by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 23, 2012) — Liberty Alliance, “a network of web sites dedicated to defending and celebrating the American way of life,” has launched a Petition for Redress, citing numerous reported instances of fraud in the 2012 election.

Voter irregularities have been identified in many states, including non-English-speaking people apparently having been driven to a polling station in Ohio and instructed to vote for Democrats.

On Thursday, it was reported that more than 1,200 people have been identified as most likely ineligible to vote in Iowa after casting votes on November 6.

The Post & Email has called on Rep. Darrell Issa to conduct a forensic investigation of the November 6 presidential election.  The results were announced at about midnight to have been won by Obama after he reportedly won a majority of votes in Ohio and other swing states.  Earlier that evening, Romney had been leading in both the electoral and popular votes after only East Coast voting had been reported.  Romney won all of the predictably-Republican states of Kansas, Oklahoma, Montana, Texas and the Deep South, with the exception of Florida, which did not finish counting until several days later.

Obama’s “home state” of Illinois has long been known for various types of corruption, including election fraud.  Obama’s home state was reportedly Hawaii before it was Illinois, although his biographer also said he was born in Kenya.  Obama has called Jakarta, Indonesia, his “old home town.”  Prior to and after the 2008 election, millions of citizens questioned whether or not Obama meets the U.S. Constitution’s Article II requirement of “natural born Citizen.”

Obama cast his vote in Illinois during the early voting period, but many question if he is even a U.S. citizen given his reported exotic background.

Many military ballots were reportedly destroyed in a plane crash, not sent on time, or not counted.

An organization identified as the Citizens Bureau of Investigation (CBI) claims that the Obama campaign effected invisible election theft by altering computer software programs so that votes for Romney would be switched to votes for Obama, thereby solidifying what had been Obama’s struggle to retain his position in the White House.  Months after the Republican primary but shortly before the general election, Democrats claimed that Republicans had manipulated the primary votes to nominate Mitt Romney in the same manner identified by the CBI.

Some had predicted that the Obama regime would “steal” the election by allowing illegal aliens to vote.  Prior to the election, Eric Holder and the U.S. Department of Justice sued several states for passing laws requiring photo identification in order to cast a vote.

Former Obama campaign leaders have accused Gallup, Inc., a major polling firm for the past 50 years, for favoring Republicans when Obama had actually been ahead.  Gallup was not the only group to have reported Romney ahead in the months and weeks leading up to the election, although both candidates were reportedly very close and within the margin of error.

Despite a record amount of money spent on congressional campaigns in 2012, the House and Senate are approximately the same as before the election, with Republicans retaining the House and Democrats the Senate.  The party which controls the Senate decides whether or not to pass or even consider legislation passed by the House.

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  1. The Parable of the Missing Chickens
    Once upon a time this rooster noticed that chickens were missing from the coup, so he decided to hire an investigating agency to determine the cause.
    The only detective available was Fox Detective Agency, which accepted the contract and, after millions were spent (excluding over-runs), it was determined that no law was broken: End of Story.
    The aware rooster is the public, the coup Congress, and the Fox government employees (CIA, FBI, NSA, etctera), politicians, mainstream media, and Obots who may be aware of wrong-doings/illegal activities but refuse to acknowledge that votes were missing/stolen/lost/not counted/wrongly counted and that there very well may be a direct correlation between how the 2008 votes were tabulated also.
    The day of the ballot has come and gone, and if Americans want the Truth, want Justice, they’re going to have to fight for it, for the courts have been corrupted beyond recognition: today’s courts are nothing but a mouthpiece for the White House.

  2. Add this to Savage:

    WND’s Joseph Farah now writing: “Election was STOLEN.”

    ORLY: Emergency Petition for Stay of Certification of Election Results filed with California Supreme Court. If rejected goes DIRECTLY to Anthony Kennedy at SCOTUS.

    Quo Vadis America?

  3. Michael Savage now announcing to his million plus audience that the Election was “ROBBED.”

    One gets a feeling of foreboding deep in one’s entrails with this growing realization.

    Quo vadis America?

  4. Who were the Obama programmers that set up the voting machines? Where’s the list? You don’t have to have a high IQ to figure this one out! Where are the prosecutors that will begin an investigation? Will Martha and Sharon be able to get any one in this criminal organization to even show any interest? If having an un-vetted Muslim in POTUS is OK, then how will we get anyone to look at voter fraud? We know fraud has been all about this faux POTUS and fraud was part of both “elections” in Dem circles to get this freak in but where’s the long arm of the law? Lights are on but no one’s home? America is quietly sleeping while the Titanic slowly slips beneath the waves.