malcolm X and Elizabeth Ann Newman from an affair in the Bronx in 1959 before Malcolm was killed. Black and white radical Marxists and Muslims pulled together to bring the son of Malcolm to power many years after Farahkan’s Muslim clan gunned Malcolm down in New York over a Muslim law squabble. The beliefs and lifestyle of these radical people, black and white, are not part of America and don’t belong here in the free enterprise system, as good or bad as it may be. All of these people should return the their countries of origin to practice the hatred and perversion they espouse to, white or black.