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by Sharon Rondeau

Carl Gallups has been reporting on recent developments in the investigation of the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse regarding the forgery of a long-form birth certificate bearing Obama’s name and presented to the public as proof of his birth in Hawaii

(Apr. 13, 2013) — On the internet radio show “Freedom Friday” hosted by Pastor Carl Gallups on April 12, 2013, Gallups reviewed the news given out on his April 4 show and announced that a “Big ‘Plan A'” is being assembled with “VIPs” who “have standing” to bring the revelations that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery to a level of complete public awareness.

Gallups hosts the show every Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. CT.

A Cold Case Posse working with the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Department determined early last year that the image uploaded to the White House server on April 27, 2011 was a computer-generated forgery.  Obama’s Selective Service registration form was also declared a forgery.

The Selective Service Administration has not cooperated with the posse’s request to view the microfilm of the Selective Service registration form, claiming that it has been destroyed and advising them to approach the FBI if they believed a crime had been committed.

In the second part of the broadcast presented by ObamaReleaseYourRecords, Gallups stated that a “definitive plan of action” is “in place” to expose the fraud.  “We’re closer now to having something done than we have been in this whole five or six years,” Gallups said.  He also reported that new “VIPs” have also met with Lt. Michael Zullo, the lead investigator of the posse, who has been pushing for a federal investigation since the posse’s findings were made public last year.  “They’ve promised full public exposure to the case,” Gallups said, with more having “made contact” with Zullo over the last week.

Gallups said that Obama supporters, who he called “Obamabots,” are “going crazy,” presumably referring to members of The Fogbow and others.  “They mock, they name-call, and they threaten,” Gallups said.  On April 4, one of them who reportedly used a fake name to gain access to the airwaves called Zullo “a liar” by failing to consider research allegedly completed by a “John Woodman” who claimed to be “a Republican,” but an examination of Woodman’s postings indicates that he is an Obama supporter.  Zullo indicated during his April 4 interview with Gallups that he communicated with Woodman and found that his “evidence” was simply “speculation.”

The Post & Email has observed and reported on the false statements, defamation, and obscenities proffered by Fogbow members in an attempt to derail the various investigations into Obama’s alleged documentation, discredit those reporting on it, and protect Obama.  Several previously active “birther debunking” websites linked from The Fogbow are defunct or outdated as of this writing.

“Nativeborncitizen” said that Gallups and Zullo had made “foolish claims” when they reported that an employee at Mt. Vernon had said that Obama was the only president not to have visited the historical site of George Washington, America’s first president and general of the Continental Army, which defeated the British during the American Revolution.

While the individual(s) operating NativeBornCitizen claim that Gallups and Zullo have been lying about the investigation, he or they cannot spell the word “sheriff.”

“The CCP investigation has never been about the truth but is nothing more than an attempt to slather a veneer of legal respectability on the Birther nonsense claims that someone forged the LFBC that was released to the public by the White House on April 27, 2011,” NBC said.

“My challenge is still unanswered by the Obamabots,” Gallups said.  He said he has asked for “legally verifiable” evidence that Obama “is a U.S. citizen.”  “What they do is call names; that’s all they’ve got,” he said.

Not one analyst has come forward to say that the Obama birth certificate image or Selective Service registration form is authentic.  A scanning expert claims to know who created the forgery and that it was done within the Hawaii Department of Health.  Zullo has said that the crime is a felony.

It appears that a widespread disinformation campaign was conducted by Obama sycophants to propel him into the White House and maintain his residence there, whether or not he was constitutionally qualified or committing identity fraud.  Throughout 2009 and 2010, through many UIPA requests made to the Hawaii Department of Health, The Post & Email exposed obfuscation and what appeared to be an altered Birth Index book which at one point did not contain a reference to Barack Hussein Obama.

Some of the Obama supporters involved in keeping him in office claim that “birtherism” equates to “racism,” although Zullo’s investigation has focused on the forgery of the birth certificate, not Obama himself or his policies.

Other researchers have reported inconsistencies and evidence of altering birth certificate numbers at the Hawaii Department of Health.

Gallups promised to expose the name of the “VIP” mentioned on last week’s show who had set up a meeting with Zullo and then backed out, claiming that he or she never requested it.  Gallups said he has an “email trail” proving his claims.  “They forgot that I had that email chain,” Gallups said, after which he said the VIP’s “phone went silent.”

Zullo had said that he believed an announcement of the fraud to the public could take between three and six months and would involve a “coordinated effort” among state and federal authorities.  Gallups said, however, that in the last two days, Zullo had “received information from one of these VIPs that this thing might happen much, much sooner than all of that.”

“It’s going to be done in a huge way,” Gallups said.  He also said that he believes the mainstream media will try to claim credit for the research and reporting on the fraud.  He said that “Freedom Friday” is the only radio show which has reported on it.

Zullo has publicly stated that members of the mainstream media were threatened with their lives if they were to have reported on the questions surrounding Obama’s eligibility and birth documentation.  It is generally believed that the Constitution’s requirement that the president be a “natural born Citizen” means that the person must have been born in the country, although the parents’ citizenship might also be a factor.

The Post & Email has received multiple death threats, site hackings, and a few obscene telephone calls since it began reporting on the questions surrounding Obama’s legitimacy in August 2009.

In 1991, Obama’s official biographer reported that he was born in the country of Kenya, and the write-up was not changed to say that he had been born in Hawaii until he began running for president in 2007.  The biographer explained the 1991 account by saying that she had made a “fact-checking” error.

Normally biographical information is supplied from the writer to the literary agent for publication.

Gallups is author of the bestseller Magic Man in the Sky.

A caller to last night’s show named Tom Arnold, whose editorials The Post & Email has published and has 30 years in law enforcement, claimed to have proof that Obama was not born in the United States.

Also on Friday, Atty. Orly Taitz reported that Maj. Gen. Edward M. Browne, who is retiring on October 1, has reviewed documents she has sent him and “agrees” that Obama usurped the office of the presidency and “needs to be removed from office and prosecuted.”

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  1. Come on now! Bring on that Posse! They’d better hire a few Greyhound buses to haul all the criminals out of DC, Monroe County and Federal/Judicial Offices cause it looks like there are plenty of them that have been working to keep Obama and cronies elevated to serene levels of theft and fraud unparalleled in U.S. and White House History! I think, to save the taxpayers lots of money, they should turn over these “public trustees” to the citizens of the land to do what they seem fit for punishment rather than spend fortunes keeping them in A/C with color TV/Cable or other amenities in “secured special prison units” at taxpayers expense especially since they have squandered so much of the money the taxpayers worked so hard to earn. Wouldn’t it be fun to think of all the things we could do like make them do work and sweat like real people do to try to pay their taxes and be responsible citizens! Of course there could be other scenarios but that is beyond the “scope” is this discussion. We can all dream but might have to be happy with actual “prosecution” of Federal, Judicial and other branches of Government that may have been responsible for this “Ponzi Scheme” from hell.

  2. Treason during a time of war calls for a firing squad. With everybody guilty in this, that would make for hell of a firing squad. I’d love to see it … from a front-row seat.

  3. “Birtherism” racists, hmmm!!!

    So what kind of racism when we challenge guys like Romney, Marco Rubio, Cruz NOT eligible either???

  4. A number of people have been sending this information to Drudge.

    When will his site go back to what made it famous, breaking news rather than waiting to aggregate what others have already published in mainstream media outlets?

    It is, however, interesting and helpful to go to Drudge as he scours the press for his readers; but on this particular topic he has been rather absent.

    He did carry the Arpaio threat news but a little late as other venues, such as WND, The Post Email, ORYR, had already broken the story.

    Drudge is surely “aggregating” all his sources for the OBAMAFRAUDGATE/Usurpation story and will have a wingdinger of a story when he is ready to go “on the record!”

    One would guess, the moment that COLD POSSE says “hitch up the horses” Drudge will jump in and splash it to the world.

    Sharon Rondeau’s readers will not be surprised nor those at ORYR,etc.

    Orly may have a surprise up her sleeve too 22 April with Grinols v Electoral College. Her cases have much merit and go to the very heart of our Constitutional “raison d’etre!”