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by Sharon Rondeau

Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate is said by a criminal investigation to be a “1000%” forgery

(Jul. 21, 2014) — On Sunday, PPSimmons News & Ministry published an article recapping an incident reported by Fox News’s “On the Record” host Greta van Susteren of a colleague’s career having been indirectly threatened as a result of the colleague’s reportage on the Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack on September 11, 2012.

Jennifer Griffin, a Fox News national security journalist, was the person of concern to the White House as related by Van Susteren on her “Gretawire” blog on January 16, 2014.   Van Susteren said she believes it was October 2012 when she was contacted by a “good friend” working for the regime urging her to warn Griffin that her reporting of the events leading up to the Benghazi attack was “wrong.”  Van Susteren wrote that the regime “tried very hard to discourage” any reporting of the attack, which was originally attributed to an obscure internet video and killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens.

Van Susteren said that the “good friend” offered no “proof” that Griffin’s reports contained incorrect information.  Van Susteren further wrote:

In 20 plus years, I have never received a call to try and shut down a colleague – not that I even could – this was a first.   Here is what I know:  Jennifer is a class act….experienced..and a very responsible journalist.  One of the absolute best in the business – no axe to grind, she just wants the facts…I got no proof.  Zero.   I smelled a rat.  Favor to me?  Hardly.  My friend was trying to use me.   I feel bad that a friend did that to me, tried to use me for a dirty reason.   I knew then — and it is now confirmed by  BIPARTISAN Senate Intelligence Committee — Jennifer was getting her facts right.   I think it is really low for the Administration to stoop this low. 

Van Susteren reminded her readers that Fox News had been excluded from a media briefing on the Benghazi attack held at CIA headquarters and a conference call “to all the media when it claimed to be answering questions about Benghazi.”

Author of the PPSimmons article, Mike Shoesmith, who is a frequent guest on Carl Gallups’ “Freedom Friday” radio show, wrote that despite the threat communicated to Van Susteren intended for Griffin, Griffin continues her successful career at Fox News.  Griffin is now reporting on the downed Malaysian airliner in Ukraine on Thursday.

Griffin graduated from Harvard University in 1992, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in comparative politics.  She is co-author of a book on the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, written from her experiences while reporting for Fox News and living in Israel.

Griffin is also a cancer survivor and mother of three.

Shoesmith then connected Van Susteren’s experience with her “good friend” to that which was reported by Maricopa County Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo, who announced in a March 1, 2012 press conference along with Sheriff Joe Arpaio that the long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website and Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries.”

A four-minute video clip from Zullo’s presentation of the evidence at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) last year contained Zullo’s statement that “the media shut this issue down 24 hours after the birth certificate was released (1:52).  I’ve been in contact with prominent media people – I cannot and will not disclose their identities – that was the commitment I made because they fear for their jobs, and some fear for their safety.  There were threats made; there were people threatened with their occupation, losing their occupation, if they continued this.  I can tell you personally we were supposed to be on Hannity and we got cut…I know there are people at Fox News who want to cover it [the birth certificate issue] and they’re being told not to…”

Within 24 hours after the image was posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011, experts came forward to denounce it as a forgery. In September of that year, the posse was tasked with authenticating the image after approximately 250 area Tea Party members approached Arpaio, concerned that their votes would be disenfranchised in the upcoming 2012 election if the image were indeed a forgery.

Since 2008, internet operatives known as “Obots” have attempted to intimidate anyone investigating Obama’s background, eligibility, birthplace, or the veracity of his public statements.  Anyone criticizing Obama has been called “racist” or “xenophobic.” The Obots steal The Post & Email’s work, reposting it without permission and attempting to discredit it.  They regularly issue propaganda throughout the blogosphere in an apparent attempt to protect Obama.  Several Obots took credit for having shut down Van Susteren’s first “Gretawire” blog in June 2011.

In May 2013, the IRS admitted to a planted question that it had singled out applications for tax-exempt status for special scrutiny coming from “Tea Party” and other groups which opposed facets of Obama’s agenda.

The subject of Obama’s constitutional eligibility was not discussed on major media during the 2008 or 2012 campaign cycle.  Obama claims to have been born in Hawaii, although no hospital there has claimed his birth.  In 2004, African newspapers identified him as “Kenyan-born.”  The question of whether or not a father with foreign citizenship precluded his being a “natural born Citizen,” as the Constitution requires of the president and commander-in-chief, has never been investigated by the courts.

“Conservative” commentators Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and others failed to delve into Obama’s background before the 2008 election, with some scoffing at the idea that Obama might, in fact, not be constitutionally eligible for the presidency.  Beck hung up on at least one caller posing the question in 2008, and many derided their own audiences as “birthers” for expressing questions about Obama’s past.

Researchers on Obama’s history such as Martha Trowbridge, Mike Volin and others have received threats, including against their lives. This writer has received many death threats, including an email sent last November accusing us of divulging his personal information which we did not have, then telling us, “We own the media and the courts.  It’s impossible for you to fight this.”

In June of last year, former CBS journalist Sharyl Attkisson described “computers…turning themselves on and then back off” following her investigations of the Fast & Furious gunrunning scandal and the Benghazi attack.  Earlier this year, Attkisson severed her relationship with CBS because she perceived “that so few of the incredibly interesting and important original and investigative topics I brought to the table, often exclusively, could find no home at CBS in the past three years or so.”

In her book “Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington,” Attkisson describes having been “electronically suveilled” as she conducted her investigations.  In June of last year, former National Security Agency (NSA) contract worker Edward Snowden revealed to Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian (UK) that virtually all of the communications made by Americans via email, phone, cell phone and instant messaging are recorded without a warrant and kept in huge repositories around the country.

In early June, it was reported that the NSA can keep a cell phone activated even after its owner has powered it off.

In February, Zullo reported that Arpaio’s investigation had uncovered that several Obots are employed by DARPA, a division of the Department of Defense, at taxpayer expense.

After then-attorney Leo Donofrio awaited a trolley to take him to Union Station in Washington, DC on November 3, 2008, the day before the presidential election, to file a challenge to Obama’s constitutional eligibility for the presidency with the U.S. Supreme Court, he described an odd and frightening set of circumstances in which he suspects he was “targeted” by government agents traveling in an SUV and surveilled after filing it.  Of the experience, Donofrio wrote, in part:

On Nov. 3, 2008, I went to SCOTUS to file my application for an emergency stay of the national election. I took a Greyhound bus from Baltimore to Washington, D.C. because I was afraid to use Amtrak where I would have had to present ID for a ticket. I took that bus to the Greyhound station in Washington DC and walked from there to Union Station.

I felt that my life was in danger because I knew that if I could get my case filed before 4:30PM, there was a chance, a remote but genuine chance, that if the SCOTUS rules were followed, my case could stop the general election. As you all know, the SCOTUS rules were not followed when a clerk tried to overrule the SCOTUS precedent from McCarthy v. Briscoe.

I had previoulsy felt the evil operate against my case in the NJ Appellate Division where I experienced sabotage I never thought possible. I felt the full force and power of the cult as it tried to stop my case from having proper procedural ground to move on to SCOTUS…

In the days leading up to Nov. 3, 2008… my cell phone and that of a family member were subjected to treachery that only somebody with serious power could have accomplished. Because of the dual attacks upon my sanity, I came to Washington D.C. with fear in my heart, but I was not about to stop. Nothing short of a bullet was going to stop me from filing that application on Nov. 3, 2008…

After the case was filed, I was followed for weeks. I had choppers over my home every night for hours. It was the typical black helicopter story in spades. But my whole family witnessed the choppers night after night.

The cult knew my case was strong. And it eventually got on every major news network and brought the one issue they had kept silent to the forefront of the nation — the fact that Obama was a dual citizen at birth.

The Obots also claim credit for having summoned more than 100 law enforcers at the local, state and federal levels to a “courthouse takeover” in Madisonville, TN on April 20, 2010 which never took place but reportedly cost the county more than $400,000.  There were no police confrontations, as reportedly had been expected, nor were there any arrests made that day.  Misinformation was given to the mainstream media, which showed no photos of the alleged “tense” standoff between citizens and the government.

Curiously, ten days later, Darren Wesley Huff, who had locked his firearms in his truck before arriving in Madisonville that day, was arrested on a federal firearms law passed in the 1960s which had never been invoked.

In February, CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) filed a criminal complaint with local law enforcement about having been stalked by members of The Fogbow, a pro-Obama propaganda group, of whom The Post & Email has been made aware that at least one member is under criminal investigation.

In March 2009, constitutional attorney and Obama eligibility challenger Stephen Pidgeon also reported that he and several associates were under surveillance after he saw black SUVs purportedly from the Department of Homeland Security in his neighborhood.  Pidgeon also said that “Snohomish County Sheriffs and the Everett Police Dept.” were following his movements.

In response to Van Susteren’s blog post about the phone call from her “good friend” at the White House, a commenter posting about “two months ago” stated that “The Patriot posted that the Obama Administration has threatened to end the careers of Fox News anchors and Greta was in the photo along with Kelly and two other anchors. I left messages to Fox News, Kelly File and Greta’s page seeking comment. If this is a true story….”

Last fall, Zullo announced that Arpaio had opened a second criminal investigation as detailed by Gallups in the second video from July 18, 2014 included in Shoesmith’s article.  In that announcement, Gallups stated that Zullo was working on overcoming two “legal hurdles” before an anticipated press conference or press conferences can be held to report the findings from both investigations.

Gallups reiterated that the long-form birth certificate has been proven “1000%” to be “a fabrication” as already confirmed by Zullo and Arpaio’s first two press conferences on March 1, 2012 and July 17, 2012, respectively.  Gallups said that the evidence compiled by the posse and Arpaio shows that “they’ve done their job,” even in the wake of Congress, the FBI, the courts, and other government agencies having failed to vet Obama or act upon evidence that he has lied to the public.

“Freedom Friday” is heard on WEBY on Friday evenings from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. CT.  A caller to a recent show demanded, should Zullo not reveal the information compiled by the posse and Arpaio by September 1, 2014, that Gallups do it himself.  However, Gallups told the caller that he “does not know all the details of the case” and assured him that “Zullo and Arpaio have not been blackmailed.”

The scheduling of one or two press conferences on the new Obama regime criminal findings is expected to be announced in the near future.


Editor’s Note:  On October 25, 2012, The Post & Email wrote a letter to Van Susteren which asked, “Why is no news/media organization covering the Obama eligibility/identity story?” to which we received no response.

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  1. “The question of whether or not a father with foreign citizenship precluded [Obama] being a ‘Natural-born citizen’…has never-been investigated by the courts”.

    The “Question” is moot. All of the founders failed to meet the definition of what a “Natural Born Citizen” was. There was no United States of America until 1776. The Constitution itself Grandfathered in those who did not meet the widely accepted and established definition of an NBC which is “One born in a country of citizen parents”. It is incontrovertible that the founders did NOT want any person of British decent who was not a citizen of the United States at the time of the signing of the Constitution to be President. Obama,Sr. WAS British. For over two hundred and thirty years it has been both past practice and ubiquitously recognized by law that our Presidents MUST BE 100% Americans having both Jus Soli AND 100% Jus Sanquinis