by Montgomery Blair Sibley, ©2014, blogging at Amo Probos

(May 28, 2014) — This, I believe, is the last chapter that I will write regarding the Elizabeth Duke matter.  Last July, I began documenting my efforts to understand why the indictment against the Capitol Bombing, Fugitive Elizabeth Duke had been dismissed by the Obama administration under curious circumstances.  Those circumstances included the entry of an Order which falsified the record by Magistrate Judge Robinson who feloniously signed that order indicating that she was a District Court Judge when she most certainly was not.

My efforts took me to the Supreme Court where my important questions regarding the hygiene of the criminal justice system were rebuffed by being ignored. My subsequent efforts to invoke the judicial machinery to investigate and sanction Magistrate Judge Robinson for her patent misbehavior have now likewise been ignored.

Though purportedly mailed to me on February 19, 2014, I only recently received the Order indicating that Magistrate Judge Robinson will receive no rebuke for misrepresenting the record regarding the dismissal of the Elizabeth Duke indictment.

Though this is my last chapter on Elizabeth Duke, others are still working on their chapters and the Epilogue of the Elizabeth Duke matter I believe is far from being written. Go Port Authority Police.

Hence, this blog which has been my “Reflections on the Growth of Legal Tyrants and a Justice System Which Has Evolved to Threaten – Rather than Protect – Our Liberty” is coming to a close.  I have a few more things to say, but it is now clear to me that the Justice System is no longer threatening our liberty, but indeed has now completely revoked that Liberty won at such a high cost and has now insulated themselves from any consequence for their unconstitutional and indeed immoral actions.

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  1. Montgomery, it’s always a pleasure to hear or read an educated man that expresses himself well. I have admired you for your efforts and attempts to bring any of the DNC Operatives to justice/prosecution for criminal activity. It is a pity to see America with its citizens powerless to get a Criminal Presentment through any court in the land with the help of Hillary and her DNC Teams who apparently have threatened judicial members and their families to not follow their oath to the Constitution or else. It is obvious that is what has been going on and I realize that members of the judiciary spend many years in colleges of law and climbing to their positions, losing those positions can be devastating to those chosen to fall. In light of law and sworn law, there is no excuse for not performing your sworn duty and the words and term “misprision of felony” comes to the forefront. Those of us that have studied a small portion of law/Constitution/Criminal Presentment/Vattel etc. have limited scope but enough knowledge to grasp what the founding fathers using “The Law Of Nations” as an outline attempted to do. Trying to create a fair system for all is a task that few today could imagine much less try to carry out.