Communism Kills


by Sharon Rondeau

North Korea calls itself the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”

(Nov. 12, 2013) — North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un carried out approximately 80 executions in seven cities on November 3.

In one city, the victims were brought to a stadium, where 10,000 people were “forced to watch” the executions, which were carried out by machine gun.

The North Korean regime is communist, meaning that all property and means of production are controlled by the government and political speech forbidden.

Some of those killed allegedly had a Bible in their home or had viewed a film produced by South Korea, which is not communist.

Residents of the cities were “forced to watch the killings.”

Nine of those executed belonged to a North Korean orchestra and were accused of participating in “pornography.”  In August, Jong-Un’s former girlfriend, who was a member of the performing group, was arrested and executed.

Religious freedom is prohibited in communist countries such as North Korea, Cuba, and China.  A “privileged class” reportedly props up the Kim Jung-Un regime.

Hardline leftists in the United States have attempted to expunge any mention of “God” from the public square as evidenced by dozens of court cases.  The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights were written upon the foundation of Judeo-Christian principles.

Umder the Obama regime in the U.S., those expressing “anti-government views” have been falsely imprisoned, forced to take medication, deprived of their income, and defamed in government-produced propaganda programs.  There is speculation that several people have been ordered killed by the Obama political machine, including former Trinity United Church choir director Donald Young, who may have possessed information about Obama’s personal life.

Two prominent journalists, Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings, have died under questionable circumstances.  Breitbart had been poised to release video about Obama’s years at Harvard, while Hastings was reportedly working on a story about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  In 2010, Hastings had interviewed Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who made derogatory comments about Obama and then retired.

The Post & Email has reported on evidence that communism may be gaining ground in the U.S.

A South Korean newspaper reported that “the executions occurred in cities where the communist leadership is attempting to create entities that can earn hard currency and may have been intended to intimidate workers who stray from the regime’s dictatorial social strictures.”

Another offense alleged against some of the victims was “watching foreign films.”

North Koreans committed to prison camps have been tortured and starved to death.  Family members of those accused of crimes are routinely imprisoned, with children born in captivity forced to eat “rodents, lizards and grass” to survive.  Only one such child has been known to have reached adulthood and escaped from a camp.

The United Nations is aware of the reports of North Korean citizens being kept as “beasts of labor.”

Communist countries regularly pump out government propaganda to control their respective populations, including the use of children.

Famine and subsequent fear have been widespread in North Korea, particularly during the 1990s, and again beginning last year.  Instead of solving the food crisis, Jong-Un has spent “vast sums of money” on launching rockets and developing a nuclear program.

Jong-Un has been dictator of North Korea since his father, Kim Jong-Il, died unexpectedly almost two years ago.  Those who were judged not to have mourned openly enough about Jong-Il’s death were sent to prison camps for at least six months.

North Korea calls itself the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

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