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by Sharon Rondeau

Obama claims to be a Christian, yet his former pastor said that Obama was “steeped in Islam” when he came to Trinity United Church of Christ more than 20 years ago.

(Aug. 22, 2012) — An editorial writer at The New York Daily News has accused Barack Obama of “lying” and keeping his college records “hidden.”  A federal employee within the regime has accused the Obama campaign of lying about the tax structure and deficit if Republicans’ ideas are advanced and become law.

A blogger is “exposing the lies” attributed to Obama and his associates.  Three years ago, Obama was lying, and although the mainstream press did not always call it that, others did.  According to the First Amendment, the purpose of a free press is to watch and report on the activities of government.  However, the media is viewed by many as having forgotten its role in finding the truth without political bias.

ABC News had said in March 2009 that Obama had presented a “mischaracterization of data” regarding the health care bill which had not yet been passed.

Obama’s first presidential campaign had carefully controlled the media as admitted to by communist sympathizer and former Obama communications director, Anita Dunn.  Is the media beginning to see through the Obama regime’s propaganda, or will it continue to allow itself to be filtered?

In 2007, how could Obama’s admitted cocaine use “add to Obama’s unconventional appeal?”  NPR reportedly did not play an audiotape in its possession with revealing information about Obama during 2008, nor did the Los Angeles Times air the Rashid al-Khalidi tape, which reportedly shows that “Barack Obama lavished praise on the guest of honor, Rashid Khalidi — former mouthpiece for master terrorist Yasser Arafat.”

It has recently been exposed that Obama is dictating the topics of interviews with the press and has been seen holding cue cards with pre-planned questions distributed to reporters.  Much of what Obama does during the week is “closed press” and unannounced ahead of time.  With which “senior advisers” does Obama meet, and what are the results of such meetings?

Mainstream journalists Mark Halperin and Jake Tapper are now admitting that many in the media report information favorable to the Obama campaign. Tapper, a member of the White House Press Corps, told radio show host Laura Ingraham that “the media is failing the country.”  The “hope and change” of 2008 appear to have changed into something else.

Early on, the Obama regime had indicated that it wished to control information on the internet.  Last January, it was reported that the Department of Homeland Security had begun to monitor “who is saying what.”  One report states that Obama has a “history of manipulating the Internet for political gain.”

Like Obama, websites which appear to have been established with the sole purpose of watching what others are reporting are also making false statements, such as:

Since the P&E has previously announced that they have the full audio tape of the traffic stop, can we expect them to make the tape publicly available as it surely will show Huff to be innocent?

The Post & Email never claimed to have “the full audio tape of the traffic stop;” Darren Huff did.  What we said was that we have interviews of Huff on tape denying any plan to commit violence.   Why are Obama’s supporters, or Obama himself, paying such close attention to what The Post & Email writes?  We must be hitting a nerve for them to be reading so carefully that they misstate what we say.

Obama’s minions are therefore not only lying about what he is doing; they lie about what others have reported and steal others’ copyrighted material without attribution, for which there is a remedy.

Obama has been described as using race-baiting and “misdirection” in an attempt to win the next election.

In Saul Alinsky fashion, Obama’s sycophants “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”  Is that what the “Sovereign Citizen” campaign is all about?  Can any honesty be found in Obama’s associates and cabinet members?

There are many inconsistencies in Obama’s life story which have led some to believe that it was completely fabricated.  Joel Gilbert believes that Obama’s father was Frank Marshall Davis, while blogger Martha Trowbridge believes the father was Malcolm X.  Is that why Malcolm’s phrase “by any means necessary” repeatedly arises during discussions about Obama?

If Obama can lie about his health care bill, Mitt Romney’s responses, and his birthday party which was announced as planned for August 4, could he be lying about his birthday? his parentage? his background?  Detective Mike Zullo appears to believe so.

Perhaps the Obama propaganda machine is running out of participants.  Whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii matters not when criminal complaints of treason, identity fraud, election fraud, and forgery have been alleged.

Isn’t it time for the lies and cover-ups to stop?  And how about the static on the telephone during conversations with a certain person?



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  1. Whoever this guy is it’s obvious he didn’t build this regime by himself. And it’s equally obvious he’s completely ego-driven and not bright enough to figure out he is as dispensable as anyone else who gets in the way or is no longer useful to the powermongers who put him there. “By whatever means necessary” is the belief system of fools and fanatics. My prediction is they will soon turn on each other and devour themselves. Just give them a wide berth and stay out of the line of fire.

  2. Sharon, You hit the nail squarely with this article. Masterful.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Does anyone know who runs the nativeborncitizen website?

  3. Lying is the base of operation for barry soetero, Bari, Barry Davis, whomever he might be.

    Think of the perpetuated lies from all (I mean ALL) the government officials that continue to cover for the liar-in-chief. The glaring dishonesty of the Repubs in faking their responses to thousands of letters, faxes, phone calls about the criminal impostor. Think of the facade of US security agencies posing as protectors of America when the very top of authority is fraudulent.

    John Kyl, McCain, Quayle, Flake, in AZ have all been deceitful in there coverup knowing full well what evidence Sheriff Joe & team was accurate and documented. Now the shocker, alleged Christian politicians like Col.West, Bachmann, Huckabee, and many others lie daily by oath breaking in silent complicity. An absolute shame on their witness and profession of faith to not stand for righteousness.

    Finally, the OpSec team recently releasing their video of disgust of leaker-in-chief stating passionate disdain for the putative CiC.
    They have the intel and the means to confirm barry soetero’s fraud, forgeries, fake ID, forged Selective Service registration, stolen SS#, and nonexistent birth record. A video of protest is all they can do? These military elite give everything everyday for what? to play the charade of a fake CiC and usurper? an enemy from within?

    Folks this is bigger than some Indonesian citizen named barry soetero taking the Republic to destruction. Know this, the sin will always be found out.

  4. Dear Sharon,
    Hypothetically speaking, of course, Obama’s handlers have achieved goals beyond their wildest dreams. Never could they, or any of us, have imagined Barry Soetorro lasting beyond six months, but because Congress is made-up of weaklings, the question of Obama’s (or whatever name he’s using today) eligibility never became the paramount issue it deserved, mainstream media speaking, of course.
    Seemingly, irrefutable harm has been dealt to the Constitution by the DOJ and the Dept. of Homeland Security. Laws have been flagrantly broken, murder committed, and the Constitutional rights of many, and not just CMDR Fitzpatrick of Monroe County, TN, been violated.
    The made-up “no standing” farce by judges who should’ve known better is but one example of the underhandedness of this administration. Additional examples of the purposefully destruction of our country is by admitting Gays in the military, the “Dream Act”, and the Federal government’s active participation in not protecting us citizens by refusing to deport illegal immigrants, allowing terrorists and terrorist organizations to operate openly and freely, specifically CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, and by putting pressure on local zoning boards in the issuance of building permits for mosques, seemingly for the expressed purpose of cementing Muslims’ stay in America.
    The chances of the next administration correcting everything that the Obama regime has accomplished are slim to none. However, if Obama’s name remains on the ballot for the 2012 election, count on the renamed ACORN and other like-minded traitorous community organizations to fabricate yet another victory for Obama.
    Too little, too late? I certainly hope not, but being wishful and being a realist are two different things.