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by Sharon Rondeau

Is the Bureau of Land Management planning a “raid” on the Bundy property after its apparent capitulation on Saturday?

(Apr. 15, 2014) — Two participants in the defense of the Bundy ranch against Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents last week said that “20 young men” were nearly slaughtered in what they claim was a setup by the federal government.

Last weekend, a situation between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the BLM escalated after the BLM initiated a “cattle gather” of Bundy’s cattle, which the BLM claimed were trespassing on federal land.  Hundreds of citizen militia members and other concerned citizens rushed to Bunkerville, NV including Sheriff Richard Mack, to defend the Bundy property against what they saw as federal encroachment on state sovereignty and the Bundy family specifically.

Two participants, who made a 30-minute YouTube video dated Sunday, April 13, said they were part of “militia” groups gathered in Bunkerville to support the Bundys against the BLM.  On Saturday afternoon, Clark County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie declared that an agreement had been reached by which the cattle would be returned to Bundy and the BLM would cease its operations. Bundy had reportedly then “issued the sheriff an ultimatum, giving him one hour to disarm the federal agency, to bring the arms to the protest site to be destroyed, and to remove their barricades and checkpoints.”

Speaking of Gillespie, the man on the video said, “At the same time he said that, he has an MRAD and the SWAT team not very far away,” (2:02).

Releasing the cattle took longer than expected, amounting to several “hours” as opposed to the “half-hour” BLM said it needed, as reported by Infowars reporter David Knight.  Prior to the resolution, Alex Jones reported that the situation was “like 1776.”  In a conversation between Jones and his reporter David Knight, Knight said that federal agents had threatened to shoot the Bundy supporters.

“The BLM agents are in the middle of all of this,” the man on the YouTube video said, claiming that the delay in the release of the cattle could have sparked an armed confrontation against the agents.  “Under the circumstances, why was [sic] that MRAD and that SWAT team there when supposedly cows were to be released…?” he asked (3:30).

At 3:47, the first man said that “We think that they wanted to turn this into a blood-letting so that they could do whatever they’re going to do…”  At 4:12, he said, “We’re pretty sure that this was designed to be a false flag, disgusting, blood-letting of BLM agents who would be compromised and betrayed, and citizens of Bunkerville and those who were demonstrating also would be betrayed.”

Bundy has before and since appeared on several radio and television shows speaking about what he believes is a states’ rights and constitutional issue.  He claims he owes nothing to the federal government in grazing fees, while the BLM claims that Bundy “owes the American taxpayers in excess of $1 million.”

Both men on the video said that a SWAT team and “MRAD” were positioned “one exit south” (1:03) from where the cattle release was to occur and claimed that Gillespie used it to protect his own interests, not those of the Bundys or the BLM agents.  The second man said that “evil people” had “manipulated” the situation so that the 500 militia members would be pitted against the 20 BLM agents who would have been “slaughtered.”

“We got high-powered rifles,” the second speaker said at 18:00 in the video, as opposed to the “sidearms” he said the Metropolitan Police Department had.  He said that the militia were almost “duped,” while “miles and miles of people” would have been caught in the crossfire had it broken out.  Then, he hypothesized, heavy firepower from the federal government would have demonized the “evil, right-wing extremists” in a reference to the Bundy supporters.  He claimed that the government would have subsequently used the outcome to convince the American people to give up more freedom in exchange for security.

“God restrained us all,” he said, and the first speaker, who was then off-camera, agreed.

Both men agreed that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Metro) was very professional in its actions.

The second man said that Sen. Harry Reid and his son, Rory, who is an attorney, must be removed from their positions of power in the state.

The first speaker returned to the camera, reiterating the lack of sleep he and others had had over the last “seven days.”  He said that he had spoken with Pete Santilli, who provided video of the events on the weekend featured on Fox News.  “These people are going to be sacrificed on the altar to take down what’s left of freedom in America, and they were going to have that happen unwittingly to them by being killed by this militia group, and of course, the rest of us would lose our rights because that would be spun to make it sound like that our rights are something that we shouldn’t have.  This is master manipulation of an event, and at first, again, like I said, I was thankful to Sheriff Gillespie for this, but when I found out that there was this SWAT team and this MRAD, it didn’t make sense.  This man is evil; he’s in cahoots with the most diabolical luciferians on the plant, including the Southern Poverty Law Center – OK, and the DHS – he sits on their boards – and this was designed to kill at least 20-30 Bureau of Land management law enforcement officers.”

Gillespie is running for re-election in November.  Contact information for Gillespie leads to the website of the (LVMPD).

On Monday, April 7, The Los Angeles Times quoted Gillespie as having said that “No drop of human blood is worth spilling over any cow.”

The first man addressed himself to Gillespie on camera, saying that he is “an evil luciferian.”  “We averted a catastrophe today not because of our sophistication or our abilities, but because there was a God in heaven that knew that we were up against some of the most diabolical, as the Book of Genesis and others say, ‘The serpent is the most subtle beast of the field.'”

He then addressed himself to his “brethren in the BLM,” stating that he was thankful they did not lose their lives that day.  He asked them to “Please rethink what you do, what you are, and whose interest you should really serve.”

Beginning last week, Infowars provided extensive and continuous coverage of the standoff between the Bundy family and BLM agents, who called in heavily-armed rangers, apparently from out-of-state, to assist in the “cattle gather.”  In confrontations over that week, one of Cliven Bundy’s sons, Ammon, was tasered several times; a Bundy daughter and cancer survivor were each thrown to the ground; a pregnant woman was reportedly threatened with a dog from the Rangers’ K9 unit; and another Bundy son was arrested for taking video of the agents with his cell phone.

The BLM agents had set up “First Amendment” zones to contain protesters which were not observed by the people gathered on scene.

On April 11, Infowars broke the news that Nevada Sen. Harry Reid and his son Rory have been involved in arranging for a sale of Nevada land, which includes the area of Bundy’s “trespass cattle,” to a Chinese company, which intends to build solar energy panels.  Lee Ann McAdoo of Infowars reported that Bundy’s ranch “just so happens to be the exact location where they want to put those solar panels.”

McAdoo reported that the BLM, which is led by a former Reid senior adviser confirmed by the U.S. Senate just last week, removed postings from its website which referred to Bundy’s “trespass cattle” and the use of the land.  Later in the video, Alex Jones said that Reid is “a kingpin” in Nevada and read from hard copies of previous articles from various sources announcing the planned construction of the solar plant.  Jones said that Bundy had refused to sell his swath of land and is the “last rancher standing” after dozens were “bought out.”

Jones said that Bundy has the “rights” to the land without question.  “This is happening all over America,” he said.

McAdoo reminded the audience that the federal government has invoked the purpose of protecting the “desert tortoise” as its reason for taking control of the land when, in fact, the issue is advancing “Agenda 21,” which seeks to move people into metropolitan areas and set aside rural and suburban land tracts under the guise of “open space” and “sustainability,” a term used by the BLM on its website.

Turning to the topic of “militia,” at 9:06, Jones mentioned the Hutaree militia in Michigan, which he said were framed “by feds” into appearing to have planned “terrorism.”  A federal judge rejected the charges against the Hutaree members, two of whom are now suing a Michigan State Police officer and three FBI agents for “reckless disregard for the rights.”

Jones said that he is a member of his local militia.

Since 2009, the Obama regime has targeted veterans, members of “the Patriot Movement,” Tea Party members, Second-Amendment supporters, Christians, and home-schoolers as potential “domestic terrorists” while welcoming practicing Muslims, who could be breeding radical ideology leading to violence.

On April 20, 2010, a false flag event was contrived by Obama operatives in Monroe County, TN, when the media was told that members of “eight or nine militias” were planning to arrive at the courthouse for a hearing involving CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), who had attempted a citizen’s arrest on the grand jury foreman after exposing the corruption within the Monroe County judiciary.

Navy veteran Darren Huff traveled to Madisonville early that morning with his legally-owned firearms and a passenger.  On the way, he was stopped by Tennessee Highway Patrolmen, who claimed that he ran through a stop sign.  They asked to search his truck, which Huff declined, because the officers did not have a warrant and Huff stated that it would be a violation of his Fourth Amendment rights.  When one of the officers suggested that Huff lock up his firearms when he arrived in town, Huff locked them in the toolbox attached to the back of his truck while the officers observed.

Upon arriving in Madisonville, Huff, his passenger, and a friend, Bill Looman, who he met there and with whom he spent the rest of the day, observed at least 100 law enforcement officers from Monroe and other counties; FBI and TBI agents; a SWAT team and sniper team on the roof of the courthouse; bomb-sniffing dogs, which searched Huff’s truck and came up with nothing; and local police patrolling the area, all heavily-armed.

“It was the tensest day we ever had,” District Attorney General Steve Bebb told the media of the “frightening standoff.”  But there were no militia members present; no one was seen carrying a firearm in town that day; there were no arrests made; and the media showed no photos of any problems between law enforcement and people gathered to observe Fitzpatrick’s hearing.

Officers armed with assault rifles barred most would-be observers from entering the courtroom, and like many, Huff and Looman went to Donna’s Cafe to have breakfast while Fitzpatrick’s hearing ensued.  There were local police in the restaurant and no confrontations noted.  Ten days later, however, Huff was arrested for allegedly “planning” to “take over the courthouse,” even though his guns had been locked in his truck and he was not in the location where the FBI agent’s affidavit said he was.

Huff has now served three years of a four-year prison sentence for a crime that “never happened.”  Other individuals in Madisonville that day have stated that if Huff had not locked away his firearms during the traffic stop before arriving in town, he would have been shot dead by the sniper team upon exiting his truck.

Fitzpatrick was arrested again on March 18, 2014 after attempting to submit evidence of criminal conduct on numerous occasions to the McMinn County grand jury involving its then-foreman, Jeff Cunningham, who was hand-picked by Judge Amy Reedy.  Judges in Tennessee routinely choose someone they know to serve as grand jury foreman, and the foreman in return serves the desires of the judge, sometimes for decades.  Last fall, the Tennessee deputy attorney general argued in a court brief that judges’ choosing of foremen is not a conflict, is perfectly legal, and therefore makes the foreman “not a juror.”

However, Monroe County charged Fitzpatrick with “intimidating a juror” when it accused him of “riot” and other violations when he attempted a citizen’s arrest of the grand jury foreman, Gary Pettway.  Fitzpatrick has been jailed six times over charges stemming from his original exposure of grand jury corruption.  Local media refuses to investigate all sides of the matter and continues its inaccurate reporting of what actually occurred.  The Post & Email’s communications to reporters in Monroe County have never been answered.

Both Fitzpatrick and Huff have been labeled “right-wing extremists” and “Sovereign Citizens” by the FBI and a law enforcement training program which the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) assisted in writing.  The SPLC’s slogan is “Keeping an eye on the radical right.”  On its website, the SPLC has pages which inaccurately describe why Huff and Fitzpatrick were in Madisonville on April 1, 2010 for the citizen’s arrest.  It falsely stated that “Huff was taken into custody by state police in Tennessee before ever reaching his target.”

The SPLC claims that “right-wing” “extremists have transformed Agenda 21 in the public’s mind into a secret plot to impose a totalitarian world government, a nefarious effort to crush freedom in the name of environmentalism…”

Huff was a member of the Georgia militia and Oathkeepers and went to Madisonville on April 20, 2010 to protest the loss of Fifth-Amendment grand juries in Tennessee resulting from judicial corruption and commandeering.

“It’s going to take large numbers of people standing up,” Fitzpatrick has said of his efforts to purge the judicial system in eastern Tennessee of its corruption.

“The people have the power when they unite,” Ammon Bundy said on Saturday.

On Monday, radio show host Ben Swann interviewed Sheriff Richard Mack, who went to the Bundy ranch on Saturday and stated on air that “the intelligence reports that we’re getting – and we have very good sources inside both the BLM and Las Vegas Metro – is that there is no question they are not leaving and planning a raid on the family.  If they do that kind of raid, I don’t believe there’s any way that could happen without bloodshed.”

The Bundys have said that they own firearms, and the militia members are also well-armed.  The Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights reads, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Mack said that he observed as many as “800” Bundy supporters at the ranch over the weekend which decreased to about 500 after the cattle were released.  Mack said he has been acquainted with Bundy “for a long time” and that Bundy has appeared at freedom rallies “all over the West” for some years.

The Bundy family has operated the ranch since 1877.  He and Mack have reported that there once were 53 ranchers in Clark County, with Bundy being the sole survivor today.

On April 11, the SPLC reported that “right-wing media outlets…have steadily characterized the Bundy family as heroic patriots standing up to a tyrannical government. A number of far-right pundits have even been urging people to go to the scene in Clark County to make their presence known.”

Mack called the federal agents “ruthless cowards hired by the federal government.” “If they’re told to shoot, they’ll shoot,” he told Swann.  He believes that the apparent BLM retreat is a smokescreen to cause supporters to leave the area, making way for the predicted raid.

The mainstream media has reportedly misrepresented a statement Mack made to Swann about placing women on the front line with the BLM agents, which Mack said “was a tactical ploy that I was trying to get them to use.”  The tactic was not implemented.

At 11:10 a.m. EDT, The Post & Email contacted the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) and spoke with Laura Meltzer, Public Information Officer, who explained that the sheriff is head of the police department over commissioned police officers and corrections officers.  We asked if Gillespie is affiliated in any way with the SPLC, to which Meltzer responded that she would check and respond to us by phone.  Regarding any association with the federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Meltzer said that as sheriff, Gillespie operates a fusion center, which is a joint effort between federal and state agencies to engage in “information-sharing” to promote safety and security in southeastern Nevada.

Regarding Mack’s contention that BLM and LVMPD sources have indicated that “a raid” is being planned on the Bundy property, Meltzer responded, “I have no information whatsoever.”


Update, April 21, 2014, 10:02 p.m. EDT:  The Post & Email has just discovered that Gillespie announced last fall that he would not seek a third term as Clark County Sheriff.


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  1. I keep hearing about “the court”, “court orders”, “court decrees”, and so-on.
    What if the so-called court was bogus? In other words, what if the court was stacked with judges who were predisposed to rule in Harry Reid’s favor, irrespective of the facts? What if this “court” had no Constitutional jurisdiction in the first place?
    Seems to me that these so-called “rulings of the court” is nothing more than window dressing to give the Feds an excuse for whatever actions they have up their sleeves.
    I don’t recognize Harry Reid as a government employee since his election was nothing but a fraud: imagine the electronic voting machines had his name “counted” prior to any vote being cast, which was indeed the case.
    No, I’m not buying into any of what the government says these days. As far as our government and China is concerned, I’d say that China has A LOT of money to spread around these days, especially since their goods imported into our country are, for all practical purposes, 100% tariff free. Nice, if you can get it, and they sure got it: got us over a barrel.
    But the Feds can’t back-down: the “election” of Harry Reid was just a piece of a much larger puzzle that was brokered between “our” government and China.

  2. “God restrained us all,” he said, and the first speaker, who was then off-camera, agreed.


    If you listened to Sheriff Mack’s interview by Ben Swann you will understand that statement. If not this is what Sheriff Mack said @ 1:36 mark, “I went to church Sunday morning and saw that Cliven Bundy was sitting in the back of the church with his guards. He didn’t want to call attention to himself at church.”

    I wept when I heard that, and brought these Psalms to my remembrance.

    With all that was happening at his ranch, this man knew where to go.
    Psalm 121
    I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
    My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth.
    He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber.

    Psalm 146
    5. Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the LORD his God.

    Keep the faith!

  3. What do we really expect from a leader in the U.S. Senate who doesn’t know that his own power is jeopardized in the Constitutional Crisis of an ineligible usurper in his own party?

    I mean we are either talking about being “really dumb” or “really corrupt”?
    Does anyone think Sen. Reid is dumb?

  4. I have called every representative from my State “Texas” to do something about this. They have to remove the teeth from the BLM or there is going to be people killed so Harry Reid can go forth with his Solar deal with the Communist Chinese.

    They have time to put a road block in the way of any further action by the BLM. What has happened here is the BLM went back on its previous deal and began pushing ranchers out to use the property for other uses. Harry Reid and his kin are tied to this deal but references to Harry are being deleted from the BLM website. “Who says government can’t fix website problems?”

  5. This is the result of Harry REid’s abuse of power. He needs to be forcibly removed from office. I have no doubt that he was also involved in the loss of other ranchers’ land. It is as plain as the nose on your face. He is even more disgusting than nbho.