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by Sharon Rondeau

Obama campaign manager David Axelrod reportedly led Obama to victory in 2012. But did Obama win “fair and square?”

(Feb. 22, 2013) — Directly after the 2012 presidential election, The Post & Email and the Citizens Bureau of Investigation (CBI) called for a forensic investigation and CPA audit of the results, particularly in swing states where “vote-flipping” had been witnessed both during early voting and on Election Day.

Liberty Alliance had also called for a full investigation of the 2012 election by petitioning Congress.  Prior to the January 4 counting of the electoral votes, the North American Law Center had called upon Congress to withhold approval of the votes because of claims of significant election fraud.

Last month, CBI stated that in regard to the “2012 Election Heist,” “the prosecution is just getting going.”

On Tuesday, the John W. Pope Civitas Institute reported that “the staff of the North Carolina State Board of Elections (SBE) successfully subverted state law to facilitate online voter registration in North Carolina by the 2012 Barack Obama campaign. In doing so they coordinated with partisans behind closed doors, lied about the NC Attorney General’s Office concurring with the SBE staff on the issue, and dodged oversight by their own board and the legislature. The end result was to add thousands of people to the North Carolina voter rolls illegally.”

Although the state of North Carolina awarded its electoral votes to Romney on December 17, James Simpson, writing at The Examiner, stated, “Up until now, my assumption has been that, while they [the Obama campaign] plainly engaged in vote fraud in some circumstances, it wasn’t enough to throw the election. Depending upon whether or not they used tricks like this nationwide – and they probably did – they may have in fact stolen this election.”  Simpson has written for WorldNetDaily, American Thinker, The Washington Times and other mainstream publications.

Civitas reported that more than 11,000 invalid voter registrations were taken online in violation of North Carolina law.  The registrations were reportedly taken by collusion between the North Carolina State Board of Elections (SBE) and Allpoint Voter Services, a private firm employed by the Obama campaign.

On October 27, 2012, Rasmussen Reports had stated that Romney held a six-point lead over Obama in North Carolina.

On January 4, 2013, U.S. News & World Report’s left-leaning Robert Schlesinger crowed that Obama’s win over Romney  had not been “particularly close.”  Schlesinger has been attempting to convince his audience that voter fraud did not occur in at least one county in Ohio, ridiculing the notion that more votes were cast than people registered to vote by asking, “Well that would certainly be something, wouldn’t it?”

Romney had surged in the polls following the first presidential debate.  Concerns over the poor economy, unemployment close to 8%, and later, the Obama regime’s response to the four deaths at the Benghazi, Libya outpost on September 11 resulted in polls which were statistically tied.

The Ohio Secretary of State has recently directed all 88 county election boards in his state to review “credible” reports of election fraud, including voters who cast more than one ballot and said that they believed they had done nothing wrong.

Out of several key swing states, Romney reportedly won only North Carolina, with Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, and ultimately Florida being awarded to Obama.  A poll done on Election Day in Colorado showed Romney leading Obama, although other polls were mixed.

On October 26, CBS News reported that polls in Ohio between Romney and Obama were “dead even” in the women’s vote, although a poll was cited showing Obama five points ahead overall.  A writer at CatholicVote.org had predicted that Romney would lose Ohio but achieve 266 electoral votes because of recent polls which had shown Romney “comfortably ahead” in the states of Florida, Virginia and North Carolina.

Experienced political pundits Dick Morris and Karl Rove had both predicted an easy Romney win nationally.  Last spring, when favorability numbers decreased, the Obama campaign had reportedly intimidated employees of Gallup, Inc., which has published national opinion polls since 1950. Gallup had shown Romney with a slight lead both earlier in the campaign and during the last four days leading up to Election Day.

The Obama campaign had reported that its candidate was ahead in early voting in Ohio, citing an increase in women, minority and young voters.  Historically, minorities and youths have not tipped elections, although women are reportedly now a majority of voters.  Yahoo! News, which is normally favorable to Obama, reported on October 31, 2012 that “the non-white voting bloc” was “insufficient to guarantee re-election of the Democratic incumbent.”

On October 18, 2012, The New York Daily News reported that Romney had a “stunning 7-point lead” in a newly-released Gallup poll.

In 2008, “vote-flipping” was reported in early voting in numerous states, including the “swing” states of Colorado and Iowa, as well as Tennessee, West Virginia and Texas.  In 2012, the same phenomenon was reported in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida, the last four of which were considered swing states.

Attorneys for both presidential campaigns had prepared for disputes resulting from a very close election, but on the evening of November 6, Obama was awarded 332 electoral votes to Romney’s 206.

People casting votes who were ineligible to do so have been reported in Iowa, while military votes were largely not counted.  The Obama Department of Justice sued Texas, South Carolina and Arizona for passing laws to require voter identification on Election Day.

TruetheVote, an organization dedicated to election integrity, has filed a lawsuit over the results of the congressional race between Allen West and Patrick Murphy, citing the St. Lucie County elections supervisor’s denial of access to inspect voting records from 2012.  West had contested the unofficial results but ceased legal action just before Thanksgiving.  TruetheVote did not respond to The Post & Email’s request for an interview shortly after its lawsuit was announced.

Numerous members of Obama’s first-term cabinet have been announcing their resignations, and a political activist, Lyndon LaRouche, declared four weeks ago that “indictments” against Obama and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke were in the process of being acted upon.  LaRouche also did not return an email asking for comment on his video remarks made on January 25.

On November 14, it was reported that former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan stated that Obama won the election “fair and square.”  But with the illegal election schemes coming to light in several states, is there evidence to indicate that he did not?

Is Obama really the person the American people chose last November?

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  1. America lost when they allowed a Traitor to usurp the Presidency a SECOND time. I WON’T back down. Having Obama arrested and tried for Treason, espionage, fraud, murder, RICO Act violations, inter alia, is now my mission in life.

    Obama “won” nothing. Obama is a fraud. One cannot legally win something if fraud is involved. Obama belongs in the Brig. The Obama faux “administration” is a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization. Shame on the Supreme Court and Shame on Congress for their continued Misprision of Treason and Malfeasance as well as dereliction of Duty. They should be VERY ashamed!

    1. Baaah! Baah! Baaah! We are little sheep
      Feeding at the Entitlement trough
      Baaah! It’s our way of life that we keep
      We want more, status quo is never enough
      Baaah! Baah! We don’t care about democracy
      Or Civil Rights because we’re ignoramuses
      As long as we get ours who cares if we’re free?
      Baaah! We vote for the color of the epidermis
      We’ve erased all the gains of Rosa Parks
      What do we care, we’re in charge now
      The whole voting concept we’ve made it a lark!
      It’s “Obama Money”, he’s our “Cash Cow”
      Baaah! Stand in line! Baah! Stay in line!
      Be quiet for it’s time for our Zyklon B shower.
      Baaah! Baah! Baaah! You’re not a Birther, are you?
      We won! You lost! Nah nah nah naaah nah! Baaah!

  2. I argued for several years with people who said “my vote doesn’t count anyway, so why vote?”. The ballot box is corrupt, the jury box is also – does that mean the ammo box is the only option left? I will still vote until my life is over. I will still proudly serve on the jury (it’s not a duty – it’s a privilege), and I will keep my ammo box loaded and handy.