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by OPOVV, ©2013

Martin Richard was the youngest of three people killed at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. His younger sister, who had just received a medal for running a race, lost a leg, and his mother sustained a severe brain injury

(Apr. 22, 2013) — Somehow you’ve been transported back in time and you find yourself the sheriff of a frontier town out West. Your total force consists of you, a secretary and two deputies and, from time to time, you augment your force by deputizing some reliable citizens for crowd control for the 4th of July parade and posse work.

Lately you’ve been plagued with a string of burglaries, one out at the school and the other at the bank. You’re determined to make a good impression on the new school teacher, so you commit your entire force, including temporarily suspending the secretary from her office duties, and hire a posse to catch the person (or persons) who somehow sneak into the school in the dead of night and write on the chalkboard, “Catch Them Bank Robbers!”  You ignore the daily siphoning of the money from the bank until one day the bank president confronts you to say that he’s closing down and leaving, immediately rendering the community a ghost town.

Far-fetched story? Were you, shall we say, doing your sheriff duties incompetently, with your priorities skewed? And what about the grumblings from your employees and the citizens of your town:  didn’t you heed them when they told you what was likely going to happen when the bank could no longer function without the proper amount of funds?  That it wasn’t in the business of making money by printing it, but by shrewd investing in growing concerns, such as financing Elmer’s General Seed & Feed store?

Jump forward to the here and now.  The sheriffs of today aren’t as shortsighted as you may have been. They’re using their resources smartly by preventing the total collapse of our country, and here’s how.

Out West in Arizona, Sheriff Arpaio has been conducting an investigation on the eligibility of the de facto president Obama, which prompted our FBI to investigate Arpaio.

Nothing better to do, no real terrorists to chase, so the FBI investigates, you guessed it, a Birther.

A blogger is investigated by the FBI for questioning Obama’s Constitutional eligibility.

The FBI investigated a skip tracer for seeking information about the eligibility of Obama.

Are we beginning to see a pattern here? I think we are. It’s my conclusion that the FBI is overtly protecting the ineligibility of Obama, or whoever he’s calling himself today, because he’s used many names, addresses, phone and Social Security numbers in the past (his current Social Security number is stolen, which makes Obama guilty of identity theft).

Furthermore, it is my conclusion that the above-mentioned citizens are just doing the investigating that the FBI should have done on their own but haven’t and will not because they have decided not to honor the Oath they all took to defend the Constitution.

Had the FBI done the job which they were set up to do, the reason why they’re in existence in the first place, which is to uphold their Oath and, by extension, protect us citizens from harm, things would not be as they are today.

The FBI resources have been wasted, squandered, to protect and shield a person (Obama) who has but one job: to destroy our Constitutional form of government, to make himself dictator and darken our lives with Sharia Law.

Had the FBI actually done their job the way they should have, we wouldn’t have any Muslims in our country in the first place (Obama never would have been on the ballot in 2008). In 2008, Atty. Orly Taitz and a group of citizens went to the FBI field office in Nashville, Tennessee, and presented them with documents proving that Obama was not eligible to be POTUS, where they were told, “We are not going to investigate this matter.”

The has FBI failed to report that the Islamvilles throughout our country are terrorist training camps.  Mosques are armories in disguise, yet they willingly and enthusiastically spend precious time and resources chasing shadows, investigating Honorably Discharged Veterans, doing everything they possibly can to protect an Illegal Immigrant Cheap Suit Long-Legged-Mack-Daddy Total-Embarrassment of a Clown Muslim de facto president Obama.  The end result, what we, as citizens, get out of all the FBI’s efforts, is people needlessly murdered, as our soldiers were in Kuwait and Ft. Hood.  When you study the whole Muslim/Islam Caliphate/Jihad philosophy, it becomes clear that the FBI should have prevented 9-11 by NOT ALLOWING MUSLIMS IN THE UNITED STATES.

So when the FBI agents are out chasing shadows rather than doing their job because they turned their collective backs on their Oath to the United States Constitution and serve a de facto president and follow illegal orders instead — when it’s all said and done — an eight-year-old lies dead on the pavement.


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  1. If one only thinks for a second about that bright young boy Martin Richard who lost his life (who is now safe in God’s Loving arms) and contemplate the grief and destruction to the sister, mom, and the rest of the family; I have got to say that if this doesn’t wake up America to what the Obama Regime is doing to America, then nothing will and we probably do deserve our ugly fate, unfortunately. LETS ROLL NOW and GET RID OF THIS SCOURGE –O SPINELESS ONES OF AMERICA. WAKE-UP you Fools and Hypocrites. At age 74 I’m even ready to enlist with Seal Team 6 and clean out this Garbage that has crept into America. What in Hell is the matter with us?

  2. It is sad but that’s the way America works socially at this time in history. Pat Robertson has been reading translated Korans for over 20 years trying to tell people what is coming and few people listened. Many of us have been trying to get a Criminal Presentment through the courts for several years while Obama/Democrats have threatened Judges and others to keep any Criminal Presentments against Obama out of the courts. We know what is going on. More people, sadly, will have to die as Muslim Terror increases across the U.S. and Europe. This is the only “Religion” that practices murder/violence towards other religions and only recognized itself. It must be outlawed in Europe and the U.S., let it be the “Religion” of the Middle East and stay out of free societies that practice equality among others.

  3. How awful sad that such a crime can happen in this country. Now, barry soetoro being totally absent of “standing” because he is an illegal alien, traitor, usurper, thrust upon us by the likes of Pelosi, Reid and other such left leaning, communist, liberal ilk. And worse yet he has been entrusted by more fools to be walking around with our nuclear codes. Let’s just hope that in a temper tantrum he doesn’t decide to use them on us. Now if common sense should tell us anything it would be that ANY red-blooded American citizen born in America of two American parents has true STANDING; a heck of a lot more standing than all those wacko judges ruling to the contrary. Our tolerance of idiocy in this country by so many totally defies logic and is an absolute embarrassment to anyone with a brain.

    1. Dear Bob1939,
      Right you are.
      If you were a script writer in Hollywood and came up with the following scenario, people wouldn’t even let you buy them a drink thinking you so incompetent.
      On April 22, 2013, California Judge Morrison England ruled in favor of Obama in an identity fraud case but no Birth Certificate was presented by the defense.
      One of the plaintiffs, me, OPOVV, had a legal copy of my Birth Certificate proving I was BORN IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA TO TWO PARENTS WHO WERE BORN IN THE UNITED STATES.
      The Judge ruled in favor of Obama who produced none over an American citizen who produced one.
      Go figure.