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September 17, 2012

Sen. Tom Coburn had promised constituent Miki Booth at an open meeting that he would contact Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office about Arpaio’s findings that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form are forgeries

Hi Mike,

It is becoming ever more apparent that the good Doctor, Senator Coburn, is planning on reneging on his promise to contact you folks for a briefing on the REAL developments of Obama’s fraudulent documents.

As another tack on this objective, would you be willing to telephone the Senator and try to initiate this briefing? I realize that he could be “unavailable” but this would at least PROVE that he is going to be part of the PROBLEM rather than the solution. I was thinking of your emailing Dr. Coburn’s Chief of Staff Michael Schwartz (Michael_Schwartz@coburn.senate.gov) with a cc to Courtney Shadegg, the Dr’s scheduler (courtney_shadegg@coburn.senate.gov) with a proposed time of calling and asking if that was agreeable as you were being pestered by Dr. Coburn’s constituents asking WHEN the briefing that he promised he would take, is going to happen.

A staffer in Coburn’s office here in Oklahoma City, told me this morning that she was getting “lots of calls” regarding this issue and I’m afraid that he still thinks he can get by with stonewalling. I realize that hearing you out, would provide absolutely NO assurance that he would still DO anything; but it would remove his alibi that he hasn’t heard this side of the equation.

What with the reluctance of our elected officials (Sheriff Arpaio being the NOTABLE EXCEPTION) and our Oath DEFYING judges, it is getting EXTREMELY difficult for We the People to reclaim our Country!

Please let me know what your views are.


Dick Irish

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  1. AND, might I ask, what else would ONE come to expect from one of America’s 535 “TRAITOR People’s Representatives” that is Permeating the “District of Criminals” with continuing Ignorance and DEMENTIA in regards to their Swearing and Attesting Support for “The Constitution of the United States of America, and that for which SHE Stands??”
    (OH, I forgot, it is “The U.S. Corp. Corporate Constitution of Crooks and Thieves!”)~~~

  2. I’d say you have another Chucky Schumer like I have. He’s the stupid looking guy always trying to get his picture taken when they try to show what a wonderful job the dumbocrats are doing.