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by OPOVV, ©2014

The former Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin was a highly-decorated Army flight surgeon who questioned whether or not the orders he received from Obama were legitimate. Court-martialed, imprisoned, expelled from the Army and denied pay, Lakin is now in private medical practice. In his book, Officer’s Oath, he states that he does not regret having challenged Obama’s eligibility.

(Mar. 19, 2014) — The real-world downside of having an ineligible president is that it doesn’t take much for blackmail: Putin having the goods on Obama, threatening to expose his ineligibility to the Obots of America, gives the Russians a win-win situation in the Ukraine.

it’s possible that the Joint Chiefs of Staff are as much in denial as your average Obama supporter, but I doubt it. I consider them opportunists, people who should know better but are riding the wave for power and money.

As an Honorably Discharged American military veteran, it REALLY disgusts me how the Joint Chiefs of Staff turned their collective backs on one of their own: the Court Martial of LTC Terry Lakin. The message the Joint Chiefs sent was that the military accepts the illegal Muslim immigrant as a viable Commander-in-Chief, no questions asked. Hook, line and sinker, our military is nothing but a shadow of what it once was.

Today’s military follows impossible Rules of Engagement, rules that clearly favor the enemy (Muslims) over the safety and well-being of our troops. Muslims can fire from a mosque but we can’t call in an air strike to Bunker-Bust them. The same goes if we take fire from a cemetery or a private home. We are not allowed to fire on someone who is clearly planting a roadside bomb. Our military commanders are getting our troops maimed and killed, year after year.

The joke is on us. Abu Ghraib wasn’t “torture.” Torture is being hog-tied and having your head cut off, but I guess I’m an Old Geezer and just don’t understand how wars are fought anymore. In my day, it was “Kill them all and make it back for a cold one.” Does anyone have a problem with that?

So we have a Muslim president who gets our troops maimed and killed, and for what? Lakin asked to see a for-real legal Birth Certificate of his Commander-in-Chief, a reasonable request. So what’s to hide? And why? Maybe because Obama isn’t REALLY eligible; agreed?

So today my stomach turned and churned when I saw some of our troops accepting some Hershey Bars (medals) from the usurper. How disgusting. Hey, Stupid, Obama isn’t the president, or is it all just too complicated for you idiots?

So those who took part in the Medal of Honor ceremony yesterday, you disgraced yourself, our country and her Constitution. You accepted our nation’s highest honor from one who is out to destroy the USA and Israel. You, you who took part, are accessories to the overthrow of this country. You have allowed yourselves to be used as mere pawns for a stupid photo-op, thereby tacitly giving credence to Obama’s purported legitimacy. Fools, one and all. It’s people like you, and all the other Obots and traitors, who are killing this country.

You want to know what honor looks like? Just look at LTC Terry Lakin, a person who wouldn’t give the time of day to the person from whom you accepted a medal. Oh, sure, feel proud. Bunch of jerks. You don’t get any respect from me, or any other veteran who honors his or her Oath to the Constitution.

Okay, maybe you deserved the honor, but to accept it from Obama was too much, over the edge, in bad taste, and you shouldn’t have done it.

Semper Fi,


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  1. Good article! Prior to and during the “TRIAL” I had contact with the JCS, the Prosecutor, the Defense and many others. I tried to shame them into doing the right thing. They have no shame.

    It was pointed out to them how they were violating the UCMJ and that they should consider future responses to their actions. As usual, no responses.

    As with Paul Broun and others, I will be happy to testify and document their knowledge of the crimes they committed should I be called to do so.

    Semper Fi

  2. Thank you, OPOVV. My stomach turned also when I heard about the Medal of Honor ceremony yesterday. You put into words the disgust we feel for the fraud-in-chief and how he has so many sheeple fooled. The joint chiefs are especially contemptible because they are the very ones that have bought into the obama deceit and support his ongoing effort to destroy our military and ultimately put us all into bondage and ensure their positions at the top. They have NO HONOR. NO HONOR WHATSOEVER.

  3. In my mind, and I hope in many more, Terry Lakin is the one deserving the Medal of Honor – he clearly did what no other in the military had the balls to do. I can honestly say this because I and 17 others were nominated by the So. VietNamese government’s equivalent of the Medal (what they called their Courageous Service Medal) and were told we could not accept it for “political reasons”.

  4. THANK YOU OPOVV. I was disgusted as well when I heard O talk about Honor, Dignity and Sacrifice at the ceremony on the radio. Just what the heck would he know about all that? He had about as much sincerety in his voice as a wet mop.

    When will our military wake up to this surreal and nightmarish fraud? I have had just about enough.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I like the comparison to the wet mop!

  5. Thank you, OPOVV, for this post and your insight.

    One wonders what will become of all the executive orders, nominations (Supreme Court for example), the medals, the commendations, etc etc ad infinitum signed by Our Royal “high”ness.

    Are Sotomayor and Kagan OUT?

    Should they even be opining on issues related to eligibility, natural born status, etc?

    Lakin will be held high as a national hero in the likes of George Washington and Paul Revere very soon.

    But what of the pieces of a broken “pResidency?”

    Many of The Post Email readers ask ourselves how one sorts out the LEGAL LEGACY of the USA during the Soetoro Era and all the Phony, Deceitful and INELIGIBLE acts carried out under the veneer of a Faux-Presidency?

    Or do all of Soetoro’s signatures on all kinds of documents and orders stand?

    What does the Military do if it is determined that O is either NOT “Natural Born,” “parading around under an assumed identity,” or worse?

    So much is a riddle.

    Perhaps someone could pen an essay based on how the Constitution would be the safeguard from Chaos fomented by a falsely accredited executive branch.

    After all becomes part of the canon of US HISTORY, school children and college students will scrutinize every action which was taken to abide by the Constitution.