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(Aug. 29, 2014) — The thing about blackmail is that you’ve got to believe that what can be exposed will somehow alter events. Take Vladimir Putin, for example, blackmailing Obama. Putin threatens to expose Obama as being ineligible to hold the office of president. PRAVDA, the State-run Russian news service, had a television special about how Obama lied his way into the White House years ago; how the election was rigged (thanks to ACORN); that Obama is a Muslim and stacking his administrative deck with pro-Muslim lackeys; and how the left-wing American press pushes for Socialism, Obamacare and never gets tired of informing us that Islam is “misunderstood” and “peaceful.”

So Russia believes it has a green light to run over Europe just because, if Obama does anything to stop him, Putin will tell the American people that their president is nothing but a Fake, Cheap Suit, Fraud, Nobody, No-Account, and that the American people have been “Taken for a Ride” and “Been Had.”

Man, do I have news for Putin. Mr. Putin, if you’re reading this, pay attention: Americans DON’T CARE. Since way back when, people have been saying that Obama was not born in the USA and that his father was a British subject; that he, Obama (or somebody), falsified his Selective Service Registration information; and that Obama is using a stolen Social Security number.

Americans just don’t give a hoot about Obamacare being the ONE piece of legislation that will bankrupt the country, besides the IRS acting as goons collecting exorbitant taxes from the working class and businesses to fund the “Welfare State,” thanks to a “DO-NOTHING” Congress that couldn’t find its way out of a paper bag.

Yes, Americans know that, if Obama is exposed as being ineligible, that everything that he signed, laws and executive Orders, will all be rendered null and void.

So, Mr. Putin, your blackmail scheme won’t work, but the fact that it is working points to the testament that Americans aren’t smart enough to know when they’ve been had and, furthermore, wouldn’t care if you offered enough proof to make the Pope blush. Plus Obama isn’t smart enough to know that the Obots don’t care and all of us others (Birthers) know already.

So there’s no point in blackmailing our de facto joke of a president. Don’t waste your time. Perhaps you should get on board with those of us who get the big picture and deal with our common enemy once and for all. It would behoove us to win together than to go down in defeat separately.

Semper Fi


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  1. Obama told Medvedev he’d have more flexibility after the election of 2012, and he said he would relay that info to incoming Russian president Putin.

    One wonders how far behind schedule they are, and if Obama is or is not outed what difference that will make? I suspect at this time Obama is becoming less of an important factor in Russian trajectory especially with the 2014 elections 3 months away.

    I think Obama is going to find his friends are not really friends on the other side cutting him loose in an instant. That will leave him in a very lonely place as every one shrugs and says you made the choice to try and get ahead illegally.. you did..but the ride ended as quickly.