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(May 5, 2014) — The immigration law is very clear, so clear, in fact, that even those who don’t speak a lick of English understand that when ICE shows up, it’s time to act as roaches when a sheet of plywood is turned over.

That said, if I don’t offend at least half of America every day, then face it, I’m not doing my job, which is, for those who don’t know, is what I like to do; it’s what I enjoy the most; it’s my life’s calling.  And, face it, I’m pretty good at it. But it’s not my idea. I can’t take any credit for the stuff I write: it’s already done for me, thanks to the Bozos in our nation’s capital.

Take Jeb Bush’s stupid statement about the illegal immigrants taking the freebies as an “act of love,” or Nancy Pelosi’s stupid statement that we should give “amnesty on Cinco de Mayo” to the illegal immigrants.

“Illegal:”  forbidden/prohibited by law, official rules or regulations, unacceptable and unauthorized.

So, it goes to follow that an illegal immigrant has no business in our country. Such a simple concept is, quite obviously, a difficult, if not impossible, concept to grasp and comprehend by many Americans, as evidenced by the two aforementioned above. Obots have a difficult time with the word “illegal.”  Many college professors and their mental clones also fail to understand the meaning of the word.

We’ve all heard the jokes about how many government employees it takes to change a light bulb. And so it has come to pass: it is easier for government employees to not do their jobs in the first place, referring, in this case, to deporting illegal immigrants and Muslims. It’s just easier to follow the orders from above saying, “Even though Islam is the enemy, we’re still allowing them to come into our country, and, furthermore, to stay. And, the same goes for illegal immigrants.”

However, a number of patriots question the wisdom (?) of allowing Muslims and illegal immigrants within the borders of our country. What has been wrong in the past does not need to be wrong in the future. The solution is actually simple and doable: deport each and every Muslim and illegal immigrant. Presto! Problem solved: these Muslims and illegal immigrants ARE A MAJOR THORN IN OUR SIDE.


Semper Fi


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  1. OPOVV,

    You don’t offend me, and I agree, you are pretty good at it!

    Jeb Bush is from the same tree, his father, George H.W. Bush, said in 1991 we need a New World Order.

    I saw a couple of T-Shirts advertised in a magazine that I will order, because like you, I am tired of talking to Obots.

    1, “I can explain it To you, but I can’t understand it For you.”
    2. “If only closed minds came with closed mouths.”

    I believe this will save me from frustration, I will just point to my shirt.