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by Sharon Rondeau

On December 14, 2012, six educators and 20 first-graders were reported slaughtered at the Sandy Hook Elementary School by gunfire from an intruder who allegedly shot his way through the security glass at the front of the school

(Feb. 20, 2014) — An interview with Mr. Wolfgang Halbig of American Free Press on the Sandy Hook Elementary School incident has become widely-viewed on the internet since its release on February 11.  During the interview, Halbig, who said he has worked as an educator, law enforcement officer, Border Patrol agent, and national school safety trainer, posed many questions which he said have not been answered by the Connecticut State Police and Newtown Public Schools, among other entities.

Halbig said that “There are some missing pieces” in regard to the shooting, that the investigation was mishandled, and that none of his numerous Freedom of Information requests has received a response from the Connecticut State Police, New Haven FBI, and Newtown Board of Education.

On Sunday, Chuck Smith and Lorri Anderson of PANDA Radio were scheduled to interview Halbig, but the platform on which it was to be conducted, Blog Talk Radio, reportedly was cyber-attacked, and the show could not go forward at the last minute.  Smith and Anderson therefore launched a new platform which had been in the latter stages of development, “We Resisters Radio.”

Upon opening the show, Smith announced that he was “suddenly” unable to reach Halbig and was very concerned for his safety and well-being.

On Thursday morning, after listening to the AFP interview in its entirety, The Post & Email attempted to reach Halbig at the number we believed he stated, 352-729-3559, but it was a non-working number.  We then tried 352-729-2559, as appeared in a private email with Halbig’s name, but that led to a Florida business.

We contacted Smith to see if he was able to reach Halbig at all between last night and this morning and are awaiting his response.

At approximately 10:57 a.m. EST, The Post & Email contacted the Connecticut State Police and asked for the media contact.  We first were transferred to a woman named Kathleen and, after posing our question, to Lt. Paul Vance, the official spokesman of the department.

When we asked Vance if Halbig’s claim of having been intimidated by two “police officers” at his home were accurate, Vance first said, “I don’t know what he’s referring to…”  He then said that “many” of the questions Halbig asked are answered in the online report on Sandy Hook, indicating that he was familiar with Halbig’s claims.

Specifically addressing Halbig’s claim that the allegedly deceased were not “properly pronounced,” Vance said that there were “26 homicides” and that “people were properly pronounced [dead],” which refuted Halbig’s claim that the pronouncements were not made by the medical examiner as state law requires.

Vance told us that he believes Halbig “is not very familiar” with police procedures.

When we asked Vance if Halbig was “discredited,” Vance responded, “We wouldn’t discredit anyone looking for facts.”  We then asked if the Connecticut State Police asked two law enforcement officers from Lake County, FL to pay Halbig a visit, to which Vance said, “No.”

When we asked Vance if the FBI report is “still classified,” as Halbig claimed, Vance said, “I don’t know; you’d have to check with the FBI.”

The report completed by State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky can be found here:  Sandy_Hook_Final_Report

Approximately 15 minutes into the We Resisters show, Halbig called in for his scheduled appearance.

At 11:43 a.m. EST, The Post & Email contacted the New Haven, CT FBI and asked for the media contact.  We were transferred to Ken Curtin’s extension and left a voice message asking if the FBI’s Sandy Hook report has been completed and if so, if it was designated as “classified.”

At 22:10 in his interview with Anderson, Halbig stated that within a week of the reported shooting, the media put out “misinformation” and failed to “get their script right.”

He stated that none of the families who lost a member filed lawsuits against the school district or state, although there was one lawsuit which was withdrawn.

Halbig has also provided an interview to the Memory Hole Blog run by Prof. James F. Tracy of Florida Atlantic University, who was severely criticized for suggesting that inconsistencies existed in the Sandy Hook narrative.  A letter allegedly written by Halbig directly accuses Vance and Newtown Police Chief Michael Kehoe.

A second guest on the We Resisters show (35:40) claimed that he was threatened after asking questions of the Connecticut State Police one week after the shooting allegedly took place.  He said he found “unbelievable corruption” in the investigation when he could not obtain a response to his question of which company provided biohazard removal following the alleged slaughter.  Halbig stated that he had asked the same question with the same response.

At 39:17, Halbig said that the New Haven FBI designated the report “classified,” a move which he said he “has never seen” before.  At 63:34, Halbig stated that he believes that the Sandy Hook Elementary School, built in 1956, was scheduled to be torn down and that the incident was “planned for two and a half years.”

Glenn Beck’s website “The Blaze” ridiculed those expressing doubt or asking questions about the immediate Sandy Hook story, as it has those who doubt Barack Obama’s life story or the authenticity of his long-form birth certificate which has been deemed a “computer-generated forgery” by a law enforcement investigation.

Many perceived that Obama used the incident to turn public opinion against Second Amendment rights.  There appeared to some to be a lack of real grief following the alleged atrocity.  Anderson reminded the audience that Eric Holder traveled to New Haven six days afterward to speak to law enforcement about “Project Longevity,” which combines “new resources” and “fresh perspective” in fighting crime involving federal and state authorities working together.  Project Longevity had been announced on November 27, 2012, slightly more than two weeks before the shooting, aimed at combating “gang and gun violence in Connecticut’s Cities.”

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  1. Sharon is anybody doing a investigation on this? Anybody with half a brain can tell this was nothing but a lie. I’m not much on conspiracy,but something is very,very wrong here.A first grader could see that. This can, NOT be swept under the rug again! Where is all the honesty gone in our government? Will we have to wait until Holder is out of office,before we can get a true investigation to look at this and other False Flag? If they can get away with something has laughable has this is,then we are in a lot of trouble!

  2. I follow the Memory Hole blog and the great discussions there. There are some brilliant thinkers there. Last year a woman posted that she called Newton PTB to ask who was given the job to cleanup the blood and she was transferred to Lt. Vance who said “what blood” when she asked who did the cleanup. If you really want to learn ALL the problems with the official SH story, take the time to read through everything on SH at the Memory Hole. To date, there is NO evidence, NO evidence at all that anyone died there. Repeat, NO evidence- just that you are told what happened and you are just supposed to swallow the hogwash.

    Glenn Beck?? Phhhtttt.

    1. Exactly! It was another “False Flag!” Not only the low information voters drank the Kool-Aide on that one. Another PM= Perception Management by TPTB. Watch for the next FF coming our way.

      I concur with you on Glenn Beck!