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by Sharon Rondeau

The state of Kansas was named after the Kansa Indian tribe which inhabited it along with the Pawnee, Arapaho, Kiowa and Osage tribes

(Oct. 1, 2012) — Atty. Orly Taitz has informed The Post & Email that attorneys for the defense have filed a motion for a stay of a scheduled October 3 hearing in Topeka, Kansas which she believes Judge Larry Hendricks will grant.

Taitz had filed a lawsuit in Kansas following a September 17 Objections Board hearing which concluded in allowing Obama’s name on the state ballot because the objector, Joe Montgomery, had officially withdrawn his objection to Obama’s eligibility.

On Friday, there was a conference call among three attorneys representing the defense and Taitz.

Taitz said that the judge has requested that she file an opposition to the defense’s motion and that the record be fully briefed.  “After it’s fully briefed, the judge will be scheduling the hearing,” she said.  “He asked me how many witnesses I would have and the defense how many the defense would have.  I’m waiting for his written order and hoping that I get it on Monday.”  In an interview on September 26, Taitz had stated that Judge Hendricks had agreed to hear witnesses and had asked how many would be testifying and the amount of time they would require.

Taitz told The Post & Email that the defense had “several reasons” for asking for a stay of the hearing.  They have contended that “there was no duress” on Joe Montgomery, the Kansas man who had filed a ballot objection but then withdrawn it prior to a hearing held by the Kansas Board of Objections, stating that he received an “abusive reaction.” “They claimed that they had no evidence of duress, but Montgomery clearly wrote that he was withdrawing because of intimidating phone calls and emails against his friends and family,” Taitz said.

“They said that I did not claim that the Kansas Secretary of State committed fraud, and in order for the court to hear this, there has to be a claim of fraud,” she said.  Taitz told The Post & Email that she “has no problem filing an amended complaint and stating that.”  Taitz said that she respects Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who has filed a lawsuit against the Obama regime’s new policy toward certain illegal immigrants, but “if they insist, I will do it.”

Kobach’s office reportedly received a verification letter of Obama’s vital record from Alvin Onaka, Registrar at the Hawaii Department of Health, which Taitz stated is not adequate in the situation with Obama. “According to the Rules of Evidence 1002, 1003 and 1004, you have to submit an additional document if there is doubt about authenticity.  You are allowed to submit a copy only if there is no genuine question of authenticity.  If they had a genuine question of authenticity, fraud committed and forgery, Kobach has no right to admit the letter from Onaka as evidence of authenticity.  So Judge Hendricks wanted me to fully brief this matter.  The defense attorneys said, ‘Well, we’re really not a court of law; we’re just a quasi-judicial entity and the rules are loose…'”

The Post & Email sent a Kansas Open Records Request (KORA) with payment of $8.16 to Atty. Ryan Kriegsnauser of the Office of Legal Counsel and Policy at the Kansas Secretary of State’s office.  We received an acknowledgement both electronically and by standard mail and are awaiting the “roughly 18 pages” which Kriegsnauser anticipated would be responsive to our request.

Taitz currently has a total of six cases active throughout the country, including in California, Indiana, and Mississippi.  She is currently researching previous Kansas ballot objection hearings as to which rules of evidence were applied and the precedents used.  “Was there an abuse of discretion, fraud committed by the members of the Objections Board, or did they actually act in good faith by accepting Onaka’s certification in light of the genuine question of authenticity of the document and evidence of fraud and forgery and the fact that Onaka himself is actually complicit?  If he is a person of interest who is involved in forgery and fraud, then the Objections Board and Secretary of State actually became complicit by accepting a letter from Onaka and not getting the actual original document,” Taitz said.  She has asked that anyone able to research the issue contact her at orly.taitz@gmail.com.

On Sunday Taitz filed an “application for stay of certification of the 2012 votes for Obama pending resolution of the issue of his use of a stolen CT SSN ID” to the U.S. Supreme Court which she explains in more depth in a posting on her website dated October 1.  Her filing stems from her case, Taitz v. Astrue, which was filed to obtain a certified copy of Obama’s original Social Security number application, a request which had been denied through standard FOIA requests.

Taitz has requested that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Cold Case Posse Lead Investigator Mike Zullo attend the Kansas hearing to testify in regard to the fraud and forgery they alleged took place in the creation of Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form.  At the second press conference held about the posse’s findings on July 17, 2012, Arpaio had called upon Congress to launch an investigation.  Zullo has claimed that Speaker of the House John Boehner has refused to do so.

On Thursday, The Post & Email contacted the Public Information Officer at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to inquire if Zullo or Arpaio would appear in Kansas to testify, but we have received no response.

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  1. Either Arpaio has a corrupt streak running through him or he and family members have been threatened. What other conceivable reason could there be for him not to testify? The latter seems the most reasonable.

  2. If Arpaio and Zullo don’t testify then the entire investigation was a waste. Most likely, the Tea Party members (not only those from Surprise, AZ) and all Maricopa conservatives will not vote for Sheriff Joe at that point. Integrity in every office is what the citizens not only want, but demand. Voters are tired of being lied to and scammed by politicians seeking office.