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by OPOVV, ©2014

What was the real purpose of instituting Obamacare?

(Feb. 6, 2014) — History

It certainly didn’t happen overnight, the gathering of misfits who would do the voting on passing a law that would, if left unchecked, destroy the “Beacon of Hope for the World.”  This law also goes by the name of “Affordable Health Act” which means, in “Washington-Speak,” it’s not affordable, has nothing to do with “health,” but it is a deplorable act to take total control of the lives of the citizens by severely limiting free choice in, eventually, everything.

Implementing Agent

The IRS has been the government entity tasked with administering Obamacare against an unsuspecting (stupid? ignorant?) population. The IRS: a rogue agency which answers to no one and to nothing: within the IRS, the suspension of the Constitution. A citizen has no legal recourse with which to fight the illegal practices of an agency that has no basis in legality, hence the word “rogue” whenever the IRS is described.

[NOTE: 1913 was a very bad year for our country: we got both the IRS and the Federal Reserve Bank (please at least read the 4th paragraph. Thank you.).]

Obvious Solution

Abolish the IRS. Initiate a nationwide sales tax. No more “Death Tax (Estate Tax)” and no more “Income Tax.” Abolish Obamacare. End of multiple nightmares in one fell swoop.

Enter Dr. Benjamin Carson.

Just hand over the whole mess to this dude and let’s focus on getting our country back.

Logical Steps

Step 1: Tell the United Nations that we are quitting the “Muslim Admiration Society” for good. Give them 30 days to vacate the premises and our country.

Step 2: Bring back the Draft, Boot Camp and the physical/mental requirements the same as during World War II.

Step 3: Gun safety and shooting skills taught in high school. Females graduating issued lightweight .357 Magnum revolvers. ALL women getting a driver’s license must show a loaded gun that she carries in her purse or in a holster.

End Game

And so on, including deporting Muslims and illegal immigrants. The point is to take whatever logical steps are necessary to erase the last five years from the slate of “The Attack on the Constitution.”

An Obot once said that we don’t want to go back to the 1950s. I ask, “Why not?” In the ‘50s there were no “Registered Sex Offenders” living in your neighborhood. No carjacking. When you left for the store you didn’t even bother to lock the door. People spoke English. The Border Patrol actually deported illegal immigrants; imagine that. Americans saved more.

The key to our even having a smidgen of a chance to get our country back starts with ABOLISHING OBAMACARE. And then everything that Obama signed should be nullified, or it really will be:

The End.



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