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by Sharon Rondeau

Atty. Orly Taitz will be meeting with a congressman on Tuesday to discuss evidence of Obama’s use of a fraudulent Social Security number and other identification documents

(Mar. 3, 2013) — On Tuesday, Atty. Orly Taitz will be meeting with a congressman from the House Judiciary Committee in Washington, DC.  “That’s the committee that  brings Articles of Impeachment against a corrupt federal judge or Obama appointee as well as the president,” Taitz said.  She also plans to “serve some papers” while in the capital city.

Taitz reported that in her case filed in Mississippi which charges the Democrat Party of Mississippi, Social Security Administrator, Obama and other defendants with racketeering and fraud, the judge did not issue a decision after four months.  Taitz therefore filed a petition in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals seeking a Writ of Mandamus to expedite the judgment, after which Taitz made a shocking discovery.

The case was docketed at the Fifth Circuit on January 10, 2013, after which Taitz asked the clerk how long a decision on an emergency petition normally takes.  She was told “usually about ten days.”  However, as of this writing, Taitz has not been notified of a decision even though almost eight weeks have passed.

“What’s interesting is that about a month and a half after I filed it, the judge in the lower court rendered his decision and denied a default judgment for which I have filed a motion for reconsideration,” Taitz said.  “But it’s interesting that the clerk in the Court of Appeals posted a notation which said ‘docketed,’ and she backdated it for January 10.  I have proof, because just a day or two before she did it, I posted on my website, sometime in February, the actual docket, and it shows only a notation, that I filed a complaint, and the fee was paid.  Then a couple of days later, she made a new docket and retroactively posted ‘January 10, docketed.’  So you can see, time and again, that there are employees of the courts who are guilty of obstruction of justice,” Taitz told us.

“In Berg’s case against me in Pennsylvania, I caught employees of the court repeatedly not docketing documents, letters from defendants, pleadings, exhibits, and moving documents.  It’s the most corrupt establishment I’ve ever seen.  I asked the process servers to go there and put a stamp on every page of the documents, which they refused to do.  I caught a court reporter who removed 14 pages of the pleadings.  I filed a complaint with the chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and then later on, the chief judge of the Third Circuit, and they did nothing.  The same court reporter who removed the 14 pages is still working there.  Now I’m seeing in the case that was filed by Susan Daniels they have the same situation where the courts have removed pages.  So you can see the criminal enterprise running the country.  You can see criminals working in our courts who remove pages from the documents, manipulate dockets, and the judges are covering it all up.”

The Post & Email asked Taitz, “Do you think someone is telling them to do it?” to which she responded, “Oh, absolutely.  This is definitely coordinated.  They’re getting phone calls and being told what to do, to play with the docket and remove things.”

Taitz told us that contrary to popular belief, the case in which several state electors and other plaintiffs requested a stay of certification of the electoral votes be issued has not been dismissed.  She explained:

People didn’t understand.  On January 3, we had a hearing which was only to stay the certification of the electoral votes in Congress, and the judge denied it.  Of course, everywhere in the media, they trumpeted that the case was dismissed, but that is not true.  Later on, the defendants filed motions to dismiss, and I filed an amended complaint.  The same defendants withdrew their motion to dismiss because it was a motion to dismiss the original complaint.  We have a hearing on March 21 on the motion to dismiss the amended complaint.

There’s another interesting fact.  I was supposed to submit my opposition to dismiss on Friday, March 1.  When I was getting ready to file it electronically, because in that district, you have to file electronically, the electronic filing system (ECS) was down.  I could not file it.  I kept doing it again and again, and yesterday it was still down.  I submitted it by Federal Express with a letter to the clerk about what happened.  I even attached a screenshot showing that at that time, it was down.  So hopefully on Monday it will be docketed by the clerks.

I wonder if it’s a weird coincidence.  I’m sure that the judges are being threatened; I’m sure the court police are being threatened, and some might be bought.  I had problems in California at the Court of Appeals where I submitted a couple of letters and a corrupt clerk was hiding those letters from the judges. Instead of submitting the letters, she incorrectly docketed the case and tried to have the case dismissed on technicalities.  Finally, I resubmitted all the paperwork, filed a complaint, and the judge reinstated the case.  So we are fighting a Chicago mafia, a criminal enterprise with utterly corrupt clerks in multiple courts.

The Post & Email asked, “Is there something people can do to change that?” to which she replied:

I filed a petition with Congress, and now we have nearly 45,000 people who signed it.  It’s a huge number of people from all over the nation.  Yet there is such unbelievable corruption in Congress that nobody is doing a thing about it.  We’ll see what will happen this week.  I believe that people are writing about it, talking about it, blogging about it, but it’s not enough.  It’s like what we’re seeing in the Middle East in Egypt and Yemen; people have to be on the streets with signs protesting against corrupt judges, corrupt court employees, corrupt congressmen, demanding that they clean up their act and start proceedings against Obama to send him to prison.  He is just a common criminal using all forged and stolen IDs, and we have such deep corruption that nothing is being done.  I think that they’re preparing a coup; that they are buying – you’ve seen the reports – they’re buying millions of rounds of ammunition.  You would think that the Department of Homeland Security would be buying those rounds of ammunition to fight illegals and criminals, but the same Janet Napolitano who is buying millions of rounds of ammunition is releasing all the criminals into the population.  It would be cheaper to just deport them.  Put them on the bus, send them to the nearest crossing, and be done with them!

I just read an article on AP that said that not only did she release 2,000; she is getting ready to release 3,000 more.  They should be in prison.  The question is:  When we have the biggest criminals running the country, what are the citizens to do?  We have to be on the streets; we have to be protesting.  We have a right to bear arms.  We should be protesting with our arms.  Somebody in New Hampshire wrote to me and said that there was a protest and people brought them, “securing their weapons.”   We have to have people in front of the Department of Homeland Security demanding for Napolitano to resign immediately.  How can we have a director of Homeland Security releasing criminals?

The Post & Email said, “Both she and Obama say they knew nothing about it.”

Then clearly, they should not be holding those positions because they are incapable of running their departments.  Can you imagine:  thousands of dollars were spent by cities and counties to round up all of those criminals, investigate them, arrest them and file a case, forward the information to Homeland Security in the hope that they will be deported, and those criminals are just releasing them!

Taitz told The Post & Email that according to John Sampson, a former senior deportation officer at the then-INS, there are approximately 42,000,000 illegal aliens in the country, many more than the 11,000,000 reported by the Obama regime.

Regarding her schedule for Tuesday, Taitz said that people can contact her at 949-683-5411 or by email (orly.taitz@gmail.com) if they are or could be in the Washington, DC area that day.  She will be in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building at 9:00 a.m. EST and afterward will go to Capitol Hill.  “If supporters want to meet me in front of the Supreme Court at 9:00 a.m., we can take it from there,” Taitz said.

Taitz currently has several other active court cases on which she said the courts have not rendered decisions.  One involves a U.S. Senator whose election was “voided” because after he took office, it was discovered that he was not eligible to hold it.  “We’re seeing a pattern,” she said.  “If a person never qualified, a person’s election can be voided because he were never eligible to begin with.”  She cited case law whereby primary elections are not the purview of Congress, which makes the courts responsible for adjudicating them.  “During the last four years, there has been so much corruption that Obama was given a free ride, and nobody paid any attention to the precedents,” Taitz said.

Taitz was also in Washington on January 20 and 21 to protest Obama’s second inauguration, citing a stolen Social Security number and a school registration from Indonesia “which shows him to be a citizen of Indonesia…[U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John] Roberts had committed treason by swearing in a citizen of Indonesia who is using a name that isn’t his,” Taitz said.

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  1. Orly, I hope that you can get to talk to anyone that will listen in DC. It looks like it’s top to bottom corruption at all levels. The charges are clear, we know what’s been done and what is going on but with the judicial playing along with this Obama Machine, we are seeing windows of opportunity for prosecution flying out the door. We can only wish you the best. Montgomery Sibley is another submitter of many motions and he also found that his papers “didn’t go anywhere” then he inquired and found they were never filed and we haven’t heard what investigations brought out on that smoke and mirrored obfuscation of paperwork. There has been a pattern for many years since American Grand Jury, LTCDR Walt Fitzpatrick, Col. Lakin, Wood and others along with Taitz PA constantly serving presentments and motions. The Dems have been successful in keeping every charge against Obama/Pelosi or any other criminal elements of this usurped regime out of jail and court. After over 4 years of serving criminal presentments, constant coverups, murders, side show LEO/Federal actions, media blackouts, phony press releases and other clown actions by the Chicago Machine, yes-we should be out in front of buildings in DC protesting, but, Orly- I don’t think you will see that or anything different than what we are seeing now. There are so many people making profits from all the corruption and coverups, money laundering, ponzi schemes, pork/pocket linings and others profiteering and lies that it is hard to imagine the size of the political depth of corruption. We wish you the best. Will we repeat the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution when people were fed up with the lies and promises?

  2. It all seems hopeless. I don’t know how Dr. Taitz keeps up her spirit. This is the most frustrating set of circumstances I have ever heard of in the USA. It really is just UNBELIEVABLE ! One has to wonder where it will all end. Will we have a repeat of Germany ?