Scarier and Scarier


by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Wouldn't we all love to go back to the days of "Green Acres," before 9-11 and the threat of Islam, and before Obama?

(Jun. 24, 2012) — I was thinking the other day what’s the limit, what will it take for America to wake up to the very real and obvious threat to our security? Well, maybe it’s not so obvious, after all, for if it were, I wouldn’t have to be writing this; The Post & Email, Atlas Shrugs, Birther Report, Jihad Watch, and so on, wouldn’t be needed, and we’d all sit down and enjoy reruns of Arnold’s adventures on Green Acres instead of watching Geert Wilders‘ short film “FITNA.”

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” starting in 1994 and culminating on 9-11. Embassy bombings, “honor killings”, swastikas smeared on buildings. If anyone wanted proof of hate crimes, one has to look no farther than acts of violence perpetrated by the followers of Islamism, the system of government that is Totalitarianism in nature with an Ayatollah in charge.

But it gets worse, a lot worse. Whole Somalian communities have been transplanted to the USA. Why? you may ask. Take a map of the United States and mark the areas that have the highest Muslim population, then mark those exact locations where Mosques (arms caches) have been built or are in the process of being built. Then mark all of the locations of the Islamovilles (urban guerilla training camps) and you’ll be surprised at what you see. But our incompetent and incapable government has that same map, and that’s the blueprint they’re using, right before our eyes.

You understand, those Somalians, Palestinians, and other Muslims represent an army, an opposing force to you and other Americans, but a private force outside of direct government control, Obama’s Praetorian Guard, to tell the truth. Obama’s private army, in cahoots with the DOJ and operating congruently with Homeland Security. Obama’s administration is reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s administration, made up of liars, cheats, criminals, as exemplified by the likes of Holder and Napolitano.

Our government isn’t our government anymore; it’s as plain as that. Obama and his Goons, with the direct assistance of Congress and the Judiciary, are in the process of destroying our country while we have been sitting by and complacently watching it all unfold before our very eyes.

The DOJ has allowed CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood to operate openly in our country; Obama has allowed Iran to come close to achieving the capabilities to manufacture a nuclear device; the US is working hand-in-hand with the UN to supersede the Constitution and get our weapons (irrespective of the Second Amendment) and is meanwhile in the process of selling Israel down the river.  The Muslims’ goal is to kill every Jew, to annihilate Israel, and America is supposed to be Israel’s ally. But how can America be Israel’s ally when we have Muslims in our military? It is inconceivable to expect a Muslim in the US military to support Israel when Muslim nations attack Israel. It is foolish to think otherwise.

Can our Joint Chiefs of Staff be so blind, so stupid to such a basic problem as a Muslim in our military to think that he would turn his back on his fellow Muslims and come to the aid of Israel, perhaps even killing other Muslims in Israel’s defense? Of course not; get real, people. The goal is to annihilate Israel.  That’s Obama’s job as a good Muslim who follows the teachings of the Quran, which is to “kill Jews and Christians.”

And then after the Jews are killed, who do you think is next? Islamism survives through destruction and hate, not unlike the Aztecs at the time of Cortez. And after the Jews? If that’s what it’ll take, it’ll be too late for you, your family, and your country.

OPOVV says to bring our troops home to assist us in deporting each and every Muslim and illegal immigrant in an expeditious manner. We have to save ourselves before we can save the world.

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  1. meyerlm   Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 5:03 PM

    The big problem is, “It can’t happen in America!” The Government would NEVER do anything like that!” “NWO??”, doesn’t that stand for the “Nations World Organization?” “Communism is Dead, just like Lenin!”
    #1~”WE” DO NOT have a Government, what we DO have is a ILLEGAL, DeFacto 1871 “District of Columbia, United States of America Corporate entity POSING as a “Legal Democratic?? Corporation!” Thanks to the 41st Congress of TRAITORS!! In the very FIRST Place the “United States of America”, as defined by our now DEFUNCT and IRREVELANT Constitution is NOT a Democracy, it IS, however, a REPUBLIC, and “That for which She Stands” is a completely different animal than a DEMOCRACY!!
    Yeah, I know, you don’t remember learning that in School-(you were probably too busy checking out the Legs of the Girl seated next to you!)- and now that you are older you are too busy with your Pick-em-Up Truck, 60in. TV, watching “American Idol”, or “Desperate Housewives” and using your new “Hand-Held Inf0-Changer that you got at “The Trough of FREEBIES!?”
    Suprise, While you have been enjoying the “Loot from the Trough of Freebies”, your Country went from “Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuits of Happiness; to a Communist/Socialist GULAG called “‘DA United SOCIALISTS States ov AmeriKa”, and rest assured that the NEXT stop in “This Twilight Zone”, is SERFDOM, Pain and Misery and the total LOSS of ALL of those “FREEBIES!!”
    Remember this, however, the “LAST Bastion of Freedom” IS the Guy who will make the “Ultimate Sacrifice” for your FREEDOM, Because he Stood at Attention and Commited himself and Swore to “Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of The United States of America from ALL Enemies, both Foreign and Domestic, SO HELP HIM, GOD!!
    A whole bunch more that the majority of the “Citizens of Freebies” will EVER commit to in Comming to the Defense of their Nation!!
    Until the Citizens of this Country realize that “They have been HAD!” and take “The ONE Step Forward”~The Sights and Sounds of “The Twilight Zone”, Lurk just around the Corner~~
    L. Meyer, U.S.N.~SN-535-03-66

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