Is There Something Amiss with the Sandy Hook Narrative?

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by Sharon Rondeau

How was Obama able to smile and sit for photo-ops with the survivors of the Sandy Hook debacle but appear serious in other situations?

(Jan. 3, 2013) —[Editor's Note:  This article is not recommended for children due to some graphic content, primarily contained in linked material.]

Two days after a reported horrific attack on first-graders and faculty in a Connecticut elementary school, Obama is said to be holding the granddaughter of the slain principal, with the child’s mother claiming that she is even more proud of the feat than her deceased mother would have been.

Dawn Hochsprung was the 47-year-old principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, where on December 14, 2012, an alleged lone shooter forced his way into the school and killed 26 staff and children, including Hochsprung.

Did the alleged daughter of the principal mean “proud” of her mother who was killed, or of her baby daughter, who Obama is supposedly holding?

Is this the manner in which grieving people react?  Was Obama’s visit a time for socializing and smiling after 26 people were allegedly murdered?

Is it possible that the event was staged?  Why did parents of those allegedly killed address the public and grand interviews within days of the horrific event which has reportedly caused 15 police officers to be unable to return to work?

Is the grief real or nor?  According to a group of psychologists, there are five stages of grieving upon losing a loved one, one of which is anger.

Would parents have actually contacted the media afterward?  Would a shocked, grieving daughter react in this way?

After the shootings were reported by the mainstream media, “gun control” catapulted to a top priority in the Obama regime with one-sided coverage.

Could those lauded as heroes be alive today if there had been better security at the school?  Did satanism play a part in the perpetrator’s unthinkable act?  What kind of evidence have the Connecticut State Police found?

After launching an investigation into the failed Fast & Furious gunrunning program, Rep. Darrell Issa had stated that Eric Holder’s intent had been to turn Americans against gun ownership.  On March 26, 2009, Holder had stated that he wanted an assault weapons ban in place following violence committed by Mexican drug cartels.

Is that what inspired Fast & Furious?  Has this always been Holder’s goal – and to do it by “brainwashing?”

There is already ample evidence that the government has carried out false flag operations to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens.  They took Darren Huff’s.

Was Sandy Hook conceived as, or did it become, a propaganda tool?  Is Obama capable of feeling “grief?”

Was the media conducting interviews at an appropriate time?  Was this an opportune time to talk about Obama?  How could Katie Couric possibly ask the Parkers whether or not they are angry with the perpetrator?

Was Obama’s visit to Newtown on December 16 a time to smile and pose for photo-ops?  During a time of unimaginable grief, why all the smiles?

Are the “gun grabbers going for broke” now?

Professional law enforcers are asking for details about what really happened at Sandy Hook.  Initial reports stated that the perpetrator’s brother was the shooter, that his girlfriend was “missing in New Jersey,” and that a rifle was found in the trunk of the perpetrator’s car.  Later stories negated those claims.

How did the Associated Press get it so wrong?  Why are affidavits related to the investigation sealed?  And why is school nurse Sally Cox calm and smiling as she describes the event?

First it was reported that the day before the violence, the perpetrator had had “an altercation” with four people and that his mother had been a teacher there.  That story was later refuted.  Then a resident of Newtown said that Nancy Lanza had volunteered in the school last year, working with kindergarteners who were first-graders this year.

Is analysis of the perpetrator’s DNA a smokescreen?

According to The Newtown Patch, parents did not actually see their children following the shootings.

Did a five-year-old have a premonition of what was to come?

On December 31, radio host Michael Savage related that he was “starting to wonder” if the perpetrator had been “brainwashed” to commit the crime in order to eviscerate Second Amendment rights.  “Obama and his minions have declared war on America,” he said.  “They’ve declared war on our Constitution.”

Savage added, “When will they ban God from America?”  Is that already under way with the Daughters of the American Revolution?

Could Sandy Hook be part of a master plan?  What other “fundamental” item about America does Obama plan to change?  Residents of Newtown have been quoted as advocating “changing the law.”  Connecticut already has an assault weapons ban.

Who made death threats against an attorney representing a survivor of the attack?

Since Sandy Hook, public opinion, which Obama said he needs to change gun laws, has shifted against firearms ownership.

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