by Sharon Rondeau

How many members of Obama’s cabinet are smiling now?

(Jan. 10, 2013) — On December 12, 2012, The Post & Email called out the website for reproducing its work without citations or even a proper reference to our site. After several email exchanges with the person claiming to be the blog owner, he or she agreed to remove our material.  On December 13, posts taken from The Post & Email as well as those discussing Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, Darren Huff and Atty. Van Irion were removed from the site.

The blog owner announced that he would be taking “a well deserved vacation” of several weeks shortly after our last exchange in which no response was received to our question, “What is your name?”

In his final post dated December 14, he noted with sadness the atrocity at Sandy Hook Elementary School and indicated that his blog had become “irrelevant” because of his upcoming lengthy vacation and other reasons:

Since the lawsuits are coming to an end anyway, and given that I see no reason to believe that the Electoral College or Congress will throw any curve balls, and given my vacation, this site would lose most of its relevance anyway. If you are looking for any older cases, then I suggest you search Jack Ryan’s or Noul Chan’s scribd pages. Most if not all of the documents I was citing are available there through the hard work of people like Realist and others I may forget to give due credit.

On January 10, 2013, Dr. Conspiracy of stated that he was taking a week’s vacation and recommended that his readers visit a number of other pro-Obama websites labeled “The Good.”

The first, “BadFiction,” was active as of January 9, 2013.

The second, Barackryphal, has not posted anything new since November 14, 2012.

Conspiracy’s recommendation of further reinforces the evidence that Factcheck is a pro-Obama website rather than an independent news organization.

The next website in the list, Recommending the Obama Birth Mysteries, has not posted since October 17, 2012.  The author of the post, one John Woodman, is believed to be an alias.  Following that is nativeborncitizen, discussed above.

“Natural Born Citizenship Research” is next on the list, although there has been nothing new pubished there since October 29, 2011. “Oh, For Goodness Sake” has not published anything since November 6, 2012, the day of the presidential election, when they posted, “Hey, Birthers, You lost again.”

The next site, Reality Check Radio, appears active with a broadcast covering Atty. Orly Taitz’s Grinols v. Electoral College case in which Taitz’s request for a Temporary Restraining Order of the electoral votes was denied.  The radio show was broadcast on the same day as the hearing, January 4.  “Realist” referred to by nativeborncitizen is the usual host of the radio show and is also a poster at The Fogbow.

The Post & Email was in touch with someone approximately two years ago who identified all of the members of The Fogbow by name, address and telephone number.

The Birther Think Tank contains a post dated October 6, 2012 by “Squeeky Fromm,” who at one time pretended to be an Obama opponent at The Post & Email; however, his true allegiance was “transparent” early on.

“The Fogbow” is next on the list and has a number of active pages as of January 10, 2013.  A “Special Reports” tab which brings the reader to a page subtitled:

Arpaio 2 in 2D – The Shock of Zullo!

Watch this space for the debunking information

regarding Sheriff Joe’s July 17 Press Conference

contains no other text, but the report appears after clicking a “Special Report” link on the home page.  The writeup is lengthy, undated and bears no author.  In it, the following claim is made:

The next recommended reading is “Turning the Scale,” which does not appear to have published anything since March of last year and refers to The Post & Email as a “waste of electrons.”  The blog author uses profanity and insults to communicate his derision for those seeking the truth about Barack Hussein Obama’s origins.

The last item on Dr. Conspiracy’s list is “What’s Your Evidence,” whose last entry is dated January 23, 2009, just after Obama’s inauguration.

The Daily Pen, who The Post & Email has long suspected is run by an Obama operative under a false front, has not published anything new since November 16, 2012.

In a post dated January 6, 2013, Dr. Conspiracy indicated that false information had been posted by Obama supporters to “punk” Dr. Jerome Corsi of WorldNetDaily.

On Wednesday, Atty. Taitz announced that a case charging Obama with forgery, fraud, and use of a stolen Social Security number will be conferenced by the U.S. Supreme Court on February 15, 2013. Taitz has another case pending in federal court in Jackson, MS, which charges Obama, his campaign, Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Party of Mississippi and others with racketeering and other crimes for presenting a false image as an official birth certificate for Obama.

Also made public on Wednesday was the resignation of Obama’s Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis, who follows the announced departures of EPA head Lisa Jackson; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is due to testify about the Benghazi debacle reportedly on January 22; Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner; and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, who claimed that there was “not a clear enough picture” to deploy assistance during the Benghazi attack.  It was later revealed that two U.S. drones were flying over the outpost relaying video in real time to the White House as the event unfolded and Amb. Christopher Stevens was trapped in a smoke-filled “safe room.”

Clinton reportedly claimed that “the White House” put out misleading information stating that the Benghazi attack was precipitated by an anti-Islamic video, which was proven false.  Clinton and United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice had parroted the regime line until the intelligence community corrected the record and stated that it knew within 24 hours that a terrorist attack had occurred.

Some believe that Barack Obama gave the order to the U.S. military to “stand down” after the terrorist attack was launched against the outpost, which may actually have been a CIA building used to transfer arms to Syrian rebels in an effort to topple Bashir Assad from power.

Today, the Presidential Prayer Team is asking for prayers for FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, who has received numerous complaints naming Obama in treason but has to date done nothing about them.

Obama’s putative attorney general, Eric Holder, was cited for civil and criminal contempt of Congress by the U.S. House of Representatives last June over the Fast & Furious operation, and a federal lawsuit demanding release of the documents he and Obama are keeping private is pending.  Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Darrell Issa has compared Fast & Furious to “Nixon’s Watergate” in which President Richard M. Nixon was forced to resign or face impeachment and criminal charges.

A law enforcement investigation revealed last March and confirmed in July that at least two of Obama’s records are forgeries and has attempted since then to engage federal officials in continuing their investigation, including Congress.  Last Friday, Congress certified the 332 electoral votes for Obama despite considerable evidence of widespread voter fraud, including failure to count military votes and touch-screen machines changing votes from Romney to Obama in at least five states.  Obama’s eligibility for the office has been questioned since 2008, when now-suspended attorney Philip J. Berg filed the first eligibility challenge, claiming that Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii.

Whether or not Obama is a “natural born Citizen” as mandated by the U.S. Constitution because of his foreign-citizen father is another unanswered question, although lawyers representing Obama and state election boards in numerous state ballot challenges last year insisted that Obama’s birth certificate is valid and that being born on U.S. soil is enough for him to qualify.

Will the U.S. Supreme Court order an investigation into the claims of Obama’s fraudulent documentation?  Are the Obots running scared in the wake of possible criminal prosecution?

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  1. All the dems in this picture could fill a middle size prison bus, what a lasting pleasure it would be to see them all in handcuffs going off to life in prison without bail!!!! Their motto of “crime does pay” needs to be rewarded but not the way they are rewarding themselves and for the last horrific 4 years of planned usurpation and voter/election and bari’s identity fraud! Arrest and prosecute the usurpers now!

  2. Could Chief Justice Roberts surprise the obots more than he surprised the rest of us when he ruled on Obamacare? Could he pull the rug right out from underneath the most horrendous crime committed in American history–the criminal usurpation of the presidency by an enemy agent of Islam practicing taqqiya? Could he insist that the two Supreme Court Justices appointed by Obama MUST recuse themselves from participating in any consideration of the matter of Mr. Obama’s purported constitutional eligibility on account of their obvious conflict of interest for their very appointments to the court would necessarily have to be retro-actively abrogated having taken place within the commission of a crime of unparalleled magnitude?
    Will Chief Justice Roberts look at the evidence discovered by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s volunteer Cold Case Posse?
    Could Chief Justice Roberts unmask the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa and save the American experiment in government of the people?
    Let us pray that God shall bless America and Chief Justice Roberts will find the intestinal fortitude to stand against the immense injustice of permitting the criminal usurpation of the presidency to continue.
    Better clean your weapons and ammunition. If Mr. Obama / Soetoro is taken into custody there will be blood in the streets. Such is often the price for liberty.

  3. Odd also that noneother than CHARLIE RANGEL raked the Obama administration over the coals today.

    “It’s embarrassing as Hell!” said he about the lack of Obama Administration diversity!

    Wait till the REAL EMBARRASSMENT is exposed! Hmm Hmm Hmm

  4. Ya’ steal.a little,ya’ lie a little,then you graciously bow out when you work for bari,not to worry! What’s a little obfuscation? I wonder how bari’s $35 million retirement mansion in hawaii is coming?