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by OPOVV, ©2014

Is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) knowingly allowing radical Islamists with evil intent into the country?

(Feb. 22, 2014) — The house lights dim. An actor steps out from stage left with a small spotlight on him and addresses the audience.

“Really, now, if it’s no harm to them or their family, what do they care? What do the employees of the FBI, for instance, care about you, as a person, and you, as a citizen blessed with the Civil Rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

“I conducted an informal study of how many hours a day a government employee spends on doing the job for which he was hired compared to thinking and/or discussing the wide subject of ‘pension’ with fellow employees. It turns out that the average government employee spends 45 minutes a day on the job and the other 7 hours and 15 minutes on the subject of their own or fellow employees’ pensions. I asked someone about that and he said that a government paycheck is welfare that you got to ‘show-up to collect.’”

“Only government employees believe that 9-11 was not a preventable attack. The rest of us figure out, during the last 14 CENTURIES (1,400 years!), that the job of a Muslim, his reason for being, is to kill Infidels. That’s it. That’s the whole political philosophy of Islam in a nutshell of two words: kill Infidels.”

The curtain rises on a stage set as an airport terminal, immigration section, as the orator exits stage right. We see a group of 30 Muslims arriving from stage left carrying what at first appears to be skis and ski poles but, upon closer inspection, are actually RPG’s, mortar tubes and rifles.

Immigration Officer: “Welcome to America. Please form a line and we’ll process you as quickly as possible. My assistant is Miss June, who represents the Office of Homeland Security. Pardon me? You don’t want a woman present while you enter America? Well, that’s alright. Miss June, will you please take your break now?”

Miss June exits stage right. One of the Muslim men, dressed as if he just came out of an Afghan terrorist training camp, steps forward and says, “Enough! We are here for political asylum. They are trying to kill us!”

Immigration Officer: “Political asylum will work. Who is trying to kill you?”

Muslim Leader: “You are! How do you say, ‘Uncle Sam?’ That is right, yes?”

Immigration Officer: “Yes, Uncle Sam is correct. So, you say that you fear for your life. Why do you think that Uncle Sam is trying to kill you all?”

Muslim Leader: “As you plainly can see with your own eyes, we are peaceful and misunderstood peoples. We love to ski. We ski everywhere. We bring our skis with us, no? So you can see, we want to go to a safe place, not like the ski camps we had to leave behind.”

Immigration Officer: “I didn’t know Afghanistan was known for its great skiing.”

Muslim Leader: “Always! We are a great nation of great skiers! Always is so! Didn’t you know that we invented skiing?”

Immigration Officer: “Invented skiing? I thought the Vikings had a hand in that.”

Muslim Leader: “You mistaken. Look, we are like the Jamaicans who bobsled. Jamaicans invented the sport, did you know that? Yes. Their mountains once had snow until the Cubans stole it all for their rum drinks. Enough talking small; time for talking large: we need a place for a new ski camp, yes? Somewhere without prying eyes so we can ski without fear of embarrassment, without cameras and reporters snooping around; is that okay with you? Will this ’Uncle Sam’ then leave us alone, you think?”

Immigration Officer: “Sounds good to me, although I didn’t know the Cubans stole the Jamaicans’ snow and ice. Sure you’re welcomed, and I’ll send a note to our FBI to leave you alone so you can study and train in peace and quiet. I must say, though, some of your skis look a lot like weapons.”

Muslim Leader: “Thank you, thank you. We want to go to Texas and everywhere. And, what you think, we go around and advertise we are experts of skiing? No, no, we go camouflaged so no one will notice us. A Muslim walking around with skis would arouse suspicion, would it not? Yes, so we go disguised.”

Immigration Officer: “Very clever, your disguise. And it works. I must say you had me fooled. That’s right, just walk on by.”

The Muslims exit stage right as a few of the cases rip and AK-47’s fall to the floor, along with a few RPG’s. The Muslims stand and stare at the weapons until the Muslim Leader starts to point and laugh. Soon, everyone is pointing and laughing, including the immigration Officer as the curtain lowers.

The orator enters from stage right and addresses the audience.

“And that’s what happened and why we have at least 36 Islamic terrorist training camps throughout the United States, all in full Jihad training mode, 24-7, while our FBI and Homeland Security take orders from the head Muslim, Obama, to leave the displaced Afghan terrorist training camps alone; off limits. And that’s exactly what good little soldiers do: follow orders, even to the extent of following illegal orders.”

“This play is hereby concluded.”


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  1. The muslim brotherhood is a self declared enemy of the United States according to their “Explanatory Memorandum” published May 19,1991, discovered by the FBI, and entered into testimony as Exhibit 3-85 during the Holy Land Foundation trials. The muslim brotherhood are enemies of the United States by their admission.
    A key element of the crime of treason as defined in Art. III, Sec.3. pp1 is “. . . adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” http://www.investigativeproject.org/document/id/20
    Obama employes members of the muslim brotherhood, encourages and supports their proliferation, allows them to purchase serious military material’, and gives them monetary support.
    Obama is guilty of the crime of treason.
    What two good men and true, duly elected representatives of We the People will bring these charges against Obama? Note that it must be congressmen because the grand juries are blocked to the citizens by the attorney gate keepers on the federal and local level.