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by Sharon Rondeau

Cessna Caravan, which is slightly smaller than the “Grand Caravan” which “crashed” on Wednesday, resulting in the reported death of Hawaii Health Department Director Loretta Fuddy

(Dec. 15, 2013) — An Associated Press report on a plane crash which reportedly resulted in the death of Hawaii Department of Health Director Loretta Fuddy contains unexplained inconsistencies.

The accident, which reportedly occurred on Wednesday afternoon Hawaii time, involved a total of nine people, one of whom swam to shore and believed that all of the others would be rescued alive.

According to NBC News, rescuers arrived “quickly.”  The single-engine Cessna Grand Caravan was reportedly the only crash with an aircraft of its kind resulting in a fatality since 1992.

The AP report states that the survivor who reached the shore described the expert skills of the pilot, Clyde Kawasaki, as having made it possible to “avoid what could have been a catastrophic impact on the water.”  However, later in the article, it is stated that “The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the crash and probably won’t have the benefit of examining the plane. The location of the wreckage, combined with wind and wave conditions, likely means it won’t be recovered, NTSB spokesman Eric Weiss said.”

The same statement had been made in articles published after the initial reports on Thursday, when the same AP reporter stated that the airplane “crashed in the ocean off the island of Molokai.”

Coast Guard rescuers were quoted on Friday by the AP as having said that “There was nothing recognizable immediately as aircraft debris, just general debris in the water.  I’m not sure at what point the main body of the aircraft submerged, but it was not present when we got there.”

Repeated portions of AP’s reportage stated that Fuddy was holding the hand of her deputy, Keith Yamamoto, while they floated in the water awaiting rescue.  Yamamoto had reportedly helped Fuddy don a life jacket, perhaps during the time between when the plane’s engine failed and the impact, however hard or soft, occurred.  Yamamoto reportedly tried to “help her relax” until help arrived.

Retired Air Force pilot Field McConnell and host of the Abel Danger radio show believes that “his sister Kristine Marcy has tried to prevent his exposure of her Obama birth-certificate fraud by turning the entire state of Hawaii into a SBA HUBZone surveillance center and equipping the Serco FAA Contract Towers at Molokaai with the Wi-Fi SATCOM devices which she allegedly used to coordinate the 11/12/13 murder of prospective OBC whistleblower, Loretta J. Fuddy, the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health.”

On Thursday, The Los Angeles Times quoted the Honolulu Fire Captain, Terry Seelig, as having stated after the accident that Fuddy, “remained in the fuselage of the plane” and that “It’s always a difficult situation when you’re not able to get everybody out,” which conflicts with the AP reports.

The Times reported in the same article that “Lt. William Juan with the Maui Police Department said that Fuddy’s body had been recovered from the wreckage and that an autopsy would be conducted,” which also contradicts the AP about Fuddy having floated in the water with Yamamoto until she inexplicably released his hand.

While one report said that an autopsy would be conducted on Thursday, others said that it would take place on Friday.

The Times contends that those questioning Obama’s birthplace as anywhere other than Hawaii are “wrong,” and does not include reports from the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse that its more than two-year criminal investigation has confirmed beyond any doubt that the long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website is a “computer-generated forgery.”

Originally, the Obama regime had contended that only a “short-form” Certification of Live Birth without much detail was the only birth record available for its figurehead, Barack Hussein Obama, who has been reported to have been born in Hawaii, Indonesia, and Kenya.

Released on April 27, 2011 after public pressure was exerted, most notably from Donald Trump, experts immediately stated that the long-form birth certificate image was a forgery.  Forbes, without supporting evidence, declared it “the genuine article” while acknowledging that “A few hardcore conspiracy theorists will probably now claim that the newly released document is a forgery.”  The writer continued, “my guess is that instead of admitting they were wrong all along, many birthers will merely shift the attack to question the president’s motives in not requesting a waiver of Health Department policy sooner.”

Fuddy reportedly supervised the copying of the document which the Hawaii Department of Health held in its files bearing Obama’s name.

Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo has been pressing Congress to launch an investigation since last March, when he visited the CPAC convention to reveal his evidence to members of Congress and other “VIPs” in attendance.  Zullo and another individual close to the posse’s investigation have stated that numerous people in Hawaii have participated in a cover-up relating to the forgery.

As of Friday, Zullo stated that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office believes that Fuddy’s death was “a tragic accident” and nothing else.

After Obama allegedly requested the release of his long-form birth certificate in April 2011, Fuddy reportedly wrote a letter responding that state policy would be lifted in order to issue it to his attorney, Judith Corley.

Others have noticed the inconsistent reports of where Fuddy was found after the reported “crash.”

Fuddy was nominated after Dr. Neal Palafox’s nomination was inexplicably withdrawn from consideration, reportedly without his knowledge, during the same time frame in which Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie publicly announced that he would locate Obama’s birth certificate, which he stated just days later he was unable to do.

In May, The Post & Email reported on the outcome of a UIPA request which indicated that Fuddy’s activities performed on behalf of the public were not available for scrutiny.

Information on Fuddy’s autopsy is not available as of press time.

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  1. Just because there is a *report* that Fuddy was on the plane doesn’t mean that she was. It would be a most convenient way to escape further scrutiny to be a reported victim of a plane crash and merely assume life with a stash of cash in another location with another identity. Put NOTHING past these people – and believe nothing that proceeds from the lips of the media and Hawaiian talking heads or government types. Especially Hawaii and its many criminals complicit with the usurpation of the United States executive office/WH are not to be trusted.

  2. Mike Zullo stated words to the effect that at this time–with the information currently available–that he must consider Fuddy’s death nothing more than a tragic accident, and that is simply the reality of the situation until further evidence–such as is being raised with the contradiction in the story wherein on the one hand her assistant claims to have been holding her hand in the water, while on the other hand there is now the report that her body was recovered from the wreckage–comes to light.

    Lieutenant Zullo, commander of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s volunteer Cold-Case Posse was simply assuming the responsible position of a law enforcement agent. Claims of a conspiratorial murder having taken place–which I personally believe is the case–cannot haphazardly be thrown out without any evidence to back them up–most especially by Commander Zullo.
    (Chris Farrell. I don’t know how to change the beginning of my e-mail, unbontir–as my posted name.)

  3. More smoke and mirrors. Obama’s records are being held by DNC Law Firm Perkins Coie in Seattle using a POTUS protection clause that allows a President to use taxpayer’s money to pay for legal protection of his information. Taxpayer’s money has been used to pay that firm over $4 million since they began using this channel to keep Obama’s records from the public. Most of the American pubic have no idea that this was being done to keep Obama’s papers from the public, without their permission. David Axelrod is a big DNC Operative that was involved in setting up this scam, it has made millions for the media and press in constant story changes and has been used to run scrimmage for Obama’s DNC Loyalists while they steal billions in “stimulus and entitlement” monies without taxpayer permission or ability to vote in any manner to stop the misuse of these funds. Hillary was involved in threatening the judicial with others to illegally stop any Criminal Presentments from getting to Discovery in any court in the U.S. Recently, Sharon ran a story exposing the fact that the judicial and some of their families had been threatened if any of them stamped a Criminal Presentment for Discovery to become court cases, thus keeping Obama and any members of the DNC from prosecution. I imagine this is covered under the RICO Act which is also obfuscation, misprision of felony and various other titles under what is left of our law. If the Judicial shuts down, you have no recourse for anything. Traffic tickets, burglary, murders and some terrorism may be getting press in the news but Criminal Presentments on any activity in Obama’s “administration” has been untouched since 2008 as we have been trying to achieve exposure and prosecution since then. I wasn’t until recently that we discovered as we suspected that the judicial was deliberately and illegally ignoring any Criminal Presentments that were attempting to be served after hundreds were going nowhere in any court. Multiple attorneys, military Veterans and others were threatened and military Veterans have been illegally arrested, imprisoned, beaten, tasered, had their careers destroyed, retirement checks cut or taken away, personal belongings taken by Federal Officers and nearly 98% of the public are unaware of any of this since the DNC is controlling the press and what is said or released. The Post & Email is the only media that you will hear the truth on or get enough information to form an understanding of who and what is pulling strings and giving orders. America is under a silent coup and dictatorship and most of the citizens are home drinking beer, watching football and couldn’t care less about what is going on. To add to the confusion, DNC Operatives work 24/7 to hide, cover up, create lawsuits, run teams of hackers on websites, create “gas lighter” reports to create confusion and stress which causes most people to dismiss it all as “just politics” or some other misnomer which releases them from having to do any real study of what has happened. Excuses, lazy patterns, lack of intelligence, “low information voters”, hatred of the government in general have all added to the DNC’s gains in theft, lies, extortion and being able to make a fool of the public by having preplanned all of this years before Pelosi and Biden falsified Obama’s DNC papers in 2008 to make the majority of citizens THINK he was legal and confuse any attempt to expose the illegal processed from the beginning. LTCDR Walt Fitzpatrick was the first to attempt to expose this entire criminal process and stop it from the beginning. He was also the first person to be discriminated against as a Veteran along with Navy SEAL Harry Butler. Both men were illegally arrested, imprisoned and had their careers ruined by Obama’s henchmen. You have to wonder about the Obot Robots that work for the Federal Agencies that have taken oaths that were sent out to carry out these crimes against our Veterans! Did they know what they were doing? Did they care about anything other than their pay checks? Could they care less? Did they care if they were taking orders from an illegal president that was an illegal POTUS by Dual Citizenship status of our Constitution? Did they question any of this? Many LEO’s were also involved and all the above applies. Most of our Federal Agents and LEO’s are very dedicated people that risk their lives almost daily in their duty but where does “Serpico” fit in here? If they see illegal activity, how many would risk their job or careers to report or risk death to bring illegal activity to exposure? How many of those reports of attempts to expose would come fruition? We have seen corruption at the top of this government since it’s beginning but most people only want to hear the good parts. What about all the bad parts? That’s where it gets really interesting which is where we are at right now! If one looks at Pearl Harbor, Custer’s Last Stand and countless other events that involved cover-ups, corruption, kickbacks, payoffs, clandestine operations, there is no end from one border to the next. Without the ability of the people to petition the Judicial against corruption and illegal activity, the people have no access to their CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS AND RIGHTS founded by the founding fathers that wrote laws and protections from Biblical Principles and The Law Of Nations from Vattel to protect us from people like the DNC that have taken over our country while running roughshod over all our laws and money coffers to reap levels of theft and ruination of a free country which has denied its citizens access to a legal Judicial that has been threatened and ordered give “no standing” rules to any attempt to prosecute the DNC and its Criminal Operatives. If they ban football from the cable tv system, maybe we will see some action by the people. HELLO!

    1. Interesting comment about Pearl Harbor. An old WWII friend, who was at a Memorial Day family picnic the year that Pearl Harbor happened, could tell us a thing or two about how much to trust what our government tells us.

      His uncle, in military intelligence, got drunk at the picnic and told the family that the “Japs are gonna attack us at Pearl Harbor on December 7!”

      His wife tried to shush him, but he insisted, “G-d d–n it!I’m tellin’ ya the Japs are gonna attack us on Dec.7th!”

      When Pearl Harbor DID, indeed, happen on that day, the entire family knew their uncle had told them the TRUTH…and that the Government had manipulated events to make them appear quite differently to those who had no drunken uncle to tell them the Truth!

  4. I love it when the government sycophants and criminal miscreants can’t get their stories straight. The problem, however, is that with all the different stories floating around (pun intended) there is possibly no way to determine the truth, and we know for certain the obama administration will never reveal the truth.

    So, what are we left with? We’re left with more mystery and more unprovable assertions from many sources. Truly sad, but this is what happens when the criminals and sociopaths run the government. They always cloud the truth so that the people have no chance of understanding what actually happened.

    I’d like to think the body was recovered, the autopsy will be performed, and the truth will be made known to the public. But I doubt it. Time to simply shut down this outlaw government.

  5. Mike Zullo of the CCP claims that Fuddy’s death was “nothing more than a tragic accident”, which could indicate that Mrs. Fuddy had no knowledge of or involvement in the birth certificate forgery (which I seriously doubt). HOWEVER, even if that IS the case, this criminal White House administration could still have PERCEIVED that she would spill the beans, and therefore had to make sure she did not. I heartily agree…there are just too many coincidences and inconsistencies with this woman’s demise!

    1. I think what Zullo says publicly and what he believes privately may be two different stories. If Zullo were to claim assassination possibilities publicly, without any solid evidence, that would jeopardize his own credibility as an unbiased fraud examiner.

    2. Mr Zullo’s declaration could only be a “pious belief” if no one yet knows the results of the autopsy.

      Wasn’t the assistant who was holding Loretta Fuddy’s hand, allegedly, when she then “released her grasp,” the same who refused to let Attorney Taitz see Miss Fuddy, even though there was a subpoena?

      Zullo may “feel” that it is an “accident,” but there might be “motive” given the assistant’s interference in Hawaii which prevented Taitz and her team from speaking to Miss Fuddy.