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by Lonnie B. Collett, ©2012

The Bill of Rights was ratified before the U.S. Constitution to ensure all citizens the rights which the Founders believed were God-ordained

(Jun. 18, 2012) — It takes only a small leak in a huge dam to gradually cause it to burst open, rapidly gushing water in full force, destroying everything in its path.  On occasions, dams have purposely been destroyed because the supposed “change” resulting from the flood would create a lake used for recreation by everyone. As usual, though, the betterment turns out to be for the few elite living around the lake and their guests.

Now picture in your mind the power of this dam. Try to imagine its massive strength for years, holding back tons of water from flooding and destroying the trees, and possibly fertile farmlands on its other side. In all kinds of weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, sun, blistering heat and erosion, just to mention a few. In most cases, mankind usually ends up being the culprit, which is the cause of their own man-made demise.

For over 200 years, America has endured non-stop threats of corruption in its government.  There are always those who desire nothing more than to destroy our sacred Constitution, Amendments and the Bill of Rights.  For the same number of years, immigrants have left their homelands, their parents’ homelands, and centuries of relatives to come to the one and only Republic form of government for freedom.  Other national leaders have downplayed our unique American freedom, yet their citizens have continued to flee those controlled governments for America, the land of opportunity.

Destroying America from within has been the Communist and Marxists’ goal from the beginning.  The powerful destroy, reap the benefits and die, leaving nothing in their wake but the slime of corruption for others to have to endure. Imagine, if you can, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid being remembered in the same category as Ronald Reagan.  Not likely!  Perhaps Benedict Arnold, but even he did not give us Barack Hussein Obama claiming him eligible for the highest office in our government.  Yes, we will remember; trust us; we will remember.

Those of us who have become students of government in the last few years by use of the Internet, books and television have educated ourselves more than all of our school years of study combined.  In just the last few years we are seeing that everything we have loved about our country is totally being destroyed.

Thanks to Obama, we have learned to pay closer attention to everything that is actually being said by our politicians.  We no longer accept whatever is said as truth.  When Obama speaks, we now search for one word of truth.  Usually we will hear it when he doesn’t have a teleprompter to read from or a microphone unknowingly is left on and he accidentally blurts out something truthful. Of course he clumsily tries to cover up his mistake but usually only makes it worse.

All American citizens who are hard at work trying to do everything they possibly can to take care of their families and home, as well as enjoying the good life of freedom that we have always taken for granted all our lives, better stop whatever they are doing temporarily and become aware of what is actually going on in our government.

Everything that has been good about America is now on a rapid pace of destruction, thanks to Obama and his ungodly czars. His ultimate goal is destroying America’s economy using the Cloward and Piven Strategy and the Alinsky method.

Our Republic is being dismantled and trashed by at least 70% of the three branches of our federal government.  We are truly being destroyed from within.

Let’s hope and pray that this is not “The End”…

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