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by Alan Bates, MD, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Sep. 22, 2013) — We thought it could not get any worse after Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades in We the People’s Oval Office.  The  immoral and impeached president has been replaced with a narcissistic anti-American revolutionary and his appointed soldiers in crime whose actions make Richard Nixon’s Watergate look like petty theft.  The list is long and growing,but the actors include dishonest president-wannabe Hillary Clinton,  her ‘Benghazi coverup’ replacement — ‘Hari-Kerry’,those who conducted a pseudo-investigation of Benghazi (Former UN Ambassador Thomas Pickering and Former Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen), and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy along with Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.  They have all demonstrated gross incompetence and/or intentional subversion of America through their ideologically-driven goals.  The backfire of  Obama’s and the Muslim Brotherhood’s  ‘Arab Spring’ which was foisted upon nations in Africa and the Middle Eastand the recent arming of Syrian rebels, many of whom are radical Islamic enemies of America,have sprung a mousetrap for the unscrupulous Obama Administration which now finally stands naked before the world spotlight with Russian president Vladmir Putin calling the shots.  This comes on top of the reckless spending, unconstitutional invasions of privacy, and lack of adequate security for our military bases and personnel abroad, all on vivid display which only the  ignorantand those with liberal mental disorder cannot see.  The Administration relentlessly pursues the fulfillment of  the radical Left’s ideology of a totalitarian government preferably subject to the United Nations of Despots through lies, fraud and deceit (1).  Their strategy includes bankrupting working American people through Obamacare and crushing our energy industry with regulations based on the myth of man-made global warming and need to control a problem which in America hardly remains—excess CO2 emissions (see just-released scientific reports below: 2,3,4).

The liberal Left lets no crisis go to waste and, in fact, is directly responsible for most of the crises witnessed today by adhering to political correctness and their radical anti-American ideology rather than commonsense and practical solutions based upon historical facts and reality.  They hover behind the bushes craving the next gun massacre so they can blame such crimes on guns and racism rather than on their lack of adequate security measures while ignoring warnings regarding mentally deranged persons who commit these crimes.   The real racists are they;their desire to disarm free law-abiding Americans under the pretense of controlling gun violence masks their real objective to establish a totalitarian state without resistance by the People.   To wit, such incidents have all occurred in the Left’s designated ‘gun-free zones’!   Former President Clinton, in the spirit of political correctness, for the first time ever disarmed our on-base military and that policy remains to this day, leaving our military and support personnel vulnerable to attacks by terrorists and the mentally deranged,who unbelievably are allowed to serve in our military or its installations where security should be a national priority.   Our servicemen abroad are handicapped by an Administration which divulges classified information to feed its own ego but which results in our enemies killing our soldiers—members of Seal Team 6,  our agents in Benghazi,  the 13 Fort Hood soldiers,and now 12 contractors and support personnel in the DC Navy Yard.   The Administration has not cared since political correctness and its pro-Islamic  ideology are more important.  These principles do not offer much protection in today’s world where our borders are insecure, our immigration check systems not enforced, and actionable information about the mentally unstable fails to penetrate military intelligence because the civil liberties of dangerous people are more important than the lives of  patriots.   It is laughable but expected that first reports of the lame street media on the Navy Yard massacre blamed an AR15 ‘assault rifle’ rather than a deranged man;and the FBI discovered there was no AR15 ‘assault rifle’ involved in this massacre—a shotgun and two handguns taken from guards at the facility.  The initial reports were a creation of the Left’s anti-gun lobby to again divert attention away from the real causes of such  horrific incidents in their effort to discredit the Second Amendment and reflect their sinking boat on gun control  (which sunk further in Colorado with the recall election this week).  Senator Feinstein of CA was heard muttering, ‘When will they ever learn that we need to get guns off the streets?’ What else would we expect from a committed Marxist who tried to foist another (failed) ‘assault weapons’ ban on law-abiding Americans within the past year?  The Left’s circus sideshows (besides Mr. Weiner) include the perverse New York Mayor Bloomberg who figured he could throw a monkey wrench into the recall of anti-gun Senators in Colorado,  but his million dollars of contributions could not restrain Miss Liberty!  Mr. Bloomberg should just stick to micromanaging the New Yorkers who elected him.  Why does the Mayor feel he needs a well-armed security detail while depriving law-abiding Americans of their right to self-defense?  Could it be he embodies the same Left-wing ideology as our Administration? 

President Putin of Russia is looking pretty good now in the face of Obama’s failure to apply logic to the use of chemical weapons in Syria.   First he drew a red line (his only real red line was the blood on the walls of the consulate in Benghazi due to his failure to protect and respond!).   Then he decided, more than 100,000 Syrian genocidal deaths too late, to disarm Assad without any evidence as to whether the most recent chemical attacks were perpetrated by Assad or rebel forces which contain various groups including Al Qaeda and Hamas (friends of the Brotherhood).  Obama’s plan would have empowered radical Islamic elements within the rebel groups—you know, part of the continuing ‘Arab Spring’ which has been so  successful in Egypt and Libya, thanks to Obama’s radical Muslim Brotherhood comrades (5, 6).   That cat is out of the bag for the whole world to see!  Notice that Hillary was hustled to the sidelines after Benghazi in hopes of preserving her potential presidential bid in 2016—but she has long been a big cheerleader for as well as employer of Muslims with connections to radical Jihadists.   Americans had better hope she is not the next president!

The Administration’s  corruption,  coverups,  and false narrative of  “helping  the middle class”—through higher unemployment, loss of quality healthcare, and enslavement of minority groups—have  over the past few months converged to expose their recipe for failure and their radical ideology even to Americans who formerly supported Obama (even the unions).  The narrative-driven lamestreet networks are having a hard time hiding the truth.   As this Administration’s list of crimes grows, Congress has more investigations on its plate which, combined with a lack of cooperation by the Administration, does not bode well:  the hypocrisy of gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels and arming our radical Islamic enemies while disarming law-abiding Americans; unconstitutional overreach by the NSA, election fraud by the IRS, divulging classified information abroad which places our troops in  harm’s way, destruction of the best healthcare system in the world— just to name a few of the larger scandals.  Is there a  pattern? Of course, and the civilized world knows we have a president elected by the ignorant and the radical Left.  Obama has populated our government agencies with those sympathetic to radical Islam, the United Nations (of Despots), and the Left’s goal of a totalitarian state.  The Left is paving the way for a new world order dominated by an Islamic doctrine of intolerance and bigotry at the expense of other religions and our freedom.  They disrespect the Constitution because ‘it is outdated’.   Power and wealth are all that matters to the elitists of the Left—at the expense of the once greatest free nation on Earth. The whole civilized world knows it.

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