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(Oct. 4, 2013) — “Defund the GOP”, was the startling call of Glenn Beck yesterday during the second day of the partial Government shutdown over the Republican controlled House’s rejected Budget Proposal to fund the Government entirely excluding Obamacare by the Democratic Party controlled U.S. Senate. What?

Why would Glenn Beck be calling for defunding of the GOP/Republicans, who control the House of Representatives if they finally grew a spine and took a stand against Democrats who controlled the U.S. Senate?

The answer lies in the temper tantrum of both D-NV. Sen. Reid who is the U.S. Senate Majority Leader and Obama saying they will not compromise or negotiate to avert a Government shutdown, and in their anger and resolute spite, released a letter from the Chief of Staff of R Majority House Speaker John Boehner’s to Sen. Reid’s Chief of staff, that showed Boehner in bed with Obama in a secret meeting with him to assure the exemption status /subsidy of members of Congress in Obamacare in the cloak of a meeting disguised and admitted in the letter as a meeting on immigration.

The revelation revealed both the problem of the Republicans subversion with the Democrats as well as the extent to which Democrats are willing to blackmail Republicans’ by whipping or shoving them into shape with a bullying tactic meant to expose and create a fear of them in order to propagate Republican or conservative behavior that opposes Obamacare.

We all have to remember when Obamacare was voted on all three Branches of the Government was controlled by the Democratic Party and there was no resistance or official vocalization able to withstand the bull of pinnacle power the Democratic Party, for the last time, was enjoying or shall we say “blowing”.

Indeed we all remember D-CA. Representative Pelosi standing up and championing a bill with the words “We have to pass this bill so you can find out what is in it”, so we clearly understood that though Democrats were the champions of Obamacare, they themselves didn’t know what was in it, and the proof of that is how much it’s already morphed as more and more big companies were given subsidy of some kind in 2012.

While Sen. Reid, in a surprising credit of merited discomfort, called the Republicans ruled by overlords known as The Tea Party, he also incompetently cited the House as having no rights to pass a budget! “What right do they have to pick and choose?” said Reid. That’s because Sen. Harry Reid has either no idea what the Constitution says anymore, which is doubtful for a person of his intelligence, or he is stubbornly disregarding it.

The House is the branch who is directed to pass Budgets to fund the Government, but what would we expect from a Sen. Majority leader who is blocking for the usurpation of the White House?

The number of people signing up the first day for Obamacare is microscopic in comparison to the people being put out of work around the Nation by the Democratic Parties rule in the U.S. Senate with complete and total unwillingness to compromise with Republicans to fund the Government completely and furlough Obamacare a year for everyone, along with the big companies that have already been given the grant as the House purposed.

So what is the good news when it comes to this fight actually spilling over into personal grudge matches that are palatable with the “leaked letter” by the Democratic Party headquarters of Sen. Reid when it comes to the measure of Constitutional discipline willingly reached for by those embarrassed by such?

Glenn Beck’s pulpit is getting very big with The Blaze morphing into a growing Giant amongst the Television and Media networks. How many days can you live with Glenn on the Nation’s bullhorn screaming “Defund the GOP” and it being the number three story passed around on Facebook, without needing a redeeming of the reprehensible Congressman Boehner?

What possible recipe could be put together in a short time that could be served up by the House’s Judicial Committee that would give Sen. Reid the runs to the bathroom with a big dose of the Constitution and perhaps permanently furlough Obamacare?

The Constitution has been given the “value” by Congress as a junk bond or poor penny stock would be by the New York Stock Exchange. However, the fight between Republicans and Democrats over Obamacare is just the kind of fight that Birthers need that could elevate the junk bond of Obama’s eligibility to be in the White House as a qualified person to that of a preferred blue chip stock with fat dividends.

While the elected Congress believe they are elite, the fight over Obamacare’s beach could easily escalate into a full-fledged fight to remove Obama entirely from the White House with a House Judicial Committee Evidentiary Hearing that would pale in contrast to the exact same type of hearing Bill Clinton went through that led to his impeachment by the House of Representatives.

With substantial more evidence coming to light in the public eye on Obama’s identification fraud and deception then Bill Clinton’s escapade of lying to the House under oath, the U.S. Senate, along with their leader, Sen. Reid, would be seen as completely incompetent to reject the House Bill of an Obama Disability/Impeachment in light of that evidence.

As an Independent Candidate for President in 2016, a Democratic Party Presidential Candidate in 2012 and an Independent Candidate for President 2008 that called McCain on the carpet for his lack of eligibility as a natural born citizen, I charge the Republican House Judicial Committee to advance my testimony with the investigation verification qualification hearings on Obama as an occupant of the White House capable of vetoing the House’s Budget recommendation.

I am simply asking the Judicial Committee of the House for a hearing to at least document and hear the evidence officially that I have in United States Supreme Court Case Judy v. Obama 12-5276 that includes the lawful and professional investigations exceeding over 2500 hours that prove with prima fascia evidence the value of my case based on the value of our Constitution.

Send that to the U.S. Senate and not only would you put Obamacare on furlough but you could change the entire Executive or 3rd Branch with the power of the Constitution we are all suppose to respect anyway.

The Constitution is the rider that holds the reins on the Kings in Washington, DC. It’s the Supreme Law of the Land that bridles the Kings and Queens of America. Yes, we do have Kings and Queens in America, but the big difference between Kings and Queens in America who are elected to office is that their ‘royal’ power is actually controlled by every Citizen in America who is also a King and a Queen as a Citizen of the United States of America.

That is the value of the individual person in America, Sen. Harry Reid. I know you think I’m puny and small and of no account. You probably have never known a day of homelessness in your life nor would you presumably understand my resolute stand when I as a poor person in America, nevertheless a Natural Born Citizen, ran for President in 2008 and sued in your own home State of Nevada John McCain as unqualified for the Office of the President days before he was made the Republican nominee in 2008, because he wasn’t born in America or in a military hospital showing he needed a Congressional Act to prove his citizenship first when he was 11 months old, and another one in 2007-8 in order to run for President as a “natural born citizen”. Judy v. McCain

You probably would not have a clue about choosing generations of Americans over your own family’s security as I pitched my tent in the night of the Nevada deserts and made and deposited the money the next day for a check I’d wrote out to the Court on that case that was far more expensive then I originally had thought.

I dare say you’ve never known a day like that in your life, but I’ve known quite a few of them. To say Americans are not willing to sacrifice as Americans for our Constitution if they are poor is to say the whole of the Army fighting the American Revolution were paid mercenaries of some sort.

Many of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have took pains to make fun and poke fun of me and the value I took in our Constitution. That I invested and have invested the last 5 years in the “junk” bonds of Obama’s Eligibility on the principle of our Constitution regardless of race, religion, gender, or color.

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  1. Cody;

    You are correct that in a circumstance where the HOUSE correctly defines the nature of a U.S. natural born Citizen”; ” … a term set out in the United States Constitution and construed under federal law. “ [pg 6/7] (Tennessee Western Division in Case 2:12-cv-02143-STA), and thereby determining that the “0” is not / was not / could not be “eligible” for the Office of POTUS and sends the Articles of Impeachment, (indictment), to the Senate for Trial the Chief Justice presiding would be obligated to INSTRUCT the Senate on the LAW putting Senators in a position that REQUIRES conviction.

    The 1790 Act “to establish an uniform Rule of naturalization” clearly expresses the nature of a U.S. natural born Citizen as a child/person born anywhere in the world to a married U.S. Citizen father: (as construed under Federal Law).

    Reconciliations MUST be made, even within the 1790 Act, such as, the term “considered as” REQUIRES a “counter part” which MUST be “considered as” a child/person born within the territorial limits of the U.S. to a married U.S. Citizen father, to consider otherwise would place a “foreign born U.S. natural born Citizen” being produced within a vacuum.

    With diligent reconciliations of ALL subsequent Acts accepting the 1st instant as the standard it becomes clear that NO Act or Amendment, under Federal Law, created any substantive change to the circumstances of being born a U.S. natural born Citizen,i.e., a child/person born within the territorial limits of any of the several States to parents, both of whom are U.S. Citizens.

    Justice Waites admonishen that it was necessary to “resort elsewhere” has sent many on a wild goose chase around the mulberry bush enduring laughing monkeys and popping weasels, but close scrutiny of Minor v. you will find that Justice “resorted” to the Federal Law to determine that Virginia was a U.S. natural born Citizen.