The Post & Email Calls out the Operators of “Native Born Citizen” as Plagiarists

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by Sharon Rondeau

Who runs the website ““, which defends Obama and demonizes anyone questioning him?  Why would someone dedicate so much time to discrediting others?

(Dec. 12, 2012) — Over more than two years, a pro-Obama website has lifted, word-for-word, The Post & Email’s copyrighted work and reproduced it without permission or attribution.

Numerous examples of our eyewitness interviews and other articles can be found at without a link to the original source and often without any identifying items at all.

Interestingly, the website does give attribution to other media outlets which typically toe the government line.

The website has carefully followed the stories of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III and Darren Huff, who have been outspoken about corruption in Monroe County, TN.  Huff is serving a four-year prison term and Fitzpatrick has accused Obama of treason on several occasions, as have other citizens.  The site often calls Fitzpatrick and this writer “confused” and attempts to convince its readers that our research is wrong while it has been affirmed by an attorney.

The authors have also attempted to discredit Attys. Orly Taitz and Mario Apuzzo for seeking information on Obama’s background, identity, Social Security number, and in Taitz’s case, for bringing racketeering charges against Obama and his campaign.

It has been reported that Obama “won” the 2008 caucuses by fraud and that massive election fraud in 2012 garnered him another “victory.”  He has refused to release his college transcripts and other documentation, and his short-form and long-form birth certificates as well as his Selective Service registration form have been pronounced by a law enforcement investigation to be forgeries.

Who would defend such a person?  How many would be willing to spend the time it has taken to catalog all of the reporting, legal actions, ballot challenges, and legal arguments against Obama’s eligibility?  Who else other than, perhaps, Obama himself?

Character assassination and discrediting, which Obama has used in his political campaigns, are common on the site.  Native Born Citizen is associated with other sites including The Fogbow, Oh For Goodness Sake, Turning the Scale, and Obama Conspiracy Theories.

The Digitial Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) signed by President Bill Clinton in 1998 prevents the electronic or other dissemination of another’s copyrighted work without permission in most situations.  On page 6, the act states that there is an “obligation to protect the integrity of copyright management information (CMI).  The scope of the protection” deals with “false CMI” and “removal or alteration of CMI, if done with the intent to induce, enable, facilitate or conceal infringement.”

All of the material identified for purposes of this writing which appear on Native Born Citizen has been reproduced without permission or attribution and ignores our published copyright policy.

Some examples follow:

The Post & Email requests that the owner of Native Born Citizen contact Sharon Rondeau, Editor, to discuss its copyright infringement practices after having been notified by the web host, WordPress, about it in September of this year.  As you provided no response to WordPress’s disabling of the content in question at that time, you have acknowledged that you violated our copyright.

We also wish to discuss the defamation and misrepresentation of our work prior to filing a lawsuit, which the DMCA provides as a remedy:

Any person injured by a violation of section 1201 or 1202 may bring a civil action in Federal court.  Section 1203 gives courts the power to grant a range of equitable monetary remedies similar to those available under the Copyright Act, including statutory damages.

The copyright violations of which The Post & Email accuses Native Born Citizen cannot be termed “innocent” at this juncture.  For the website owners to spend such a significant amount of time reporting on our work, they must be worried about the impact we are having.  Otherwise, why would they do it?

Native Born Citizen operators can reach this writer at:

The Post & Email
P.O. Box 195
Stafford Springs, CT  06076

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