Message from ISIS to Christians – Leave, Convert to Islam or be Killed


by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

(Jul. 23, 2014) — This week we have heard the bold announcement from ISIS ravaging Iraq that Christians best be getting out of Iraq’s second largest city, convert to Islam by Saturday or they will be killed.  Megyn Kelly and Family Research Council President Tony Perkins were dumbfounded with the silence of the Obama administration, which is simply the Obama legacy – total silence when Jews or Christians are being slaughtered.  I don’t know why they are surprised.  ISIS is doing what fundamentalist, obedient Muslims do…threaten, torture, and kill.   They are simply following Chapter 9 guidelines in the Koran which give the infidels three choices, A) Convert to Islam  B) Submit to the high tax they collect, just to keep alive or…3) Be killed.  Certainly, ISIS is forgetting option B and collection of tax via the Koran…bad murderers.

As usual, de facto President Obama has nothing to say about any of his seeming allies murdering, raping and torturing Christians — Good riddance, apparently. We see the same traitorous silence regarding HAMAS and the hundreds of missile attacks against our best ally in the Middle East, Israel.  Jews, Christians and conservatives must be reduced and destroyed…one way or another. They have a different God than Obama, answering to Him instead of Obama and Islam; therefore, they must be eliminated.

It must be assumed, since Obama has simply nothing to say about the mass murder of Christians throughout the world and now, the planned blood bath by ISIS on Saturday against Christians in Iraq, that Obama must think it is OK or good.  Obama is Islamic, radical in his actions and part of the Caliphate to take over the world.  There….in your face and also the truth.

It is high time that Christians here and abroad stand up, get together and destroy those who attack us for just breathing and being different.  Christians in Iraq, you must get together, find real weapons and lock and load.  Do not leave.  Do not convert and do not pay a slavery tax.  Pray for strength and courage, fight and kill ISIS members and supporters.  Christian Americans, our turn is coming and Obama hates us.  Stand tall – pray out loud – lock and load and find your courage.  This is far from over with Obama.

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2 Responses to "Message from ISIS to Christians – Leave, Convert to Islam or be Killed"

  1. Navy Pilot   Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 9:01 PM

    Time for all Patriots to lock & load.

  2. Stephen Hiller   Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 5:08 PM

    Dr. Laurie – I know in the past I have taken exception to one or two of your statements, out of the many hundreds I agree with. This time you are 100% right on the mark. Thank you.

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