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by Alan Bates, MD, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Mar. 4, 2013) — Incompetence and irrational ideology run the asylum in Washington. The secular regressive media are shallow minded groupies of  narcissist America-hater Barack Obama,  ignoring  facts  which should be recognized and acted upon for the single purpose of uniting patriotic Americans to preserve our national solvency and our heritage.  Instead his media darlings are oblivious to if not complicit with the downward spiral led by BO and his Marxist friends.   There are hundreds of purposefully destructive acts by this Administration which violate the rule of law and the balance of powers, but the most recent (following the arming of Islamists in Libya which resulted in the loss of  American lives and then trying to cover it up) is the renewed unwillingness of  Obama and his Senate demagogues to address, even admit to,  Fedzilla’s out-of-control spending.  Instead they held out hope that the GOP would cave on a second tax increase on working Americans, but that did not happen.  So  their bluff has been called and Obama’s sequester has now occurred by default;  so he must now try to offload  blame onto the GOP which actually had at least twice proposed alternate spending cuts targeting mostly non-essential items.   The ‘sequester’ was actually a very weak political ploy by Obama to fool Americans into believing that he was serious about addressing Fedzilla’s  bad habits—so weak that it amounts to only a 2.23 percent reduction in the INCREASE in federal spending for the year (meaning NO decrease from prior years).  Here is another perspective: Obama’s Air Force One trip to play golf in Florida with Tiger Woods last week cost roughly what could have otherwise been available to prevent half of the 750,000 ‘non essential’ federal employee furloughs which the Administration says will begin.  One actually wonders why we taxpayers, who the Administration says are essential to funding out-of-control government,  pay the compensation for ‘non-essential federal employees!

Two questions the media won’t ask:

  1. How could the sequester result in cutbacks to any ESSENTIAL federal program, when government spending has increased by 40 percent in six years and the percent of that spending which is deficit spending has increased from 5.9 to 23.7 percent of the total—when Federal employee salary increases have far outpaced increases in the private sector?  Answer:  The sequester does not have to cut any ESSENTIAL federal programs!   ANY such cutbacks are a cynical political ploy by the Obama Administration.  Barack Obama, overcome by his narcissism and anti-American ideology, has created a mini-crisis and relied upon the complicit media hypocrites to exaggerate the resulting effects of the sequester with the hope that he can destroy the nation’s two-party system by falsely accusing the GOP for his manufactured crisis.   The big picture is that the sequester does virtually nothing to rescue our nation from Fedzilla’s annual multi-trillion dollar spending spree and the unsustainable deficits which have resulted primarily under Obama and his big government cronies in Congress during the past six years.
  2. Why do most Democrats not wish to address federal overspending and deficits except through more spending and taxation?  Answer: It is that spending which grows Fedzilla  and not the private economy and thus pulls more Americans—and illegal immigrants who are allowed by this administration to enter and remain here in violation of federal laws—under the Left’s tent of poverty and dependency.  Believe it!  While middle class families and small businesses are still reeling from a failing economic recovery due to the oppression of the private sector by growing Fedzilla (think Obamacare),  Obama and his Senate Democrats now finally admitted they have NO sincere interest whatsoever in cutting federal spending.

Genuine leadership in DC would have gone down a list of all federal programs and outlays and eliminated those which are not constitutionally enumerated responsibilities of the federal government: the Department of Education, which has little to show for itself except destruction of moral values and a drop in American student math and reading skill levels to those associated with third-world countries;  foreign aid to the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic radicals who vow to destroy American culture and religious freedom; funding the useless hypocritical enclave of world dictators called the United Nations who exist mainly to redistribute the wealth of productive humans to the pockets of the elite;  abusive overreach by the EPA;  green energy programs centered around the myth of manmade global warming while obstructing the acquisition and production of less expensive, practical and readily available energy resources (XL pipeline and drilling leases on federal lands); prolific spending on transportation and lavish vacations by elected officials including the Obama family (and more).  A responsible federal government would have followed the rule of law and protected our ‘open’ borders, sparing law-abiding taxpayers the increases in crime,  unemployment, and bankrupt state budgets which result from unfettered access to America by illegals and their families.  Isn’t it ironic (but hardly unexpected) that Obama and his freedom-hating Marxist thieves want to take away the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens, while misusing the sequester as an excuse to release thousands of convicted illegal aliens from prisons onto our streets?   Is that treason?  What about gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels or to Islamic jihadists by the Administration? Is that treason?   What about sharing classified military information with our enemies and The New York Times?  Is that treason?  Look up the definition and believe it!   The ‘sequester’ should be a non-issue compared to these and other illegal and unconstitutional acts of this Administration and its accomplices;  and so should be the intentional ignorance of such important issues by the lamestreet network media.

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