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by OPOVV, ©2013

What if everyone followed The Ten Commandments?

(Jul. 14, 2013) — They called it the “Zimmerman” trial, but who, or what, was really on trial here? All across America, scenarios like the trial we just witnessed are being played out, every day, every week. “Look at my record, 103 wins and only two losses, so reelect me,” so says the DA up for reelection. We’ve all heard the phrases “I won; they lost,” “The people won,” and “Justice has been served.” Really? The time of “Hello, Mrs. Cleaver, is past and we’ve entered the age of “The Pentagon Papers” and Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA spying on each and every one of us. It’s a New Age with Despotism and Tyranny as its guiding moral force.

They play the numbers game, the ones who we’ve entrusted to run the justice system with truth and honor, but if we believe that, then we’re a bunch of naive idiots. The truth of the matter is that whenever the DA can get a conviction, out of the gate they fly. This has nothing whatsoever to do with justice: if you want justice, go to the mob. This is all about numbers, the win/loss column. Innocence or guilt doesn’t play a role here. Right or wrong, good vs. bad, honor vs. dishonor, truth over lies, the Angle of Mercy over the Devil:  all these and more aren’t welcomed in the courtroom of today. It’s a numbers game; nothing more, nothing less.

For whatever reasons, a certain group of our population has never gotten on board with the program. We have Asian immigrants who learn English, real English, spoken properly. They go to the same schools as everyone else, have the same access to the local library, and end up free from government intrusion such as accepting welfare, Social Security/Disability payments, Food Stamps, and any other handout that puts them square and center on the reservation. They live their lives with dignity and honor by adhering to the precepts of the Constitution.

On the other hand, a part of our population refuses to learn English and deems it their World Citizen duty to accept every available assistance from the government that they can get, irrespective of the legality of their citizenship status, which our broken government acquiesces all to freely to give, thereby cheapening the rule of law that much more.

“I been had a hat” was spoken by a college graduate, who also said “I just took a short drove,” and he can’t understand why he’s always passed over for the manger’s job. What we’re looking at is easy pickings for people to put into the billion-dollar justice system, people who either commit the crimes or are too stupid to figure out that stealing and violence and fatherless children are a sure receipt for non-advancement.

Truly justice is, if nothing else, color-blind. It’s a numbers game, whatever it takes. Withholding evidence is acceptable, as long as they can get a conviction. Lie. There was this one guy in Florida who was charged with rape, and even though he was identified by an eyewitness, at the time of the crime he was at a Pizza Hut miles away with his friends and it was all on camera, time-dated, and the DA knew of this yet charged him, had him tried and convicted for 20 years at Raidford. It was by a fluke of luck that the tape surfaced and he was released from prison. The DA wasn’t even charged with obstructing justice, but if there were an ounce of justice, it would be that DA serving the 20 years instead of the innocent man that he railroaded.

John Grisham’s book “The Innocent Man” is an eye-opener for those who don’t know about the “Great DA Scorecard.” So in conclusion, if anyone is to be upset about the Zimmerman trial, at least be upset for the correct reason: Exhibit “A” is the out-of-control DA’s who will do anything, including selling their integrity and honor, for a conviction, even to the point of knowing that the person charged is innocent.

SIDE NOTE: In a perfect world, in the ephemeral fantasy world of an utopia located in a place called Shangri-La, there is no crime, the people live the Ten Commandments, so there is no need for DA’s, police, revolving doors and prisons.


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