Communism Kills

Communism Kills

PUBLIC EXECUTIONS IN NORTH KOREA INTENDED TO TERRORIZE POPULATION by Sharon Rondeau (Nov. 12, 2013) — North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un carried out approximately 80 executions in seven cities on November 3. In one city, the victims were brought to a stadium, where 10,000 people were “forced to watch” the executions, which were carried out by […]

Update: Is the U.S. Prepared for Kim Jong-Un?

Update:  Is the U.S. Prepared for Kim Jong-Un?

“BELLICOSE RHETORIC” COULD BE REAL DANGER by Sharon Rondeau (Apr. 1, 2013) — On Saturday, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un stated that his nation was in “a state of war” with South Korea, which the United States has protected since the end of hostilities in 1953. Jong-Un also threatened to strike the United States, apparently […]

Is the U.S. Becoming Another North Korea?

Is the U.S. Becoming Another North Korea?

FREEDOMS FOR WHICH SO MANY HAVE DIED TO DEFEND ERODED BEFORE OUR EYES by Sharon Rondeau (May 26, 2012) — A 2012 Amnesty International report states that the communist country of North Korea systematically tortures, starves and executes its people without compunction.  There are an estimated 24.6 million inhabitants of the DPRK, or the Democratic […]

Communist by Birth, Corrupt for Life

HAVE OBAMA’S POLICIES BEEN SHAPED BY COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY? by Lonnie B. Collett (May 16, 2012) — It appears that the communist way of life has been drilled into Obama since birth. His father and mother were both influenced by socialism, and his mother’s parents reportedly had communist leanings as well.  Had the majority of American […]

Could Kim Jong-Un Have Been President of the United States?

ACCORDING TO AUTHOR OF CRS MEMOS, “YES” by Creg Maroney (Dec. 23, 2011) — Mr. Jack Maskell titles himself as ” legislative attorney in the American Law Division of Congressional Research Service.” He has sent out more then one memo with half truths trying to manipulate and mislead congress and the citizens of the United States. According to Mr. […]

Change of Plan: Andy Martin to announce Presidential Bid in Concord, NH on December 29

SNOWSTORM CHANGES ANNOUNCEMENT LOCATION FROM CHICAGO TO CONCORD by Sharon Rondeau (Dec. 27, 2010) — A press release from Andy Martin, who has dubbed himself “King of the Birthers” and filed two lawsuits in Hawaii emanating from the Obama eligibility question, had stated that Martin would be announcing a run for the presidency in 2012 […]