God IS in the American Platform


by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012

Do most Americans believe in the God of the Bible?

(Sep. 6, 2012) — There is an ongoing and vicious battle against the source of freedom in the United States of America.  Social morays, moral boundaries, right and wrong, accountability to anyone other than big Government is the enemy and must be destroyed.  God is in the way.  The progressive leftists would just love to find God and sue Him for infringing on everyone’s rights and sexual expression.  “God…just look at what you do with your bad self.”

We saw the arrogant and evil insults being hurled all over the Democratic National Convention against God and decency.  We saw the pitiful insults hurled against Israel and bowing to radical Islam.  Muslim radicals were invited with two hours of Muslim prayers planned.  As you can imagine, this received massive heat and was reversed.  Cardinal Dolan was magically put on the schedule again to pray a blessing.

Come close; go away.  You’re in; you’re out.  Which is it with the progressive Democrats and Obama crowd?  It is simple.  They will do whatever they can get away with to stop ALL boundaries, rules, talk of right and wrong and submission to anything other than Obama and his Government schemes.

While Michelle Obama was talking of the wonders of her husband, the Democrat platform was transformed to a disappearing act in Vegas.  They snapped their fingers and God disappeared from their platform and another snap and wham, no reference to Jerusalem being the capital of Israel.  The heat wagons started circling again.  Word got out of the arrogant and now publicized insults against Israel and God.

Turmoil built with the progressive Democrats rolling around the convention center just trying to get close to Bill Clinton.  I could have told them it was wasted time since our ex-President, Bill Clinton, is so busy running around to porno conventions.  He spoke and had to run.  He is a man in demand, you know.

The DNC decided to put God and the reference to Jerusalem back into their platform.  Isn’t that special?  The bottom line is that Christians, Jews and people of REAL faith and belief in God of the Holy Bible are in the way.   We know freedom and our Constitution comes from the inspiration and leading of the living God of the Holy Bible, not Mohamed or Obama.  We know our Christian core and submission to the real God has built the most powerful and achieving nation on earth.  God, the American people, work, prayer and courage created our country, not Obama, the New World Order and Islam.

God, guts and glory are in the American platform, whether the transformed and progressive DNC gets it or not.  Most Americans read their Bibles and pray to the real God.  They read their Bibles while shining their guns…’bitter clingers’ that we are and domestic terrorists.

American passion and rage are building again.  We are focusing our lenses, prayers, pocketbooks and actions to get conservatives everywhere elected into the House and Senate.  We are focusing our very bone marrow to throw Obama, the radical, out of the White House and put Romney and Ryan in.  Then the American agenda begins again and we heal up.

God IS in the American platform no matter what games any political party plays.

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One Response to "God IS in the American Platform"

  1. OPOVV   Thursday, September 6, 2012 at 7:21 PM

    Dear Fellow Sovereign Patriot,
    We’re in the midst of a global war, and the prize is Freedom for some or Slavery for all. I’ve often been asked why can’t it be the other way around, like Freedom for all and Slavery for none, but let’s take it one step at a time, with the first step in the acknowledgement that Islam is a political philosophy whose intent is to dominate the world, and they’ve been going at it while Western Civilization is being overrun, with one hand tied behind its back, in giving Islam the status of a “religion”, even though every mosque is an armory and “day camps” and Islamovilles terrorist training centers.
    I believe in the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and I’ve attempted to do the best I can, failing miserably at times, well, a lot of the time.
    Even though it’s true that we have the greater good on our side, of which there can no possible argument against, having millions of traitors among us does us ill, to be sure. And yes, they don’t have a clue what’s in store for them, but you and I do. All we can do is to spread the word, as they spread their hate with honor killings and other such nonsense that is, unfortunately, totally ignored by most as being but an aberration, when in fact beatings and disfigurements to women are but an everyday occurrence in Muslim society.


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