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by Zeb Blanchard, ©2013

The Fifth Amendment to the Bill of Rights states that “capital” or “infamous crimes” require a grand jury review of the evidence before a charge can be issued

(Jul. 14, 2013) — The George Zimmerman trial and its tribulations and blatant disregard of the Law of the Constitution just bring it home for reclaiming our juries.

The Law of the Constitution is application of the Constitution as it was written and interpreted using the Federalist and an 18th-century dictionary.  “Constitutional law” is what we have and what is practiced in the corrupt  judiciary “system.”  Constitutional law is bad precedent based on bad precedent until what comes out in the end no longer resembles the Constitution.

So George Zimmerman was charged, at the instigation of the DOJ, with murder without benefit of a grand jury in violation of the Fifth Amendment.  “No person shall be held to answer for a…crime, unless on a PRESENTMENT or indictment of a Grand Jury…” [emphasis mine].  Take note that Zimmerman was never charged by a grand jury and, most importantly, presentments still remain in the Bill of Rights.   A fully-informed and knowledgeable grand jury would realize this and refuse to sit.

Now the Left Coast race-baiters and FauxNews talking heads are advocating for a federal trial of Zimmerman for civil rights violations based on the “murder” of Martin.  They assure us that there is plenty of “law” in place to avoid the Constitutional provisions of double jeopardy.  But, “…nor shall any person be subject for the same offence (sic) to be twice put in jeopardy… ”  A fully-informed and knowledgeable grand jury would realize that there are no caveats in the Constitution and that the provisions for double jeopardy have not been amended.  Rules do not trump law (the supremacy clause in the Constitution says the Constitution is the supreme Law of the Land).

So who are these jury and grand jury folks?  They are the Us people that Pogo referred to in Walt Kelly‘s famous comic strip.  When these folks become educated and stand for the Constitution in their duly-called venues, new precedent will be set.  This new precedent will be the citizens’ grand jury of the early 20th century, and juries will judge the facts and the law and vote their conscience accordingly.

Where do these jurors come from?  They come from Us, first as jurors that we educate and with whom we infiltrate a jury as we are called to sit.  Many of these early “infiltrators” will be found in contempt, but those who persevere will set the new (old) precedent and once again establish a lawful and functional venue through which We can redress our grievances.

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  1. Mr. Zimmerman’s Constitutional Rights were violated for which he has a cause of action. The trial that led to his acquittal should never have been held. Mr. Zimmerman was NOT indicted by a Grand Jury. That must happen first before a trial. He was not legally tried. There was prosecutorial misconduct in the case also. Exculpatory evidence was withheld. Had Mr.Zimmerman been found guilty, that result would have had to be thrown out since Mr. Zimmerman was not first indicted by a Grand Jury. His acquittal attaches Double Jeopardy to his case. He cannot be tried again for the same set of allegations.