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by Sharon Rondeau

Eastern Tennessee, home to the Tenth Judicial District, is known for endemic public corruption and incarceration of the innocent

(Oct. 3, 2013) — A recent article in the Athens, TN Daily Post-Athenian reported that Tenth Judicial District Assistant District Attorney General Paul D. Rush was declared to have committed ethics violations relating to a murder trial dating back to 1999.

The article can be viewed here:   30 SEPTEMBER PAUL RUSH GUILTY OF ETHICS VIOLATIONS

A “petition for discipline” was issued in July of last year against Rush by the Board of Professional Responsibility (BOPR), which is the disciplining body for attorneys and prosecutors in the state of Tennessee.

The Post-Athenian said that “public censure” may ensue but that Rush can appeal the ruling.

The Tenth Judicial District comprises the four counties of Bradley, Polk, McMinn and Monroe.  Widespread corruption including bribery, drug-dealing and manufacturing, and the murder of a Monroe County elections commissioner in 2011 have been attributed to a criminal syndicate among sheriffs, judges, court clerks and personnel, and illegally-serving grand jury foremen who do the judges’ bidding.

The Post & Email has reported extensively on Rush’s actions in the case against Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, which claimed that Fitzpatrick “tampered with government records” from the Monroe County courthouse in December 2011.  Fitzpatrick has attempted on many occasions to report the malfeasance of judges, attorneys, prosecutors, and grand jury members since late 2009, when he filed a criminal complaint of treason against Barack Hussein Obama that the acting grand jury foreman refused to review.

It was subsequently proven that the “foreman” had held the position for 28 years in violation of Tennessee statute.

After his assignment as Fitzpatrick’s accuser, Rush tried to contact Fitzpatrick by telephone on three distinct occasions.

During Fitzpatrick’s hearing last December on the tampering charge, Rush presented the prosecution’s case, but Judge Walter C. Kurtz did not allow Fitzpatrick’s attorney, Van Irion of Knoxville, to present a defense.  A hearing on January 9 to decide whether or not Fitzpatrick would receive a new trial began 45 minutes later than scheduled because Rush had “forgotten” about it.

In August 2012, The Post & Email filed its own ethics complaint against Rush after he attempted to malign its reputation in at least two court hearings, citing our alleged lack of “ethics.”  The BOPR dismissed the complaint without any action.

The recent decision on Rush by the BOPR does not appear to be published on its website in keeping with its policy of keeping complaints “confidential.”

Tennessee prosecutors and judges have been acting in violation of a set of laws passed in 1984 which ordered the criminal courts to reorganize at the district rather than county level.  The laws were never observed, and county criminal courts and grand juries continue to be empaneled.  Fitzpatrick has also shown that in violation of a 2008 statute, members of grand juries and trial juries are not chosen by “automated means” as the law requires.  Jurors also serve consecutive terms in violation of TCA 22-2-214.

In August of last year, The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported that Rush and District Attorney General R. Steven Bebb were under investigation by the Tennessee Attorney General, State Comptroller’s office, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI).  However, in March of this year, the attorney general’s office announced that the probe had found no evidence of criminal conduct.  Rush had been accused of attempting to exert undue influence on the grand jury members to convince them not to issue an indictment.

The Times Free Press has not reported on the corruption within the Tenth Judicial District judiciary, who have been found to commit crimes and violate the civil rights of the citizens they are expected to serve.

A panel of Tennessee House and Senate members has conducted its own “pseudo grand jury” investigation into Bebb’s conduct and reportedly is considering action to remove Bebb from office.

Fitzpatrick has been reporting on corruption in the Tenth Judicial District for more four years and has described Bebb and Rush as “criminals.”

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  1. Many of us that have followed the Monroe County corruption for years have wondered when the entire state of Tennessee would come under Federal Investigation for complete implosion of the legal system there. Republican Commissioner Jim Miller was murdered by LEO’s there and it was pushed under the rug with all the other cover ups and it would be nice to see the family get closure along with Fast And Furious/Benghazi/Border Patrol families that lost members due to the corruption and power quests of these Democrat Deviants set on absolute power and control for personal gain at the cost to taxpayers. No mention has been offered to the Army, Navy, Air Force members and Veterans that have been illegally arrested and imprisoned standing up for the Constitution, including LTCDR Walt Fitzpatrick that has suffered the most since he was the one to bring the first Criminal Presentment against Obama and this criminal clown administration. They are all lucky that they have “government protection” because they are being protected for being criminals and destroying America from it’s base and record theft of monies. Do we have three more years of this?