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(Feb. 5, 2014) — For immediate release!

Mike Zullo of the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse formed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be on Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups this Friday, Feb 7, 5pm to 7pm Eastern/4pm to 6pm Central time. He will discuss the coming press conference scheduled for March.

Listen live here…
5-7 Eastern… 4-6 Central…

(scheduling subject to change without notice)

To clarify: Mike Zullo will NOT be revealing anything this Friday. He will be confirming the conference scheduled for March as well as discussing peripheral matters but NOTHING will be revealed this Friday. This is a CRIMINAL investigation, not tabloid journalism. It is true, however, that you may learn things you have NEVER heard before which is why you do NOT want to miss this interview on Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups – 4-6 CT/5-7 ET

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  1. We have copies of Eric Muslim Holder in his full Afro Hair while attending Columbia University. He became a felon there when he took over the student lounge at gun point and demanded the college change the name of the lounge to “The Malcolm X Lounge” and the college changed it! How is he qualified to be head of U.S. Law Enforcement? Do you have to be a felon to run for head of Law Enforcement? Do you have to be a Democrat to be head of Law Enforcement? Do you have to be a Black Muslim Felon and friend of Obama to be head of Law Enforcement? Obama is the son of Malcolm X and Elizabeth Ann Newman-1969 bomber of Washington DC Navy Yard with Bill Ayers-she also shot LEO’s on her Weather Underground missions. Recently, Elizabeth Ann was taken off the FBI Most Wanted list and is now being protected by the FEDS and has been seen traveling with Obama in disguise on Air Force One. The “media” has not run stories on Obama’s $35 million dollar retirement mansion in Hawaii that his finance billionaire Democrat Pritzker paid half of for the messiah. All of them have stolen enough money to not worry about retirement, only all the investigation that are coming that may divulge where the money was stashed for latter collection.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: We know Holder participated in the protest, although it is not confirmed that he actually carried a weapon. However, we know that others did.

  2. With respect to gigclick, the GOP is as complicit. Confirming evidence from now diseased high integrity journalists (incl. MI-6 operatives)reveal G.H.W.Shrub as a major player. The two party system is an illusion as we unbiasedly discern the present political structure. The alphabet agencies are not under CONgressional or Presidential authority they are the authority. Hence, the rouge government operating before our eyes.

  3. Arpaio and Zullo are good men. It is fully criminal how the DNC Operatives are running them around attempting to detour anyone planning to expose and prosecute them. There are so many wicked women and men involved in the DNC at this point it’s hard to remember how many there are. This entire DNC Operation for coup and usurptation was planned long ago, in the 60’s matter of fact. We have a large bull by the tail.