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by Sharon Rondeau

Ted Cruz is a first-term U.S. senator from Texas who participated with Glenn Beck in a “relief” effort on Saturday for illegal aliens housed in McAllen, TX

(Jul. 19, 2014) — Last week, commentator Glenn Beck announced that he would be using approximately $2,000,000 from his MercuryOne charity to bring “teddy bears and soccer balls” to thousands of illegal alien children staying at a processing center in McAllen, TX.

Beck arrived at the Border Patrol facility at McAllen on Saturday morning in the pre-dawn hours along with Rep. Louis Gohmert and radio host Dana Loesch.

Sen. Ted Cruz and Gohmert’s media contacts failed to confirm or deny to The Post & Email when asked as to whether or not they would, in fact, be attending and/or assisting with the goods Beck planned to bring to the detention center.  However, on Thursday, Cruz’s spokeswoman stated that he would be joining Beck in the relief effort in recognition of the “human element of this crisis.”

Rep. Randy Weber also attended.  Sen. Mike Lee had reportedly planned to go but reportedly had a scheduling conflict.

Loesch reported that Gohmert said that shots were fired at U.S. Border Patrol agents at 1:00 a.m.

Since last October, tens of thousands of illegal aliens from Central America have crossed the southern border, overwhelming the Border Patrol and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which by federal law must take custody of children who cross the border from countries other than Mexico.

While in Texas on July 10, Obama refused to visit a detention facility where the “humanitarian crisis” was unfolding.

Not all of those crossing the border are unaccompanied alien children (UACs).

On Thursday, ABC News reported that resources are stretched to the point where many illegals are not medically screened before being moved to other locations within the U.S.

Access to the facilities where illegal aliens are staying has been very limited to both members of Congress and the media.

Before making the trip with tractor-trailers full of toys and food, Beck acknowledged that his stance on taking the provisions to the illegal aliens could cost him his media career.

Beck claimed that the media ignored Cruz’s involvement in the effort as a result of “playing presidential games.”  As the son of an American mother and Cuban father but born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, there is doubt as to whether or not Cruz is eligible for the presidency as a “natural born Citizen,” as Article II of the U.S. Constitution requires.

It is unknown if Cruz even possesses U.S. citizenship to be eligible to serve as a U.S. senator, as Canada automatically awards citizenship to anyone born within its borders, regardless of the allegiance or citizenship of the parents.

According to Fox News on Saturday, the Obama regime will not reveal the locations where illegals still being processed might be taken as others have in recent weeks.

Up to $1,000 daily is being spent on each illegal alien while they remain in the country.

On Friday and Saturday, protests against illegal immigration were planned for more than 300 cities.  On Saturday, the sponsoring organization, ALIPAC, reported that “With a coalition of more than 50 groups and organizations of various sizes, protests against illegal immigration and the Obama inspired surge of illegals at America’s borders took place in more than 300 locations. The protests were highly visible and some were small with a handful of people on overpasses with others being larger with hundreds of people. All American activists who participated in these historic protests are asked to post their local news reports, pictures, and videos to share with other citizens and the media at this link…

The number of illegals crossing the southwest border tripled over a recent two-year period.  Signs held by protesters included such messages as “Illegals are criminals,” “Stop the invasion,” and “No! Amnesty.”

The states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan and others have been asked to house numbers of illegal children and adults, reportedly for period of “35 days.”  Connecticut said its Southbury Training School was not an adequate shelter since it still houses some developmentally-delayed individuals.  A public outcry about the plans to house children at an empty Army Reserve Center in Westminster, MD compelled Gov. Martin O’Malley to say that “the undocumented kids would face an inhospitable welcome at the facility in deeply conservative Carroll County, 35 miles from Baltimore.”

Some children who have crossed the border have brought serious illnesses into the country, including “drug-resistant tuberculosis and dengue fever.”
While Obama has said that “most” of the illegals swarming over the border will be returned to their home countries, The Gateway Pundit reports via The Wall Street Journal that “Data from immigration courts, along with interviews with the children and their advocates, show that few minors are sent home and many are able to stay for years in the U.S., if not permanently. That presents a deep challenge for President Barack Obama and lawmakers as they try to shore up an overburdened deportation system.”
Many believe that the Obama regime is the cause of the surge in illegal alien crossings because of public statements he has made about the lack of “sense” it makes to him to enforce the nation’s immigration laws.  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer stated in June that “This is a crisis of the federal government’s creation, and the fact that the border remains unsecure – now apparently intentionally – while this operation continues full-steam ahead is deplorable.”
Some believe that the goal is to resettle the aliens in U.S. communities and make them into Democrat voters.  The Washington Times reports that, contrary to the regime’s statement that “most” of the unaccompanied illegal alien children will be sent home, approximately “two-thirds” of them have had their applications requesting some type of asylum approved in 2014.
When Obama took his oath of office, although under questionable conditions, he promised to “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States” and “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
Putative Vice President Joe Biden said last month that the U.S. needs an “unrelenting stream of immigrants” to bolster the economy in a climate where millions of Americans cannot find work or have exhausted unemployment benefits and may be resorting to government assistance to survive.

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  1. Another casualty effect for Jan Brewer veto?

    Brewer stated she felt like “The Birther Bill” the AZ. Leg. Passed (requiring Candidates for Pres. to submit proof they were qualified for the Office, should they win the AZ.’s delegates), served no purpose when she vetoed the Bill.

    One can’t help but wonder if the flood of illegal immigration now in her mind might constitute a “reason” as AZ. Citizens bear the brunt of contagious disease, and an exhaustion of the State’s Budget to handle the crisis unfolding at a rate of 30,000 a month and $1,000 per day per person.

    The humanitarian crisis may come to be with AZ. Citizens themselves brought to them via their own elected Gov. as R’s follow the status quo of ineligible candidates in the Office of the Pres. W Cruz, Rubio, Jindal, Santorum all lining up.

    I’ll bet McCain’s actually proud of this crisis as his campaign promises turn and bite the hands that voted for him with his promise of a secure border for AZ.?

    Cody Robert Judy

  2. Considering that each family member had to fork up thousands of dollars to get across the border, THE COYOTES should make a donation to US with all their profits, to buy toys for at risk children who are US Citizens. The Coyotes lied to these people from the get-go, promising them food and water along the way. At most they got one apple per day and once in a while a bottle of water (if lucky).

    They were lied to to get them to pay thousands, they were lied to about food and water, and OBAMA AIDED and ABETTED their suffering.

    By distributing soccer balls, although it is tender and sweet, it is playing in to the DECEIT of the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.

    If MEXICO had done its job, all those on “THE BEAST” (the train which comes into Mexico from Central America and makes its way to the border) would have been RETURNED for lack of passports, visas for Mexico, and lack of tickets.

    Will the USA, under the SUNNI-in-CHIEF in the White House, take in the half a million Chaldean Christians from MOSUL who just fled ISLAMIC TERROR? These are TRULY REFUGEES!

    Barry Soetoro, as Mark Levin now calls Obama regularly, has SUBVERTED the goodness of America as a weapon against her.