Zullo: “We’re Going to Take it to the White House Steps”


by Sharon Rondeau

Who is the man occupying the White House as the President of the United States?

(Jun. 11, 2013) — In an interview with Gilberton, PA Police Chief Mark Kessler late last week, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo emphasized the “four” known “aliases” of Barack Hussein Obama and suggested that Obama’s public life story is not accurate.

In January, Kessler stated publicly that he would not enforce any federal laws which infringed on the Second Amendment rights of Gilberton residents. On Kessler’s website, he calls for local citizens to join a “Constitution Security Force” to promote law and order in the borough.  Kessler drafted a Second Amendment Preservation Resolution which the town council adopted on January 24, 2013.

Kessler attended the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers’ Association (CSPOA) conference on May 31 and June 1 at which Zullo gave two presentations on Obama’s fraudulent documentation.

On June 3, commentator Glenn Beck stated on his radio show that Obama has presented “distortions about his past” but has ridiculed anyone questioning the legitimacy of the long-form birth certificate presented to the public on April 27, 2011.

In August 2011, approximately 250 signatures on a petition were brought to Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio with the request for an investigation into the authenticity of the image after several professional graphics experts stated on the record that it was a forgery.  Arpaio then commissioned the Cold Case Posse to assume the project so that no cost to taxpayers would be incurred.  Zullo and Arpaio had expected that authenticating the document would take several days but found that it bore signs of forgery.

On March 1, 2012, Zullo and Arpaio gave the first of two press conferences in which they stated that the only documentation Obama has profferred to prove who he was and presumably whether or not he was eligible to serve as president was fraudulent, referring to his Selective Service registration form and the long-form birth certificate allegedly retrieved from the Hawaii Department of Health.

Zullo had hoped that major media companies would launch their own investigations based on the posse’s findings, but a blackout on the topic remained in place.  After the second press conference on July 17, 2012 during which Zullo and Arpaio stated that the birth certificate was “definitely fraudulent” beyond the standard of probable cause, the media continued to refrain from reporting it but launched verbal attacks and accusations against the posse and Arpaio.

On his website, Kessler identifies the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as an “Anti American Organization.”  The SPLC has aided the Obama regime by distributing propaganda about veterans, including Darren Wesley Huff and Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III; groups supportive of traditional family units; news editors and those exposing the threat of radical Islam such as Frank Gaffney, founder of the Center for Security Policy.  It also participated in producing a DVD on “Sovereign Citizens” in 2011 used by the regime as a law enforcement training program throughout the country, a story broken nationally by The Post & Email on April 30, 2012.

Kessler referred to the information Zullo imparted at the conference as “mind-boggling” and “one of the biggest scams in American history.”

“How do you know who his parents really are?” Zullo asked at the beginning of the second segment of the interview.  He described the TSA as “an experiment” to see how far Americans could be pushed into complacency and acceptance of government “authority.”  Zullo and Kessler agreed that the actions of TSA agents would be cause for arrest outside of an airport (segment 3).

Zullo said it will take “public outrage” over the “birth certificate” and the truth behind it which has not yet been revealed.  “It’s overwhelming,” Zullo said.  “There is substantial evidence to prove a cover-up.”  He stated that “a congressional committee” would further the posse’s work and expose “what’s behind that document.”

“There’s a massive cover-up,” Kessler agreed.

Kessler was one of those sworn to confidentiality after sitting in on Zullo’s second presentation given on June 1.

Kessler called upon Congress to “act swiftly” and referred to the corruption currently exposed in various government departments, which includes as of press time:

  • A possible drug-supplying operation and soliciting of prostitutes carried out by members of the State Department under Hillary Clinton alleged by a whistleblower
  • Surveillance of American citizens beyond congressionally-approved warrantless wiretapping contained in the Patriot Act
  • Continued stonewalling about what Obama was doing on the night of September 11, 2012, when four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya, were killed during a terrorist attack, including the source of the “stand-down” order confirmed by State Department whistleblowers in sworn testimony
  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) having targeted hundreds of groups which applied for tax-exempt status whose missions were seen as antithetical to the Obama regime, including leaking the tax returns and donors’ list of the National Organization for Marriage
  • The possible violation of The Hatch Act by Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius by contacting private companies for money to run Obamacare
  • Insider trading by employees of the Health and Human Services agency worth “billions of dollars”
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) having obtained and supplied the names and addresses of 80,000 farmers to environmental groups possibly for political reasons
  • The seizure of telephone records from at least four offices of the Associated Press and from Fox News reporter James Rosen, the latter of whom was named a “criminal co-conspirator” in an FBI affidavit but was never prosecuted

Zullo said that the mainstream media is providing “propaganda” to the public, not real news. On Tuesday, NBC News reported that it has obtained a copy of an Inspector General’s report on the new State Department allegations and that a U.S. ambassador accused of serious wrongdoing “is not being identified by NBC News.”  In a response, a spokesperson for the State Department said that “the notion that we would not vigorously pursue criminal misconduct in a case, in any case, is preposterous.”

NBC has been known to favor the Obama regime in its reporting, but on Tuesday, it confirmed that “The FBI has dramatically increased its use of a controversial provision of the Patriot Act to secretly obtain a vast store of business records of U.S. citizens under President Barack Obama, according to recent Justice Department reports to Congress.”

Zullo said that “the news” should not be “scripted” or presented as “an editorial.”  “We don’t have a free press anymore.”  He then said he had discovered during the investigation that presidential and vice-presidential candidates for elected office are not vetted by “the federal government.”  He stated that in his opinion, the constitutional requirement of “natural born Citizen” in Article II which many believe that Obama could not meet “is being modified without a constitutional amendment.”  Zullo also named the media as “complicit” in shaping who the candidates will be.

The Washington Free Beacon identified the ambassador as Howard Gutman, who was a former Obama bundler in 2008.

There is evidence that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lied under oath on January 23, 2013 during her congressional testimony.  A report completed by an Accountability Review Board appointed by Clinton revealed that she was never interviewed about the attack on Benghazi.

Zullo believes that someone released the birth certificate image “by mistake” and then tried to “ignore it.”

Those questioning Obama’s documentation and background since 2008 have been met with ridicule, defamation, government retaliation and death threats.

“He has beens fundamentally changing our country, and we don’t even know who he is,” Kessler said to Zullo, at which point Zullo responded that “there is no history on him.”  He said that trying to run a history inquiry on Obama yields “nothing.”

Obama had promised an “unprecedented level of openness in government” upon taking office.

Zullo also revealed for the first time that he had investigated Obama’s alleged years at Columbia University which yielded “a missing year” and approximately 400 students in the graduating class who did not recall Obama having been there.  Zullo then revealed that “Columbia issues [sic] a statement that they made a mistake, and they went in and they cleared their computer and re-entered the information,” indicating that with all of the evidence which cast doubt on Obama’s attendance there, “it starts to scream to you as a manufactured background.”

“That’s what we have to stress to the general public,” Kessler said, stating that many people might have trouble absorbing the truth when it becomes clear.

“The truth is easy to understand once you find it,” Zullo said.  “There are always kernels of truth in a really good lie…If I can blow up the lie, I can get to the truth.”

In segment 4, Zullo revealed that Fox News’s Sean Hannity “wanted to have us on and couldn’t get us on,” confirming that Hannity is “on a leash” from his superiors at the media giant.

Zullo said that Obama has “financial resources” from Saudi Arabia.

Kessler said that Zullo’s presentation “woke him up.”  He said that found Obama’s “fundamentally changing” of the United States is “disturbing” and likened it to Hitler’s takeover of Germany in the 1930s.

Given the number and scope of the corruption now being revealed daily in the mainstream media, is it difficult to believe that Obama’s birth certificate is a “computer-generated forgery?”


Editor’s Note:  The Cold Case Posse performs its work as a result of donations from the public.

3 Responses to "Zullo: “We’re Going to Take it to the White House Steps”"

  1. 2discern   Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 10:37 PM

    The comments and accolades to M. Zullo are well deserved indeed. However, the magnitude of what is really happening to America and it’s demise is misunderstood. The deconstruction of our Republic is well orchestrated and into final phases. Started before barry O’soetero was picked to be the scape goat.

    Pause and think. Recent scandals of nearly omnipotent spy power via NSA can’t (or won’t) verify the background of the fraud, forger, ID thief, liar barry soetero? The level of cooperation (and corruption) within ALL of government to assist for over 5 years the usurping of POTUS office, can only be one goal. The internal overthrow of the USA has been in progress for a long time. The various disguises worn of political Party faces only provides the illusion of platform values.

    Mr. Zullo has touched some startling revelations, but even he will admit the size and scope of what is to come will terrify the least concerned citizen (or illegal for that matter).

  2. gigclick   Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 12:11 AM

    GO MIKE ZULLO! It’s good to see a “Lawman” with guts to stand and not back down. You have the support of millions of Veterans and other good lawmen and LEO’s that have been following this for years. Obama will either go to jail or walk into the sunset to his $35 million dollar retirement mansion on Hawaii Beach. Either the joke is on us or Bari Shabazz and all his criminal assistants. They have been very quiet lately since the heat is on. Axelrod, Jackson, Ayers, Sharpton, Rangel, Hillary, Michelle, Dodd, Reid, Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein and it goes on and on. How many more people aided and assisted with the usurper’s climb and hold on power and corruption, secrecy, coverups, money scams/grabs, real estate take down, Wall Street Shakedown, stimulus theft schemes, etc., when will we see ANYONE getting more than a hand slap/tit-a-tat/Congress-Senate “shame session” or other phony call outs that mean nothing and have gone nowhere in 5 YEARS? The TITANIC is sinking folks, the lights are on/no one’s home/or Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine “What Me Worry?”, “It’s Not My Job!”, “My Counsel Said I Have To Take THE FIFTH AMENDMENT” (SO I CAN WALK OUT OF HERE WHILE LAUGHING!), “I Can’t Remember!”, “I Was On An Easter Egg Hunt”, “I Do Not Recall!”, “I Bumped My Head”, “I Don’t Feel Good, I Bumped My Head! it’s all too funny but it’s not funny, it’s tragic that we have allowed such low level/low life/talent limited/lack of ability, lack of people skills, abundance of self serving conscience people to attempt to run such a massive government/military knowing the results would be the failure/tragedy we now have.

  3. richard gorman   Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 11:29 PM

    I know 3 Obama aliases ——- is the 4th one “the semi black Alfed E. Neuman ” ? (he of MAD Magazine)


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