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by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 6, 2012) — The U.S. has dipped from fifth to seventh place in the world in the area of “global competitiveness,” or “productivity” according to a report by the World Economic Forum entitled “The Global Competitiveness Report:  2012-2013.”

The report measures “12 pillars of competitiveness” among 144 nations.  Switzerland, Singapore, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany were ranked higher than the United States in the latest report.

Countries which ranked higher in last year’s WEF report were Switzerland, Sweden and Singapore.  This year’s report shows the U.S. falling for the fourth straight year.

Factors which affected the rating “a continued lack of trust in government leaders on the part of the business community” and wasteful spending.  Other factors which weighed against the U.S. were the “relative deterioration of its political and regulatory environment.”

The authors of the report stated that “The political brinkmanship in the United States continues to affect the outlook for the world’s largest economy, while the sovereign debt crises and the danger of a banking system meltdown in peripheral euro zone countries remain unresolved.”

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  1. Affirmative Action has harmed America for a generation, perhaps two. Indeed, the dumb ARE getting dumber: want proof? Check-out the University of Michigan Law School program.
    The end result is a revolving door so called “justice” mill that churns out repeat offenders, thousands per day. Your daughter just got abused, chances are it was by a repeat offender. A child in the neighborhood goes missing, chances are that a repeat child molester is to blame.
    To the “justice” system a criminal is just money in the bank that has the additional benefit of giving compound interest: bail after bail, fine after fine, incarceration after incarceration.
    And the malaise spreads throughout the whole land and we end-up 7th going on 8th because all it’s doing is getting worse and the people who should have a handle on it, the Presidents, never gave a hoot.

  2. My only question is: When does the “United States of America”, become “‘DA United SOCIALISTS STATES ov AmeriKa” and get VOTED Into the “Russian/Soviet Bloc?”
    VELCOMEN, Comrade!!