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by Sharon Rondeau

An investigation and charges filed over the last 18 months against Democrat Party operatives in Indiana revealed that Barack Hussein Obama did not receive enough of the required signatures to have his name placed on state ballots in 2008

(Apr. 26, 2013) — The head of the St. Joseph County, IN Democrat Party was pronounced guilty by a jury on Thursday along with an elections official for conspiracy to commit fraud and forgery to place the names of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton on the ballot for the 2008 presidential race.

Two former members of the Elections Board who worked in voter registration and were convicted of felonies submitted guilty pleas and testified that the Democrat Party leader, Butch Morgan Jr., told Democrat Party “to fake the names and signatures” required to place candidates’ names on the ballot by Indiana law.  Presidential candidates must submit a minimum of 500 signatures from each of nine congressional districts.  While examiners determined that Clinton might have qualified without the forged signatures, it appears that Obama would not have had enough.

Investigators randomly contacted some of the people whose names appeared on the signature sheets, and several said that they had not signed them.  Others who said their names appeared without their having placed them there said they were not contacted by investigators.

When the four were arrested in April of last year, the new St. Joseph County Democrat Party chairman attempted to assure the public that the fraud and forgery didn’t “involve a single Democratic candidate. This issue doesn’t involve a single Democratic office holder. So voters should know they can trust our candidates, they can trust our office holders and they can trust our brand.”

The two who pleaded guilty reportedly face up to 11 and 14 years in prison, respectively, while Morgan could spend 22 years incarcerated.  The Daily Caller reports that Blythe, who actually forged the signatures, could spend 75 years in prison.

In 2008, Obama was considered unelectable by some.

A college student, Ryan Nees, first discovered indications of forgery in October 2011 and, working with another investigator, told the South Bend Tribune, which first reported it to the public.

Shortly after the allegations of forged signatures came to light, Media Matters, which is funded by George Soros, reported that Fox News had “invented” the allegations of fraudulent signatures in Indiana by inaccurately calling the problem “voter fraud.”  Media Matters predicted that “Fox viewers will spend the next 13 months being bombarded by similar claims of voter fraud. The network will work them into a frenzy by pushing the idea that the 2012 elections will be stolen. And like clockwork, the story will quickly fall apart and be revealed as nothing more than a transparent sham.”

Obama promised the most transparent administration in history, but both his short-form and long-form birth certificates have been declared to be forgeries, with a possible federal prosecution pending in regard to the uploading of the long-form birth certificate image onto the White House server exactly two years ago on Saturday.

Transparency promotes accountability,” Obama says on the White House website under the heading “Transparency and Open Government.”

Members of the media and the public have had difficulty in obtaining responses to FOIA requests under the Obama regime, with more requests denied than any other “administration.”  While Obama was directing his government to be “open,” his regime reportedly threatened journalists and commentators against discussing his then-lack of a detailed birth certificate and the question of his constitutional eligibility to serve.

Obama’s personal attorney had reportedly flown to Hawaii several days before the image was made public on April 27, 2011 and allegedly obtained two certified copies of the document from the Hawaii Department of Health.  Analysts and graphics experts almost immediately deemed it a poor forgery which neither the White House nor Obama himself has addressed.

A scanning expert told The Post & Email that he is sure of who created the forgery and has pointed to an employee at the Hawaii Department of Health without naming her.  A blogger who has studied Hawaii law and the Health Department’s responses to her open records (UIPA) requests over more than four years suspects that Health Department Director Loretta Fuddy is involved, as she reportedly witnessed the copying of the document provided to Obama’s attorney, Judith Corley.

A Cold Case Posse which has spent more than 20 months investigating the long-form birth certificate image bearing Obama’s name believes that the forgery might have been created to hide the crime of identity fraud.  To date, members of Congress have refused to acknowledge that fraud has been committed by Obama’s enablers in the White House and perhaps throughout the country.

Some of Obama’s closest friends have been sentenced to federal prison terms while he has occupied the White House, with one awaiting sentencing on July 1.

Whether or not Obama’s election in 2008 was legitimate given that he appears not to have qualified for placement on the ballot in Indiana is as yet unanswered.  Numerous reports of election fraud in 2012 are under investigation in Ohio, with an elections official found guilty of having voted six times for Obama in 2012 and multiple times in previous elections.

Working with the Citizens’ Bureau of Investigation, The Post & Email had called for a forensic investigation and CPA audit of the 2012 presidential election which has not yet occurred.  However, the public corruption law firm Judicial Watch had recognized the problem of inaccurate voter rolls and the ease with which illegal aliens can vote.

The Obama regime has sued states which have passed laws requiring photo identification at the polls.

Perhaps Obama “won” the 2008 and 2012 elections “by any means necessary.”

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  1. Perhaps, Mrs Rondeau, you could interview Ann Coulter. On Hannity yesterday she mentioned that only BARACK OBAMA and CHESTER ARTHUR did not have TWO US CITIZEN PARENTS.

    Does she realize that she had just uttered in effect that neither OBAMA nor ARTHUR is/was a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN?

    Just as we let the Terror Bombers get in the USA and then NOT deport them ( breaking news on Drudge that Saudi Arabia had DENIED them tourist visas to visit MECCA in 2011 and then had TOLD the USA IN WRITING in 2012), members of the judiciary, House of Representatives and the Senate have been face to face with a Usurper and still treat him as though he were a finalist on American Idol!

  2. Another way of looking at it is when an someone is sent to prison and then a few years later, let’s say through DNA testing, that person is found to be innocent, then that person is released from prison because a mistake has been exposed.
    Now take Obama. He gets to be a government employee with the job as president, but a few years later it is proven that Obama submitted a fraudulent Birth Certificate and the fraud is exposed, he should be expelled from his job as a government employee.

    1. Speaking of DNA, we might ALL be surprised to find out via an OBAMA DNA test, that neither his posited “mother” nor “father” is really anything to him, and that his biological parents are something quite else than he has led us to believe….just sayin’ ;)

  3. A friend that worked on Wall Street told me Soros supplied the money to purchase the electronic voting machines. Someone had to program those machines to flip the votes. Alan West is suing Saint Lucie County with all intentions to find out what happened to all the votes that Gertrud Walker mysteriously lost that fatal night that the voting boxes were removed from one building and taken to another for “recount” and thousands of votes for Alan West were lost. Wonder what happened to all those votes? We are asking whether Obama was injected into the White House? Ask Biden/Pelosi to show the DNC papers that they falsified certifying Obama was “Constitutionally Eligible”. See them at http://www.thejaghunter.wordpress.com under Treason Complaints at bottom of download by one of the Navy Veterans.j American Grand Jury tried for almost 2 years to get Criminal Presentments through the courts but realized they had orders to not accept ANY Criminal Presentments on Obama/Pelosi which is by itself a judicial criminal violation of the Constitution. So, we know the judges were in on it and being threatened to comply-AND THEY DID!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I believe “TruetheVote.org” is suing St. Lucie County, but it is regarding the Allen West/Patrick Murphy election.

  4. Obama’s days as a free man are numbered. I can’t wait to see him in his bright Orange Jumpsuit walking hand in hand with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden in their own Bright Orange Jumpsuits and being led away by Sheriff Arpaio.

    Insofar as the forgery investigation on Obama’s faux BC was done in Maricopa County, I wonder if Obama will soon be wearing Pink underwear also.

    Don’t Pink and Orange clash? They will be wearing matching bracelets with that.

  5. I wonder if the 98 % of Homer Simpson citizens will notice when the over 10, 000 radical Muslimm terrorist ALREADY HIDING IN THE USA start mass murders?

      1. Martha,
        I read numerous mostly reliable blogs, plus the occassional truthful statement one gets from Fox News. I read this site, the Blaze, Canada Free Press, Americn Thinker, Free Republic, WND, Coach is RIGHT, theconservativetreehouse , and more. I also worked in the defense and intelligence arena for 25 years…….. to answer your question, I heard the actual number of 15, 000 Radical Islamists as the e stimated number already here in Marxists Amerika. Remember the legend of the Trojan Horse to infiltrate Troy!! ?..Mosques are the present day Trojan Horse.

      2. Dear Martha (one of our longest members of the P&E Family),
        Hello Dear Fellow Patriot.
        Look at it this way: a Muslim’s struggle (Jihad) is to kill Unbelievers (Infidels) whenever and wherever they find them and if they just happen to kill fellow Muslims at the same time, as happened in the Twin Towers on 9-11, all of them get a free ticket to Paradise.
        That’s nice.
        Now, there is no such thing as a “moderate” Muslim, just as there are no “moderate” Tigers or Black Mamba snakes.
        The mother of the two Boston Bombers was just your run-of-the-mill average “moderate” Muslims, yelling “Allah Akbar!”.
        So I would say that the number of Muslims terrorists within the borders of the United States IS EQUAL to the number of Muslims in the United States (estimated between 5 and 10 million, and growing daily, just visit any International airport in America and see them arriving, day and night, everyday since 9-11, and really accelerated since Jan. 20, 2009, the time of the de facto Obama’s inauguration), which is why I have advocated deporting ALL Muslims from our country (Obama included) ASAP.
        Had I been elected President I can assure you, Martha, that if there were any Muslims left in the US at this time would be hiding in spider holes, just as Saddam Hussein was cowardly cowering.

    1. The ICE Union is suing the DHS over claims that their hands are being tied from arresting known illegal aliens unless they break a law,are arrested by other Law enforcement or are in jail already. They are being told not to do their job in derogation of their agency’s mission.

      In the meantime,Law Enforcement people.like Sheriff Arpaio,who are not in ICE are being told that they should not arrest illegals and are to let the feds do so.

  6. A statement bears close inspection: DEMOCRAT PARTY LEADER tells The Party to “fake the names and signatures”. This is exactly how the “Obama” campaign moved ‘forward”.

    We The People must not rest until justice is served for the 2008 and 2012 Election Heists.

    1. My Lawsuit in New York for the SAME issue,Voter fraud,disenfranchisement and co-option is proceeding. See: Laity v NY,NY State Supreme Court,Appellate Division,3rd Department,Albany,NY #5003-2012

    1. Exactly. Obama IS a Muslim Supremacist. Taqiya is Islamic encouraged lying in the name of Islam and allah.

      Obam has usurped the Presidency by Machiavellianistic prevarication and taqiya influenced mendacities. Obama is a master Taqyist.

      Like the Serpent,the Devil, Obama’s tongue is forked.

      1. These terms are essential to understanding the inner machinations of Obama and his international supporters (including the SAUDIs, as Beck is bringing forth):




        Might be an enlightening article for The Post Email readers. Pam Geller has a lot on it too if one reads her site (Atlas Shrugs).