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by Sharon Rondeau

After The Post & Email’s publication of an interview with Michigan governor candidate Mark McFarlin, an attendee at a meeting with Donald Trump in April 2011 to discuss Obama’s failure to release his “long-form” birth certificate recalled that Trump had said that a source in Washington, DC had informed him that a forgery would be released in the near future

(Feb. 7, 2014) — On February 5, 2014, The Post & Email published a second interview with Michigan candidate for governor Mark McFarlin, who has challenged Barack Hussein Obama to “duplicate” his obtaining of a certified copy of his long-form birth certificate from the Michigan Vital Records Department at a January 28 press conference.

McFarlin wanted to show that a clear chain of custody existed between the state agency responsible for maintaining vital records and himself after making his request to obtain the certified copy.  During the interview, McFarlin explained that he was not provided with the original paper document nor a copy of it, but rather, a scan of the original which was then stamped by the registrar with a raised seal of authenticity applied.

Conversely, in April 2011, Obama reportedly obtained two certified copies of his long-form birth certificate from the Hawaii Department of Health through an intermediary. A scan of the document reportedly issued by then-Health Department Director Loretta Fuddy to Attorney Judith Corley was posted on the White House website to satisfy concerns that Obama was not constitutionally eligible to hold the office of president which had arisen in 2007 when U.S. media reported that Obama was born in Indonesia.  Previous to 2007, several African newspapers declared Obama “Kenyan-born,” and Obama’s literary agent published a biography stating that he was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”  Later, two months after Obama declared his candidacy for the presidency, the biography was changed to say that Obama was born in Hawaii.

The U.S. Constitution requires the president to be a “natural born Citizen,” which some interpret to mean simply born within the United States. Historically, however, the citizenship of the parents was at least equally important, if not more so, than the child’s birthplace.

McFarlin had mentioned Trump’s call for Obama’s documentation in early 2011 in his interview with The Post & Email and suggested two reasons for Trump’s having gone relatively silent on the matter since then.

An Associated Press story referenced by The Huffington Post about Corley’s trip to Hawaii to allegedly retrieve the certified copies is no longer available.

On March 28, 2011, Trump had said that “facts are emerging” which cast doubt on Obama’s constitutional eligibility to hold the office of president.  On the day of the publication of the long-form image, April 27, 2011, Trump “suggested it should be inspected to ensure its authenticity.”

The long-form image uploaded to the White House server was quickly declared a forgery by experts and confirmed fraudulent by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse on March 1, 2012.

In 2011, Trump had been exploring the idea of declaring himself a candidate for president the following year and challenged Obama to release his long-form birth certificate to prove that he was born in Hawaii as he claimed.  At that time, only the “short-form” Certification of Live Birth had appeared on the internet from an unknown source and was declared a forgery by several analysts.  Later, through then-White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, the Obama regime claimed ownership and responsibility for releasing the image. In 2009, The Post & Email had found that the Hawaii Department of Health would not confirm it issued the document nor that it was authentic.

In the recent interview with McFarlin, The Post & Email mentioned that several citizens “met with Trump in his New York office” to discuss the many questions surrounding Obama’s constitutional eligibility and truthfulness regarding his occupation of the White House.

On April 8, 2011, three citizens had flown from Arizona to New York to meet with Trump after he expressed doubts about Obama’s eligibility to occupy the Oval Office because he had not released the detailed birth certificate known as the “long-form.”  Following our publication of the second McFarlin article, The Post & Email was contacted by one of the three, Mr. Jeff Lichter, who had recalled a vivid detail of the encounter.

Obama claims a birth at Kapiolani Children’s Medical Center on August 4, 1961 which the hospital will not confirm.  Numerous details of Obama’s history are missing or inconsistent, and documents such as passport applications, education records and college application forms have never been released.

Several versions of both the short- and long-form certificates exist on the internet and are filed with the Alabama Supreme Court in a case challenging the state’s Secretary of State as having failed in her duty to properly vet presidential candidates in 2012.  The case contains a 57-page affidavit from Zullo affirming the posse’s conclusions that both birth certificate images bearing Obama’s name are “computer-generated forgeries.”

Trump was excoriated by the mainstream media for questioning Obama’s alleged birth in Hawaii by demanding that he produce proof of his claim.

On January 21, 2014, Reuters reported that Trump is weighing running for president in 2016 while also considering an attempt to unseat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo this November.

Since abandoning his bid for president in 2011, Trump has made public statements that he is not satisfied with the long-form birth certificate posted on the White House website, and just prior to the election, issued a $5,000,000 challenge to Obama to release his college applications which Obama ignored.  At the time, Trump declared in his formal announcement of the challenge, “I’m very honored to have gotten him to release his long-form birth certificate or whatever it may be.”

Trump has recently declared that Speaker of the House John Boehner should form a select committee to investigate the lack of security and inconsistent statements which came from the White House in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the Benghazi, Libya compound which killed four Americans on September 11, 2012.  Boehner has been severely criticized by some members of his own party for failing to take more definitive action on the Obama regime’s lack of “transparency” about the events which led up to the attack, which Obama and his surrogates first characterized as “a protest.”

When Lichter contacted The Post & Email following our publication of the McFarlin interview, he told us, “I mention this in the event either you or Mr. McFarlin want to try to investigate further into a statement that was clearly made by Mr. Trump in that meeting. I clearly remember it and Kelly Townsend has told me that she does also. I remember the words from Mr. Trump’s mouth word for word as follows: ‘My sources in DC are telling me that a fake birth certificate is going to be issued very soon.’ Our meeting was on April 8th, 2011 and as you know, the White House long form was issued on April 27th, some 19 days later.”

Lichter added that “We didn’t inquire as to who told him that; it was just part of the whole general meeting.”

According to Business Insider on April 10, 2011, Trump had “an investigative team” “digging up evidence that President Obama was born in Kenya (or, at least, wasn’t born in Hawaii).”

Those present in the meeting were Arizona State Rep. Carl Seel, former Phoenix Tea Party founder Kelly Townsend, who is now an Arizona state representative; and Lichter.  All three took the same flight to New York for the meeting.  Lichter recalled that after the April 27, 2011 release of Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate, Dr. Jerome Corsi spoke to two combined Tea Party groups in Arizona, after which a petition was circulated for signatures requesting an investigation of Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio based on possible voter disenfranchisement if Obama were not  constitutionally eligibility to hold the office of the presidency.

“The other thing I remember from the meeting was that the Social Security number came up, and they knew at that time that it was fraudulent. They were kind-of making fun of it. [Trump’s assistant] Michael Cohen and Trump said something like, ‘Boy, this guy’s a joke; he has a false Social Security number.'”  I was surprised that they even knew that because that was at the beginning when that was just starting to circulate, when it was coming out with Orly [Taitz] and [Private Investigator] Susan Daniels.”

Lichter related that Townsend wanted Trump to go to Arizona to address the Tea Party groups.  “But the birth certificate was the main thing,” he said.  “It was actually a long shot that we got the meeting, because I didn’t even know they were trying.  At the time, we were running a bill through the Arizona legislature which would have required candidates to prove that they were a ‘natural born Citizen.’   So Carl had tagged on to helping us with that bill.  On his own, he decided to call Trump’s office to ask if Donald Trump would support the bill.  Somehow, from that conversation, between Michael Cohen and him, Cohen said, ‘Well, we can’t come out there to help you with the bill, but you can come here.'”

Lichter continued:

So Carl apparently told Kelly, “We can go to Donald Trump’s office in New York!”  Then I was clued-in on it because I was the one who knew the most about the whole issue, and I was the one who urged Rep. Judy Burges to run that bill.

I remember that the meeting was very pleasant.  We were all very nervous at meeting “The Great Donald.”  He was very accommodating and very human, a very relaxed conversation. We were in there about 20-30 minutes.

Kelly got Trump at the end of the meeting to say he would come to Arizona, although he never did.  That was the point when he was still talking about running for president. In fact, we met with Michael Cohen before we met with Trump in the conference room, which I think is the same conference room that they use for “The Apprentice,” because I recognized the chairs.

We were having a chat in there with Michael Cohen, and he was doing most of the talking.  He talked about his career and how he came to be with Mr. Trump.  He came to talking about his father, who was an immigrant.  That gave me an opportunity to bring up “natural born Citizen.” He told us that when he was born, his dad still wasn’t a citizen; he became a citizen after that.  So I asked him, “Do you realize that you could never run for president (even though Obama got away with it) because of the ‘natural born Citizen’ requirement?” and he said, “Yes, I realize that, and I don’t have any problem with that.”

When we went in to see Mr. Trump – and I don’t remember exactly when it came up, but I remember the comment clearly – Mr. Trump said that “My sources in DC tell me that a fake birth certificate is going to be released.”

The Post & Email asked if Trump and Corsi were in touch, as Corsi had also predicted that a fraudulent document would be released in anticipation of the release of his book, Where’s the Birth Certificate? in mid-May 2011.  Lichter responded, “Corsi thinks it was because of his book, and Trump thinks it was because of the pressure he was putting on.  It could be both.”

Lichter added that he had hoped one or two more experts on the subject of “natural born Citizen” would attend the meeting, which did not materialize.

The Post & Email then asked Lichter, “Did you get the feeling that Mr. Trump had been researching Obama deeply?” to which Lichter replied:

I couldn’t tell.  That’s a great question.  I know he said publicly that he sent people to Hawaii, but I don’t even remember if that came up.  What Mr. Trump was focused on was the grandmother’s tape – Grandma Sarah out of Kenya.  He reiterated a couple of times about that, so I know he heard it.

“When Mr. Trump was focused on the ‘Grandma Sarah’ thing, it gave me the chance to ask him, ‘Are you aware that there are a whole lot of other things out of Kenya besides the Grandma Sarah tape?’ and he said to me, ‘What do you mean?’  So I got to tell him about the Kenyan Parliament meeting when one of the members said Obama was a ‘a son of the soil of this country’ and ‘born here in Kenya.’

“He apparently did not know that, because after I told him, he said, ‘Can you document that for me?’  So I did, after I got home.  I sent him the transcript that’s on the internet.  He never said a word about it afterward, even though he asked for it.

“At another point in the meeting, I got to ask him, ‘It’s great that you’re focusing on the birth certificate and where he was born, but have you ever thought of shifting your concern to whether or not he is a natural born Citizen?’  That’s a different thing altogether.  I brought that up on purpose, because I felt that was the actual reason I was there.  So when I asked him that, he said, ‘Well, what’s your definition of a natural born Citizen?’  I defined it right after he asked me to, and he said, ‘I like what you just said and how you defined it.  Can you send me documentation of where you got all that from?'”

Lichter added, “I did follow up and sent him documentation on both of those things.  I definitely felt it was homework he gave me.”

Shortly after the meeting with the Arizonans, Trump announced that he would not run for president.  Lichter told The Post & Email that he called Cohen “a couple of times” within two months after the meeting but described him as having turned “ice-cold.”

Lichter said that he does not know who Trump’s “DC source” was.  When The Post & Email suggested that it could have been Dr. Corsi, Lichter responded, “The only discrepancy there is that Corsi is not technically based in DC; he works out of New Jersey, although you can understand that Trump might have made an error like that if that is the case.”

During McFarlin’s interview, McFarlin hypothesized that Trump’s ensuing silence on the birth certificate forgery matter could have indicated that Trump knew that the image was a forgery but said nothing in order to “silence people,” or that Trump “or his family were threatened.”  McFarlin believes it is the latter.

As discussed by “Freedom Friday” host Carl Gallups earlier this evening, mainstream journalists have provided sworn affidavits to the Cold Case Posse stating that when they indicated interest in the birth certificate fraud, they were threatened into silence.  Canada Free Press issued a similar report in 2009.

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