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by Sharon Rondeau

Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo has spoken at two press conferences confirming that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries”

(May 28, 2014) — On Tuesday, business and real estate mogul Donald Trump spoke at a luncheon at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on a variety of topics during which he responded to a question asking whether or not he “regretted” challenging Obama to release his birth certificate and other documentation in 2011.

At the time, Trump was considering challenging Obama for the presidency in 2012.  Amidst many unanswered questions as to Obama’s life story, constitutional eligibility and birthplace, Trump publicly urged Obama to release his “long-form” birth certificate which would contain the name of the delivering physician, the occupations of the parents, his birth height and weight, and the hospital of birth.

Prior to April 27, 2011, when the White House released what it said was a scanned, certified copy of Obama’s original birth record from the Hawaii Department of Health, the only vital record bearing his name was a “Certification of Live Birth” which contained few details and, in some versions, lacked a raised seal. The image first appeared at The Daily KOS on June 12, 2008, but Hawaii Department of Health spokesperson Janice Okubo would not verify its authenticity.

While Factcheck.org claimed to have a paper copy of the Certification of Live Birth in its possession, it refused to answer questions about how it was obtained and from whom.  Hawaii law precludes anyone without a “direct and tangible interest in the record” to acquire vital records unless a signed release form from the subject individual has been executed.

After numerous document analysts declared the long-form release a forgery, members of two Maricopa County, AZ tea party groups asked their sheriff, Joe Arpaio, to open an investigation to guarantee that their votes in the upcoming 2012 election would not be disenfranchised in the event that Obama or his surrogates had actually proffered fraudulent documentation to “prove” his eligibility.

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires that the president and commander-in-chief be a “natural born Citizen.”  While most Americans believe that the meaning of the term is “born in the United States,” historians often define it as “born in the country to two citizen parents.”

Various efforts to dilute or change the meaning have been made by members of Congress over the years to allow a foreign-born person to serve as U.S. president.  Some constitutional scholars say that the Framers wanted the president to be removed by two generations, not one, from foreign influences and allegiances, making the citizenship of the parents at the time of the candidate’s birth equally important, if not superior to, the person’s place of birth.

Both children of Daniel Wani, a naturalized U.S. citizen, and his Sudanese-citizen wife, Meriam, have widely been acknowledged as U.S. citizens because of their father’s 2005 naturalization.  The Wanis’ son, who is imprisoned with his mother in a disease-infested jail in Khartoum, Sudan, is 20 months old, while Meriam gave birth to a daughter in captivity on Tuesday without medical care or facilities.

In September 2011, Arpaio commissioned the Cold Case Posse affiliated with his office to conduct an analysis of the long-form birth certificate image to “clear the president” of remaining questions about the authenticity of his documentation and his eligibility for the presidency.  Rather than resulting in an authentication of the document, however, the posse found that the image could not have had its origins as a paper document.

On March 1, 2012, lead investigator Mike Zullo and Arpaio held a press conference to divulge their conclusions that the birth certificate image is a “computer-generated forgery.”  Unbeknownst to the public, the posse had also analyzed Obama’s Selective Service registration form and found that it, too, was fraudulent.

On July 17, 2012, a second, more detailed press conference was held during which Arpaio and Zullo called for a congressional investigation into their findings.  Both Congress and the media failed to act.

Trump and millions of others continue to doubt Obama’s birth narrative and proffered identification “documents.”  While Trump has been relatively silent for a time on the matter until Tuesday.

During his address, Trump covered a variety of topics from the 2016 presidential race to the economy and America’s current standing in the world.  When a questioner took the podium and asked if he regretted having demanded that Obama release his records early in 2011, Trump responded, “Not even a little bit…” He then expounded on his later challenge in October 2012 for Obama to accept $5,000,000 to go to the charity or charities of his choice in exchange for releasing his college and passport applications.

Trump said that after Obama remained mute about the $5,000,000 offer, he raised it to $50,000,000, something the media failed to report and which Obama again refused to address.

On Wednesday, The UK Mail Online reported on Trump’s National Press Club appearance and remarks, but it omitted several key points and mischaracterized others.

While Trump did not focus on the long-form birth certificate image, he mentioned that there are questions about its “authenticity.”

Trump spent much more time recounting Obama’s unpublished book, “Journeys in Black and White,” for which promotional materials released by his then-literary agent, Acton & Dystel, stated that Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii” as discovered by Breitbart two years ago.  Along with its revelations, Breitbart had written, “Andrew Breitbart was never a ‘Birther'” and believed that Obama was born in Hawaii, as Obama had said.  However, Breitbart explained the discrepancy by saying that “It is evidence–not of the President’s foreign origin, but that Barack Obama’s public persona has perhaps been presented differently at different times.”

Breitbart has not accepted for publication comments by this writer revealing the many sources which reported Obama as having been born in Kenya or Indonesia prior to his run for the presidency nor about the criminal investigation which has found his long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form to be “computer-generated forgeries.”

Breitbart’s slogan is “You Deserve the Truth.”

On Tuesday, Trump revealed his own theory that there are three possible explanations for Obama’s background:

  • that his background as stated is accurate, including the long-form birth certificate;
  • that he said he was born in Kenya to obtain financial aid for college but was actually born somewhere in the U.S.;
  • that Obama really was born in Kenya.

The UK Mail Online story incorrectly stated that “Trump’s disbelief that Obama is indeed an American citizen, as required by law to hold the presidency, stems from a typo in a book agency’s 1991 biography of Barack Obama, in which Obama was listed as being from Kenya.”

Trump never said anything about “a typo.”  In fact, Trump’s stated possible explanations do not include the possibility of “a typo” having been made in the Acton & Dystel biography which remained as it had first been released until April 21, 2007, approximately ten weeks after Obama declared himself a presidential candidate.

The Daily Mail continues in the next paragraph to promote the idea of “a mistake…in his [Obama’s] promotional materials.”

The article also “mistakenly” says that shortly before the 2012 election, Trump “announced that he was offering President Obama $5 million to put toward a charity in his home town, Chicago, Illinois, if he turned over his birth certificate, passport and college records” when Obama had already released what he claimed to be his long-form birth certificate on April 27, 2011.  Trump also never specified to which charity the money could go if Obama complied and accepted it; he mentioned a charity based in Chicago but said that Obama could choose any charity he wished as the recipient of the $5,000,000.

On Wednesday morning, The Post & Email submitted a comment indicating that two active criminal investigations’ results will be released shortly, one by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to contain information not previously made public.  We included a link to the Cold Case Posse website and another to Carl Gallups’s “Freedom Friday” podcast during which Zullo confirmed that the two press conferences are still planned.  We also stated that no hospital in Hawaii has confirmed Obama’s claimed birth there.

Our comment contained our contact information at The Post & Email and was short, factual, and of course respectful, but we noted that it was never published.

In reviewing the “House Rules” posted by the Daily Mail, we realized that we had not followed them completely because our comment contained “urls.”

We therefore submitted a second comment with no urls, but instead, a simple statement that the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse and Sheriff Joe Arpaio have conducted criminal investigations declaring the birth certificate and Selective Service registration form fraudulent, with more news expected in the near future.  That comment also was never published, although opinions from others such as “Barry is the Liar in Chief,” “The problem of course is not that the college and school records are not released, but that Obama went through the effort and cost of having them “SEALED” by a judge. WHY?” and “Obama is a liar” were made public.

We then used the address provided in the comment rules to ask the management of the UK Daily Mail why they would not publish a truthful comment:

Hello, I submitted two comments this morning about your article on Donald Trump’s appearance at the National Press Club yesterday.

While I normally do not comment on articles on any websites, I felt that your representation of what Trump said on Tuesday needed amplification, as you did not present his position quite accurately or completely.

After submitting the first comment, I realized that I had not adhered to your policy of “no urls” and prepared my second comment eliminating the links to the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse and a segment of a radio show from Friday in which CCP lead investigator Mike Zullo confirmed that two press conferences will be held during which very significant revelations will be made.  I also omitted the name and url of my publication because I thought perhaps you might have considered it to be “promotional” even though it was meant for full disclosure.

I am editor of The Post & Email (www.thepostemail.com) and have been following the Obama eligibility/identity issue extremely closely for more than five years.  My newspaper has taken part in investigations into Obama’s background and identified dishonesty on the part of employees at the Hawaii Department of Health, the media, members of Congress, attorneys general, governors, and judges.

I am not sure why you did not publish my amended comment, as it was short and concise, germane to the discussion, did not disparage anyone, and reflected the absolute truth about two criminal investigations currently under way, one of which concluded more than two years ago that Obama’s proffered documentation is fraudulent.

As my statements are easily verified, why would you not allow them to be published?

If you are skirting the truth, then you are no better than the American media, which has kept Obama’s background, identity, and the events surrounding his birth and childhood obscured from the public in what could be the biggest political crime in our history.

There is a significant announcement coming from Arpaio very soon which he has hinted will reveal the names of the people who created the forgeries to deceive an unsuspecting public.


When it happens, you will not be able to say that you were not informed of it ahead of time by those really seeking the truth.

Thank you for your consideration of this communication.

Sharon Rondeau, Editor
The Post & Email
P.O. Box 195
Stafford Springs, CT  06076

As of 7:32 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, no response has been received.

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  1. Wait until the cows come home – okay for this but not okay at the VA … is there a hint of the hypocritical in all this?

  2. I think Sharon that the MCSO has some media cooperation otherwise, why would they say to “stand by” as I was lining up media who asked for more info from the MCSO?

    Since congressmen and senators really know what is going on but refuse to speak openly I’ve been spending time working media and now word is to await the new disclosure.