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(Feb. 16, 2014) — [Editor’s Note:  On Sunday afternoon, founder of WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com and radio show host Mike Volin told The Post & Email exclusively that Geir Smith has joined WOBC as a writer on the Cold Case Posse’s investigation of Obama’s long-form birth certificate.

Smith is a writer at the popular website beforeitsnews.com and also uses the alias King of Shambhala.

Smith will be a guest on Volin’s next WOBC radio show, which will take place on either Monday, February 24 or Tuesday, February 25.  The Post & Email will announce a firm date as soon as it is scheduled and has agreed to appear as a guest on the show at Smith’s request.

“He’s under attack by the Obots,” Volin told us of Smith.  Now he’s written an article about the Obots and the fact that it’s been so quiet.  It’s a short article, but it gets right to the point.”  “Obots” are ideological Obama supporters who have trolled the internet for at least five years to silence criticism of and investigation into the background of Barack Hussein Obama, often spreading disinformation.

Volin was referring to a declaration made by Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo on Carl Gallups’ radio show, “Freedom Friday,” in which Zullo said that at least one of the Obots, identified in Smith’s piece today as “RC,” has an IP number which has been identified as “DOD’s DARPA disinformation department.”

In reviewing the audio of Zullo’s interview, The Post & Email observes that Zullo did not definitely say that “RC” is the Obot who works for DARPA, but that the investigation has identified at least one Obot who does (beginning at 15:06 in the audio clip).

“RC” hosts a radio show on Tuesday evenings entitled “RC Radio” which has the same apparent goals as the internet-trolling Obots:  to silence those reporting on the forgery of the long-form birth certificate posted on the White House website since April 27, 2011.

On March 1, 2012, Zullo and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that the birth certificate image and Obama’s Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries” which did not have their origins in real paper documents.  A second press conference on July 17, 2012 detailed how the posse arrived at its conclusions regarding the birth certificate image, including Zullo’s trip to Hawaii to interview former Hawaii Department of Health registrar, Verna K. Lee.

Volin said he will have has two more breaking stories in the near future to be published by The Post & Email at the proper time.

Zullo has stated that a “universe-shattering” announcement is expected next month, with a possible second press conference following at an as-yet undetermined time.

The following is Smith’s article:]

Obama’s Obots have disappeared overnight. Where are they?

On Carl Gallup’s Freedom Friday radio show, Mike Zullo said they’ve traced the IP address of “RC” to DOD’s DARPA disinformation department.

The Obots have gone eerily silent ever since. Why?

Mike Zullo’s intent in revealing that information was not to silence the Obots but to tell the public that a concrete step had been made in the investigation and even more than that.

He said that a second criminal investigation surrounding Obama’s birth certificate has been started. That’s an explosive, hair-raising piece of news.

Maybe it was that, a concrete step to track the IP addresses of Obots and that had led them to the Army and DOD, which had set them fleeing for the exits.

I’ve met up with the same thing in my writing on Internet. I’m a long-time reporter at BeforeItsNews under the aliases of “Geir Smith” and now “King of Shambhala”. I’ve been a target for Obots since Day One, because I’m convinced Obama’s a great evil hiding under a sheep’s clothing. I think Obama’s got some horrid reality brewing which he wants to avoid us discovering.

Obots have trolled me since the beginning because I say things like that a “The Guardian” survey showed that one in eight think Obama’s the Antichrist and that 666 was drawn in Illinois’ Lottery, in Obama’s hometown in Chicago, on the day after his election.

Obots have been determined to troll me to stop me from speaking out. But recently Mike Volin of wheresobamasbirthcertificate.com booked me for a radio show and immediately when I announced it, I also saw the Obots go strangely silent.

They’re like night creatures. They fly for safety as soon as the light of day breaks. Likewise, the Obots flee in panic when the heavy hand of justice rams them.

Joe Arpaio is releasing all his investigation’s results in less than a month, during the month of March. The heavy hand of the law is clamping down on them and they just have a few days left till the curtain comes down for them.

The rats are scuttling for the exits. Or are they regrouping for a last stand?

The problem is that Mike Zullo’s got “proof, proof, proof” as he said on the radio show. Joe Arpaio’s got “stuff” on DOD and Obama.

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  1. After 5 years of study on the multitude of information on Bari Malik Shabazz/Barry Soetoro/Barry Soebarkah/Barrack Hussein Obama/Barrack Hussein Obama III, I have seen all the information available. Martha Trowbridge has done the most research, mining and disclosure of truth and pictures that I have seen. Obama IS “natural born” by his parents both being U.S. Citizens but he is disqualified by being under “dual citizen” status by his Constitutionally required Indonesian citizenship when he attended Jakarta’s Muslim Boys Prep School for 8 years. He returned to the U.S. from Hawaii on a “foreign student scholarship” which the Ayers family also kicked in money for Obama “The DNC Wonder Boy” to finish law college as the rising star. The FATHER was Black Muslim Malcolm X in a relationship with MOTHER Elizabeth Ann Newman in 1959. Both parents were from the Bronx. Elizabeth Ann Newman was recently taken off the FBI Most Wanted List since she was with Bill Ayers in The Weather Underground and bombed the Washington DC Navy Yard Computer building in 1969 and killed LEO’s in her travels also. She is being protected by the Feds and was seen in disguise traveling on Air Force One with Obama on our tax dollars. The GRANDFATHER was Dr. Fred Delano Newman from the Bronx-community organizer/radical Marxist/anti-American Socialist Psychologist who believed in having s*x with his patients for therapy. He lived in a S*x Commune with several other women and couples. He married Obama’s GRANDMOTHER Jackie Salit and they divorced in 1967 but had two children, David and Elizabeth Ann, during their marriage. Jackie was also a community organizer Marxist/Socialist/anti-American. Dr. Newman remarried once after his marriage to Salit. Godless atheists were both grandparents to Obama. The history of Malcolm was not investigated, though it really doesn’t matter. We are under a coup/usurpation planned since the early 60’s and it’s under full throttle at this time. Most Americans have no idea what has already happened and that their Constitutional rights have been obfuscated and Hillary was involved in forcing through threats to the judiciary and their families to not allow “Discovery” on any DNC members as we recently discovered. All cases against the DNC have been given “no standing,” made-up rules and have been illegal and breaks all Constitutional laws but it has worked for almost 6 years now and will bring Pelosi/Biden/Obama to full term. Pelosi and Biden falsified Obama’s 2008 DNC Eligibility Form to 50 states and deleted the eligibility paragraph on 49 papers. Hawaii received the only paper that had the eligibility clause in the paper’s center paragraph-hoping that Hawaii could be used as the birth place. Elizabeth Ann took the pregnancy to Kenya and birthed Obama at Coast Province Hospital there and the long-form COB was available online on American Grand Jury until relentless Obama hackers caused Bob Campbell to shut the site down after 1.5 years. Many people are running around claiming to have all the answers when they have been out there for a long time. http://www.terribletruth.marthatrowbridgeradio.org has revealed most of the truth for several years now. No politician or news agency has acted on any of the Veterans that have been illegally arrested and imprisoned by Obama’s thugs to keep them quiet and out of the press that the DNC controls except The Post & Email that has hammered out the truth for years and is the only publishing that is current and on the money. Sharon does a wonderful job and has been dodging bullets, hackers, threats and other obstacles for years and deserves a medal from all the Veterans she has supported and helped when Obama’s ruthless criminal regime bulldozes its way through the national treasury for record theft, lies and extortion never seen in America. http://www.creepingsharia.wordpress.com and http://www.thejaghunter.wordpress.com are also filled with information on all the above. The tsunami is about to begin from Veterans, citizens and patriots as they push through the envelope of corruption and the web of DNC corruption pushed on America’s citizens and Veterans. Soon there will be more DNC cowards running like rats in the sewers. Pelosi, Biden, Axelrod, Waters, Reid, Hillary, Bill Clinton, Jackson, Sharpton and all the other scum that are members of the American Communist Party in the DNC will be having a different look on their conniving faces. Prison may not be enough for them. Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, Identity Fraud, Murder, Misprision Of Felony, Obfuscation, Social Security Number Fraud, Sabotage Of Military UCMJ, Forced Release Of 200 High Level Military Officers, Illegal Arrest/Imprisonment of Military Veterans standing for the Constitution, Misuse of Power, Overstepping Authority As POTUS, Constitutional Violations – too many to list.

  2. Does anybody know what happened to the lawyer, that was sent to Hawaii to pick up the forged BC? Last I heard she sign into the WH but never signed out! ANYTHING?