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by Sharon Rondeau

What is behind the big toothy smile?

(Sep. 9, 2012) — In an “unusual day on the campaign trail,” Barack Hussein Obama is seen being grabbed and lifted into the air by the owner of a restaurant in Ft. Pierce, FL.

Has Obama lost his mind?

Where was the Secret Service?  What were they thinking?  And what was Biden attempting to do today?

Obama joked about the tax cuts which he purports Mitt Romney would make if elected, oddly associating tax cuts with one’s “love life.”  What does one have to do with the other?

Obama’s public story is that he has two daughters, but does he have two sons also?  Whose son is he?

Before the 2008 election, Obama thought there were 57 states in the country.  He believes that Islam has always been a part of American culture when it has not.  Where was Obama educated to believe that?

He says he wants to help the middle class, but having been a member of a socialist political party and desirous of “spreading the wealth around,” there is no basis for his newfound claim.  Socialists and communists do not believe in a growing middle class.  “Shared responsibility” equates to government ownership and control of the means of production of goods.  If Obama is a committed communist, he would have no plans to “fix the economy” other than to have the government assume control over more segments of it.

For more than two years, at least one mental health professional has been questioning Obama’s behavior, calling it “odd.” Others have called it “bizarre.”

Obama has been said to have used cocaine in the presence of others, and he has himself admitted to using it. Prior to being elected, there were times when he could not seem to organize his thoughts.

Is he using cocaine now? Why is his daily schedule monotonous at times and at others, not even posted?

He lies constantly when he says “no more secrecy.”  His college records and original paper birth certificate are still hidden from the public.  His real name may be, also.

Obama has been called “neurotic,” “narcissistic,” and “unfit for office.”  He seems to have a need to feel “loved.”  “Narcissism” is defined as an “inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity. Synonyms: self-centeredness, smugness, egocentrism.”

“Narcissistic personality disorder” is defined as “a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism.”  Is that true of Obama?

Does Obama care more about himself than the 320,000,000 Americans he is supposed to be protecting?  Is he protecting or betraying?  Has he taken the side of the Muslims rather than the free world?  Have the “political winds shifted in an ugly direction?”

Is Obama’s behavior measured, balanced, and what one would expect from the occupant of the Oval Office and commander-in-chief of the U.S. military, or are he and his wife fake?

While the Secret Service said more than three years ago that it could not arrest Obama, its members apparently can arrest those breaking the law by issuing threats.  [Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email condemns any and all threats of violence in any form.]

Is Obama “unhinged?”  Or worse, is he crazy, as Esquire Magazine ponders?


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  1. “Crazy” for us may be “normal” for him.

    He may seem aberrant to us (he does), but he may be within his own “Comfort zone” so that he does not perceive how odd he seems. He seems highly petulant in any case.

    His “Weltanschauung” or “world view” (much as was depicted in the movie “2016”)is not traditionally “American.” Just as the D’Souza points out in the documentary, it is certainly “Anti-Colonialist.” However, for all his protestations that he is “NOT or EVER has been MUSLIM” his ACTIONS do resemble that of Islamic TRIUMPHALISM.

    His use of deceit, deception and slight of hand techniques DO resemble “TAQIYYA.”

    His disregard for Israel is CLEAR and, though only slightly veiled, is more in keeping with the ideas of the 57 States of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. (His “slip of tongue” was very taqiyyah-like..he could telegraph his world view under the guise of a “mistake.”

    His attempt to “DHIMMITIZE” the Roman Catholic Church in America is BOLDFACED.

    So, we may think he is “CRAZY” as a “normal American” would never behave as he does.

    In HIS world, he may be the “Cat’s Meow,” as our grandparents used to say.

    He resembles more a Biblical Snake.

    1. by the way, WND is reporting a story by Daniel Pipes that Barry was, indeed, a Muslim.

      What about the response from the US Embassy in Egypt to the protesters who violated our Embassadorial sovereignty? Wasn’t THAT just a little bit too “dhimmi” for words? Is THAT not expressing the White House “Weltanschauung?”

      Consider the Drudge report today, that the White House will NOT meet with Netanyahu?

      NBC, which regularly shills for Bari, SKIPPED the 9/11 moment of silence to do a KARDASHIAN interview (How low can we go in America?).

      Obama’s tender sounding words on 9/11 are hollow and ring of Taqiyyah “correctness” while the fox is inside the coop chomping on the hens!

      1. Charles Krauthammer: the response of the United States to the storming of the US Embassy was a “HOSTAGE STATEMENT” and was absolutely “disgraceful.”

        Obama cannot hide is TRUE feelings and intentions anymore because his deepest allegiance is coming to the surface…Islamo-Centric. Just ask Netanyahu!

        Obama’s nonchalance is analogous to the informant who turned in Anne Frank’s family in Holland.

  2. I think Valerie Jarrett is his handler. She controls both Obama and Michelle. Keeps them in line. They are all filled with hatred for this country, that is very apparent. My guess is, he is “apportioned” his drugs and “allowed” his sex partners as long as he does what he’s told. Michelle gets to lord it over whitey and play the great lady. The two daughters are a great tragedy. Collateral damage, as is this country.

  3. Rep Lamar Smith, House Judiciary Chair is conducting hearings in his Judiciary Committee on Obama’s errors on immigration counting, calling it “cooking the books”. This is disgusting.
    The judiciary staff person had no answer when asked why they weren’t conducting hearings on Obama’s crimes against the Constitution and other treasonous acts.
    Our elected representatives are gutless.

  4. The behavior certainly suggests imbalances. He could be crazy like a fox or plain crazy as in, useful idiot. The cocaine use as a Senator confirmed by Larry Sinclair’s testimony certainly makes cocaine use as a putative president feasible.

    The most disturbing fact surrounding the alleged leadership in OUR Republic is ALL branches are corrupt. There is a total disregard for abiding by our founding document ensuring rule of law. The GOP is even more corrupt by allowing the deception of barry soetero to go unabated in overt criminal, treasonous, and fraudulent acts against we the people.

  5. The “o” has used the legal loop-hole of the adjudicative fact that there is no uniformly acknowledged legal & enforceable definition of a U.S. natural born Citizen as a means of usurping the executive office of the Federal Republic in the quest to fundamentally transform the nature of the U,S,. Guv’mnt into a ‘collectivist society’ RULED by the whims of a manufactured majority.

    I, for one, am not, nor will I ever be, a socialist. Forget Marx, and the pipe dream he wrote in on & of, I stand with Pat and stand pat, liberty or death.