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by Sharon Rondeau

Karen Gordon Mills has announced her resignation as Small Business Administrator had, the last in a number of departures from the Obama regime

(Feb. 11, 2013) — Karen Gordon Mills, who was appointed by Obama in April 2009 to serve as Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator, has tendered her resignation several days after her deputy announced her resignation late last week.

Mills’ position had included streamlining the application process for small businesses to obtain federal loans.  In early 2012, Obama had temporarily made the SBA Administrator a cabinet-level position.

Small businesses are still awaiting promised federal aid in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in late October.

Mills stated that she will remain until a new person is appointed but did not detail her future plans.  She has extensive experience in the private sector and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

The agency employs approximately 3,000 people in 68 district offices throughout the country.

To date, the following cabinet members have indicated they will depart the regime or have already left:

The executive cabinet of the federal government normally contains 15 positions but had 16 counting Mills.

In an editorial masquerading as news, The Washington Post incorrectly claimed that “Everyone apparently loves Clinton.”

Panetta recommended a 1% increase for active members of the military, which amounts to a decrease in pay for members of the active military.  Obama proposed the same rate of increase for unionized federal workers who said that the proposal was “absolutely unconscionable.”

Acting Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank is not expected to stay, as Obama has nominated a Chicago acquaintance to replace her.

Several days after the November election, The Associated Press characterized the then-announced departures as “Obama is weighing replacements for high-profile officials expected to leave his Cabinet and the White House soon. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton both want to step down but have indicated a willingness to push their departures into next year, or at least until successors are confirmed. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta also wants to retire next year.”

On January 21, The Huffington Post posed the departures as a question, asking, “Who’s Staying, Who’s Leaving?”  Their statement reads:

Of the 15 government department heads on Obama’s first-term cabinet, 12 members have decided whether they will be back for term two. Two secretaries are undecided, and the Department Of Commerce position is still headed by an acting secretary.

What exactly did that mean?

CNN reported that Obama was “making some changes to his Cabinet.”

Several news services contained similar titles in their reporting of the exodus of Obama’s cabinet members.  On December 6, The Washington Post reported:

Some members of President Obama’s current Cabinet have expressed a desire to leave after the president’s first term, and so the speculation game begins as to who could fill their shoes. Other Cabinet members might like to stay, but could be asked to make room for new appointees. Ultimately, the decision is up to the president.

A citizen’s letter to the editor published on November 14, 2012 stated, in part:

I personally will never understand why a rational, reasonably intelligent adult would even consider Obama for a second term. There have been too many cover-ups, excuses, government bailouts (of the wrong population), divisiveness, blame, deflection of responsibility, racism, apologies, arrogance and too many vacations involuntarily paid for by people like me.

I’ve already lost everything I spent my life working for during Obama’s first term, so I have nothing to lose except what’s left of my mind. I can only pray that those who voted for the fraud they call president will wake up soon, realize how they’ve been snookered and urge their representatives to begin impeachment proceedings immediately.

Obama is scheduled to give a State of the Union address on Tuesday night in which he will focus on jobs.  After running up trillions of dollars in national debt, Obama is now calling for debt reduction.

In a case filed by Atty. Orly Taitz in California challenging Obama’s legitimacy and documentation, Obama’s attorneys failed to provide a response by the mandated date of January 25, and Taitz has asked for a default judgment. On the same day, a three-judge panel found that four Obama appointees from early last year had been serving in violation of the U.S. Constitution.  Also on January 25, political activist Lyndon LaRouche stated in a video that a number of indictments had been issued against Obama and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

In another case, Taitz has filed a preliminary injunction asking that Department of Justice attorneys be precluded from representing Obama.

Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form have been found to be “computer-generated forgeries,” and a law enforcement investigation into his background and identity documents continues.  His Connecticut Social Security number has been questioned but not answered by anyone in government.

On February 15, a third case filed by Taitz will be considered in conference by the U.S. Supreme Court along with an eligibility challenge filed by Montgomery Blair Sibley, who is a former attorney and published author.

In her case, Taitz claims that Obama is a “citizen of Indonesia” and is “using [a] last name not legally his.”

A researcher claims that Obama has committed identity fraud and falsified his public life story.

Have the cabinet members who have announced their departure or already left made their own State of the Union addresses?

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  1. So she and her deputy have both walked out.


    Good for Karen. Tonight when aka Obama takes to the stage to spew his filthy lies about his efforts to revive and bolster our economy, at least Karen can listen with a clear conscience that she’s no longer party to his demolition plot.