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by Sharon Rondeau

Erik Rush

(May 5, 2014) — On Monday, radio host, commentator and writer Erik Rush discussed the ramifications of emails made public last week by Judicial Watch sent by senior White House adviser Ben Rhodes, who had instructed then-United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice to present a false narrative to the public about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.

Judicial Watch calls the email “the smoking gun” released after it filed a lawsuit as a result of a FOIA request denied by the State Department.

Rush writes a regular column for WorldNetDaily and launched his radio show, “Full Contact,” last summer.  He is one of a handful of commentators who has been willing to discuss the questions surrounding the eligibility and identity of Barack Hussein Obama and the possibility that Obama has committed treason against the United States.

Rush will be guest-hosting the WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com radio show on Monday evening, with guests to include organizers of Operation American Spring (OAS) and James Neighbors of Overpasses for America, which wants Obama impeached.

OAS intends to hold a peaceful protest in Washington, DC beginning on May 16 with the demand that Obama, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and others they claim are corrupt resign their posts.

At 12:10 p.m., Rush referred to the work of Walid Shoebat, who connected the producer of the video initially blamed for the Benghazi attack to Shoebat’s own cousin.  Shoebat also reported that a “Muslim Brotherhood AGENT” had been on the distribution list for the email which told Rice to shield Obama from criticism seven weeks before the 2012 presidential election.

On Sunday, Shoebat claimed that a “Muslim Brotherhood Spy Ring [is] helping to Coverup [sic] Benghazi.”

In regard to the attack, Rush speculated that it could have been “planned” several months before.  “It is essential that this administration is brought down,” Rush said at 12:17.

As to the response of Obama’s supporters to the emails released last week, Rush quoted former Obama campaign adviser David Plouffe as having said that Benghazi was being “politicized.”  Rush then stated that “This is how we get millions of individuals getting put in gas chambers.  These were they guys where the ends justify the means.”

“Plouffe said, ‘There’s a very loud delusional minority…there is no conspiracy at all,'” Rush reported.  Rush described the Obama regime as containing “out-and-out radicals, if not communists.”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney also tried to call the questions put forth by Republicans about the events surrounding the attack as “conspiracy theories.”

Rush recounted that California Rep. Adam Schiff appeared on Fox News over the weekend and described the newly-announced Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi incident as “a colossal waste of time.”  Schiff opined that Democrats should not “participate” in the probe to be led by Rep. Trey Gowdy, who said he has proof that incriminating evidence has been kept from Congress and the public by the regime.

“I think he is a colossal waste of time,” Rush said, referring to Schiff.

At 12:40 p.m., Rush denounced the IRS’s targeting for extra scrutiny of “conservative” groups.  He called out left-wing groups funded with large amounts of money allegedly from George Soros for blaming the right-leaning “Koch brothers” for allegedly trying to make a significant political impact on the country with their money.

Rush’s Facebook page is here.  He is seeking financial support in the way of donations and additional advertisers to continue his show.

At 12:48, Rush read from another recent Shoebat report which stated that the Obama IRS has given tax-exempt status to groups supportive of the radical Muslim agenda, including The Muslim Brotherhood, “with Clinton ties.”  Rush speculated that Obama has “used Islam” to coerce Americans into giving up some of their freedoms.  “We have an Islamist in the White House, and obviously he’s not going to object,” Rush said.

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  1. Well Cody we don’t have an attorney general who will enforce the Constitution. Let’s face it, the fact is radical muslims and Islam are the only people who want to kill everybody. The fact is our defacto president is one of them! The defacto president must be handcuffed and removed from our WH along with his radical muslim cabinet. We only need a bunch of Sheriffs and 2 witnesses to attest to treason.

  2. That is A very scary road to go down because “support to radical Muslim Groups” is a wide open narrative That might speculate “support for radical conservative groups” like the Miltia’s that protected Bundy.

    I don’t know why he just can’t say anti-constitution or conmunist?

    America has a U.S. CONSTITUTION that protects all religions. When you broad swipe Islam and the Muslims one castigates their own freedom of religion.

    Criminal codes have plenty of ammo to deal with individuals who violate the law w out regard to specific religions.

    I abhor the road that Islam and Muslims are given the excuse to use our U.S.C. against us, but it is just this sort of rhetoric that works for them.

    We can stop it, by separating Church and State, criminal wrong doing from peaceful action.

    Feeding the Fire is essentially necessary for any Media News Outlet. I’ve found a good way to decipher the talk is to put the same shoe on w your own specific religion. If you like it, and it fits ok, no discomfort, it’s probably ok.

    I enjoyed the first 2/3 rods f this report immensely as it felt in the fabric of communism and wrong doing that was essentially anti-constitutional.

    My proverbial advise: Don’t make Islam or any Religion you don’t belong to a martyr of the U.S. Constitution. One does not do any American a service in such.

    Cody Robert Judy