DNCC Email Registration Feature Not Functional


by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 4, 2012) — The Post & Email has attempted a second time to register for email updates from the DNCC regarding its convention which officially begins today in Charlotte, NC.

After entering our email address and zip code and clicking “Submit,” an internet message signaling “Connecting” continued for more than five minutes.  A second person attempted to register and obtained the same result.

Screenshot of DNCC website after attempting to register for email updates from the Democrat National Convention

Other navigational tabs and websites are functioning normally for this user at the time of this writing.  After attempting to register, at times our email address did not show in the entry box on the DNCC website, and at other times it did.

Attempt at email registration which shows email address and zip code. Twelve minutes after we tried to register, the “connecting” message with a spinning green wheel is still showing

The Post & Email left a message at the number which appears at the bottom of the DNCC website, (704) 373-2012, explaining the problem as well as our inability on September 3 to sign up for media news alerts after we were asked for an unknown password.

There was no password requirement for the RNC, and the registration process for receiving email alerts and media updates was quite simple.  Scheduled speakers were announced in advance, and the complete text of their speeches was released shortly after each address.

Other areas of the DNCC website appear to be working as expected.  The convention begins at 5:00 p.m. with a call to order from Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, followed by an invocation, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the singing of the national anthem.

Remarks will be made by Alice Germond, who had co-signed the Certifications of Nomination forms for Obama and Biden in 2008, certifying that they were “legally qualified” to hold the offices of president and vice president, respectively.  However, Germond and Rep. Nancy Pelosi produced two different forms:  one with the “legally qualified” language which went to the state of Hawaii, with the other distributed to the remaining 49 states.

It took The Post & Email many months to receive a copy of the Certificate of Nomination filed with the Hawaii Elections Office in 2008 after submitting a request under Hawaii’s UIPA law.  Finally, after indicating that we would take legal action to obtain them, the Elections Office released them to us electronically.

The president of NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League – Pro-Choice America will be delivering remarks at the convention, among others.  One source reports that over 55,000,000 unborn children have been aborted since 1973, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Texas could not make a law prohibiting the practice.  At eight weeks’ gestation, an unborn child can hear and all of its organs are present.

A live news presentation from ABC News regarding the DNCC and its platform is streaming now at 9:45 a.m. EDT.  Obama spokesperson Stephanie Cutter just mentioned a “foundation of sand,” which The Post & Email discussed on Saturday.

“We are a path forward,” Cutter said.

Jake Tapper of ABC asked Cutter if the Obama campaign had accused Romney and Ryan of “lying.”  “Do you not undermine your own charge when your claim is not truthful?” Tapper asked.  Cutter said, “We do care about the honesty of our ads,” referencing “lies in Ryan’s speech” at the RNC.

A Twitter “Tell us what you think” feature did not work to the right of the live streaming screen.

Twitter interface signaling “Tell us what you think” with an endlessly-spinning wheel leading only to an area where the message “Join the convention” can be retweeted

Diane Sawyer asked if “the president authorized” the tweet of the back of his head “in the chair” during Clint Eastwood’s presentation at the RNC on Thursday night, to which one of the Obama campaign staffers answered (paraphrased), “If the tweet doesn’t have “BO” after it, it comes from us.  We were just trying to have a little fun with social media.”

Cutter was asked if all of the convention seats would be filled, to which she responded that she was confident they would be.  Reports of empty seats at locations at Obama’s campaign stops as well as the giving away of “free tickets” to hear Obama’s speech on Thursday evening.  The football stadium where the speech will be given has 73,778 seats, and the Obama campaign has said that it will take place “rain or shine, except if there is severe weather.”

Michelle Obama will speak at the DNCC this evening.  Cutter said that Michelle would speak about Obama’s “struggles” and “why he’s made the choices that he’s made,” citing “health care reform.”  “He had a health care story; his mother struggled with cancer in her final days,” Cutter said.  Cutter also said that Obama saw his grandmother being “passed over for promotion over and over,” hence his executive order about equal pay for women.  Cutter described Michelle as showing “some pretty strong leadership in tough times.”

Several candidates for House and U.S. Senate seats and other well-known Democrats are not attending the convention.  Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, is prohibited “by law” from attending, and she met with Indonesia’s Foreign Minister yesterday.

Campaign official Ben LaBolt said that Obama had “kept grassroots support throughout his presidency,” which is not supported by various news reports.

The DNCC states on its website that it will be “the most open and accessible in history.”

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