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by Sharon Rondeau

Screenshot from topic where Creg Maroney’s comments were banned on Mark Levin’s Facebook page

(Mar. 30, 2014) — On Saturday evening, a subscriber to The Post & Email, Creg Maroney, reported that comments he made in response to the topic “Another sleazy House GOP leadership maneuver” on the Facebook page of writer and radio show host Mark Levin were censored.

Levin is one of a large number of “conservative” commentators who have never acknowledged the questionable eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama and other presidential candidates.  He has ignored the results of a two-and-one-half-year criminal investigation by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse which declared Obama’s scant documentation fraudulent beyond the standard of probable cause.

At a book-signing event last summer, Levin described himself as “sick of birthers” who are “obsessed” with their belief that the U.S. Constitutiont’s Article II term “natural born Citizen” means a person born in the country to two U.S.-citizen parents, with which many constitutional scholars agree.

Levin’s bio states that he is a “constitutional lawyer” and recipient of the Ronald Reagan award.  In 1976, he founded the Landmark Legal Foundation, whose purpose is “to restore and preserve the legacy the Founders of our Republic bequeathed to all of us more than 237 years ago.”

Obama claims a birth in Hawaii to a U.S.-citizen mother and Kenyan-citizen father, although doubt has been expressed by the posse that that information is accurate.  No hospital in Hawaii has claimed the birth nor erected a plaque in honor of it, and lead investigator Mike Zullo has said that there is no indication that Obama ever lived in Hawaii before the age of five.

Maroney told The Post & Email that he has posted comments previously on Levin’s Facebook page “without being blocked.”

Regarding the fact that he attempted to publish his comment under the heading “Another sleazy House GOP leadership maneuver,” Maroney said, “How ironic when he is also the one with a sleazy maneuver blocking the truth.”

Maroney further explained, “He didn’t block me until I started posting on the ‘posts by others’ page under ‘highlights.’ Something weird occurred while I was posting at the same time he was blocking me, one of my posts is still up but I cant post anymore on his facebook and all the others are gone.”

Maroney provided a list of other comments originally permitted which he said “were getting positive responses and thumbs-up.”  Those comments are:

“Law Enforcement ID’d John Boehner as a suspect in the Obama forgery cover-up.

3/26/2014 – Sheriff Joe Arpaio: New Obama Criminal Evidence About To Be Released:
VIDEO: http://youtu.be/Qwj2tk7Ee9c
Mark Levin, even though forged documents have nothing to do with place of birth, if you’re afraid of being ridiculed by speaking about Barack Obama’s proven forged birth certificate you could easily speak about his proven forged Selective Service Registration Card.
Mark Levin, you are and have been on the wrong side of history in this particular. Just in case you have any questions about the biggest fraud perpetrated against the American people, here is Sheriff Arpaio’s and lead Detective Mike Zullo’s contact information:

MC Sheriff’s Office:
100 West Washington, Suite 1900,
Phoenix, Arizona 85003.
Phone: (602) 876-1801.
Fax: (602) 258-2081.


A two year and ongoing Law Enforcement Investigation proves the biggest fraud in American history is Barack Hussein Obama.
Law Enforcement confirmed Barack Obama’s Selective Service Registration Card and his Birth Certificate are both 100% forgeries in two Press Conferences VIDEO:

Press Conference #1: http://youtu.be/8muZ1Pe9OAo

Press Conference #2: http://youtu.be/alVzyfptF80

The Obama fraud Investigation has been ongoing. A third Press Conference with newly found evidence is set tentatively for some time within the next 30 days. AUDIO:http://youtu.be/yneBmXOBZMo

MCSO Lead Detective Mike Zullo in recent interviews:
(Excerpts)” Felonies have been committed… Persons of interest have been ID’d… Probable Cause exists… Information is iron clad and can not be refuted… When this information is finally exposed to the public it will be Universe shattering… This is beyond the pale of anything you could have ever imagined… The real unmasking of Obama is on it’s way… The Documentation that we now posses is history changing that we will be coming forward with very soon… The Sheriff is deeply involved, fully engaged, and fully invested in this monumental criminal case. “

Law Enforcement: “Barack Obama’s Selective Service Registration Card is a 100% forgery.”
(Released Press conference and evidence video below)
One lawful requirement for Barack Hussein Obama to be employed within the executive branch of the Federal government is that he MUST be registered with Selective Service because he said he was born after December 31, 1959.

“REGISTRATION IS THE LAW. A man who fails to register may, if prosecuted and convicted, face a fine of up to $250,000 and/or a prison term of up to five years. Even if not tried, a man who fails to register with Selective Service before turning age 26 may find that some doors are permanently closed. FEDERAL JOBS. A man must be registered to be eligible for jobs in the Executive Branch of the Federal government and the U.S. Postal Service. Proof of registration is required only for men born after December 31, 1959. Some states have added additional penalties for those who fail to register.” https://www.sss.gov/FSbenefits.htm

A legal law enforcement Investigation has proven beyond a reasonable doubt, “the higher standard,” that Barack Hussein Obama does not have a valid Selective Service Registration Card. Therefore, he is not lawfully eligible to be employed within the executive branch of the Federal government. Here is the evidence video that was released by the Sheriff’s office:  http://youtu.be/CHAM3hRI8_Y

Here is the full Press Conference with the forged Selective Service Registration Card video:  http://youtu.be/8muZ1Pe9OAo


A major announcement from Sheriff Arpaio and possibly the Cold Case Posse is expected in the near future which has been described as “universe shattering” and will reportedly be covered by major media outlets.

Zullo has already revealed that internet operatives working for the regime are employed by DARPA, a division of the Department of Defense, and that a massive propaganda operation has been in effect, presumably to stifle any criticism or questioning of Obama’s actions or statements, and in particular, about his life narrative.  Zullo said that the IP numbers of such operatives “trace back to the White House.”

To date, major media, including “conservative” commentators and radio show hosts, have not broached the topic of the forgeries, with Zullo reporting that some feared for their jobs and safety.  Death threats have been received by alternative media, including this publication, for pursuing the birth certificate and other possibly fraudulent aspects of Obama’s life story.

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  1. Our “House Speaker” looks like he is getting ready to shed tears again. Maybe it’s because he smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day and the price of smoking is killing him in more ways than one. Where has Hillary put our legal Constitutional rights to serve Criminal Presentments against the DNC Organized Crime Syndicate? Can the threatened “Judicial” continue to use her “no standing” clause forever????!!!! Three more years may prove to be forever, especially for those of us who have been trying to serve Criminal Presentments against them now for over 5 years. Yes, folks, you heard it right, that’s over FIVE YEARS NOW!! While Veterans who were and are still illegally arrested/imprisoned or punished in unheard ways no “DNC Controlled Media” has mentioned or focused on any of the Veterans being beat up by Obama’s DNC monkey henchmen. Even the “Fair And Balanced” FOX Fashion Show News has not touched ANY of this, including the great and wondrous Hannity/O’Reilly/Levin/Limbaugh, now all stars of broadcasting selling books/gala meetings/T-shirts/pin wheels and other trinkets while they shudder in fear of losing their “positions” if the “wrong” things are said or mentioned, meaning all the Veterans who have been made scapegoats of this Coup/Usurpation that have been repeatedly arrested/imprisoned/shackled/chained/beaten/tasered/shuffled from one prison to another with no legal trials or voice to represent them. Now, at least CDR. Walter Fitzpatrick is being cared for by Attorney Van Irion Pro Bono as Obama has made sure he has bankrupted Walt and had almost all his retirement money taken away illegally. Harry Butler- ex-Navy SEAL ATP Professional Pilot-attacked by 11 men/drugged/shackled and illegally imprisoned for one year to keep his reports on Obama’s illegal Passports and POTUS, Lt.Col. Lakin Air Force One Flight Surgeon-illegally arrested/imprisoned/career ruined/bankrupted by Obama’s henchmen, Wood from Tampa-Cisco Level 5 Army Reserve-illegally arrested/bankrupted/forced job loss and security clearance illegally taken/career ruined. There are more not listed, all this to protect full blown criminal political activity by the DNC to hide Obama’s illegal “dual citizenship” and Biden/Pelosi’s falsification of Obama’s DNC 2008 Vetting Eligibility Papers to 50 states. Not only is the entire GOVERNMENT a sham and disgrace to America’s citizens but also are all the phony “mike jocks”/artificial celebrities and gypsies that are exploiting and riding the tide of corruption-keeping it going on the edge of truth to milk every penny out of this for their personal gains while blaming and watching the politicians carry the main acts on stage as they parasite off the entire show. They know who they are, I have not and will not buy any of their trinkets, balloons, pinwheels, coffee cups, T-Shirts, Belt Buckles, Iced Tea, Books, CD’s, Ouija Boards, email lists, memberships, shoe laces, etc. If they get on their mics and start naming the beaten/imprisoned/bankrupted/illegally arrested Veteran Heroes who they PURPORT to relish and support and pour their honey on while they make money on them, I will stop seeing them AS JUST THE SAME AS THE POLITICIANS THEY FEVERISHLY REPORT AS CORRUPT/CORRUPTED while they make money and personal gains in a two faced game as they build their personal wealth from the Veterans who suffer every day for standing up for the Constitution. THE “MIKE JOCKS” ARE THE SAME COWARDS THEY REPORT ON WHILE GAMING THE SYSTEM ON THE OTHER END! Sad, but true, their dedication to themselves is more sickening than the the public trustee trash they call out as the criminals. The saddest thing is, we are illegally blocked from serving Criminal Presentments against any of the DNC Criminals as they control the press/media/judicial and cannot get ANY Discovery from the “Controlled Judicial” that is now obviously more corrupted than the lower criminals ordering them to keep their mouths shut. Having taken thousands of hours and dollars in college, tests, passing boards, licensing, etc. and oaths to the Constitution you might think that one judge, maybe ready to retire, might stand up and fight for the Constitution and written law that pays their salaries. One must think again that exposure of anyone could mean exposure of all, so, all remains hush hush, as cowards go. Sacrificing of country and Constitution must mean a lot of paycheck/fear/loss of position ethics that seem to override any logical or patriotic support for their country. Not mind over matter, but money over breaking the written and sworn laws they are supposed to uphold. Isn’t that called “Misprision Of Felony” ??? How do you charge “The Judicial” with that? They control the laws and the system under “Corporate Trust Law”, can you make them follow their sworn oath and law??