“Betrayed” Congressional Hearing Scheduled!


from the U.S. Patriots Union (USPU) and North American Law Center (NALC)

The U.S. Patriots Union was formed in September 2010 by Timothy Joseph Harrington and JB Williams

(Feb. 22, 2014) — ALL MEMBERS & DONORS,

Yesterday, we received word that an initial investigative hearing has been schedule for next Thursday, February 27, 2014.

The hearing will be held in the House Government Oversight Committee chaired by Rep. Issa, the same committee that has been investigating Benghazi.

Billy and Karen Vaughn will be present at the hearing and NALC is submitting questions for the hearing. We do not yet know the time of the hearing, but we expect the hearing to last most of the day.

CONTACT YOUR COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVES and demand a full investigation be opened as a result of this preliminary hearing.

It is our understanding that the hearing will be televised on CSPAN. We will update this information as soon as we know more…

The “Betrayed” book and strategy is gaining significant ground. Former House Rep. Allen West is now helping HERE. Breitbart ran a piece by Billy and Karen HERE and Townhall, WND, American Thinker and others ran follow-up pieces.

The North American Law Center was launched last year to defend liberty and constitutional rights


Thanks to ALL of you who continue to support these vital missions and our commitment to holding people accountable for the wrongful death of so many of our brave soldiers.

Please DONATE to keep our missions on track! Without your support, we can’t accomplish any of our goals.


Editor’s Note:  More information on the book “Betrayed” can be found here.  The Gateway Pundit reported on Extortion 17, about which “Betrayed” was written, here.

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